His name is Ora Ufere, on Facebook as Ora Ufere.

His numbers are 09022491223, 07064978089, 08173983866.

He is gay but is not to be trusted. He has been known to out people at will and to use the threat of embarrassment to have his way with his victims.

He is currently based in Abuja.

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  1. Keredim
    July 12, 06:21 Reply

    Sounds like the reworked script of “A Very English Scandal” but set in Nigeria ??

  2. lagosperson
    July 12, 10:00 Reply

    Kito Diaries, please it seems you guys are very biased. I have sent two emails a few days ago of two separate incidents I had concerning extortion, assault and theft. You have refused to publish those stories on your platoform despite the evidence and details provided to support my allegations. I also have proof that others on grindr have been scammed by one of the kito scammers I reported to you. Why have you not published it? what is the criteria to publish stories and keep the lgbt community in Nigeria safe and informed?
    Even this particular post doesn’t have enough details and evidence to support the allegations that the said ufere is a kito. even though I myself have encoutered him when visiting Abuja and he made a scene that required me to alert hotel staff.
    having said that, why havent you published my stories. please stop being biased!!

  3. Rehoboth
    July 12, 14:03 Reply

    He is cute. That’ll be the undoing of some people.

  4. james
    July 12, 16:22 Reply

    Dear all,
    I can independently confirm that he lives in Jabi area of Abuja. He has a click of friends who as we all say ” really want to get rich or die trying”. They result to anything to claim cash from the people they sleep with.

    Someone i know verified that he has been a victim of his evil plot as well as his friends too. it took him a long time to recover from the tarnished image they all caused him. So be careful. He also uses his real picture on Grindr .

  5. Kaego
    July 12, 21:32 Reply

    This is an amazing website. Really. Thanks, Pinky. Also the theme of the website is also really nice.
    Fun aside, I’m officially too mortified to use Grindr now. I can’t imagine the horrors homosexuals face. Its so scary. And saddening. Illiteracy really does kill the society.
    I give up! I’m not coming out, ever. I’ll just write a book, swim and code till I die.

    • NaijaTgal
      July 13, 08:47 Reply

      Nothing sad about writing and book, swimming and coding. Who knows you might just make a life changing breakthrough from your decision to not mess with the cesspool of damaged men in Nigeria.

  6. Salome
    August 06, 12:32 Reply

    Met him once, he wasn’t bad to me. We shagged, got him food and he left. He was working with a gay NGO at the time. Haven’t seen him since.

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