This guy, named Jaspar Ugochukwu Chianakwalam, has already been exposed here awhile ago. He is gay and operates much like all these kito scum who are also gay operate. Comes to your place and threatens to out you with drama unless you give him money.

Well, apparently, he has now graduated to expatriates as reports have been reaching us of him victimizing Lebanese men and visiting foreigners who apparently do not know any better and are easily cowed by his threats of exposing them with the police.

He goes by the name JASSEY BOBBY JASSEY on Facebook, a name he has changed a couple of times.

His main medium of operation is Grindr and he tells lies about his identity ranging from the one about him working with Arik Air to the one about him living in Ajao Estate, Airport Road, Lagos.

Per the suggestion of one of his victims, I wonder if there is a way his picture can be put up on Grindr as a warning to those who visit the yellow app to beware. I don’t know if this is obtainable on Grindr. Anyone with suggestions on how this can be achieved on Grindr should kindly let me know.

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For whomever it may concern: 


  1. LaCute
    December 27, 07:53 Reply

    Wow all the gains he makes from kitoing cnt take him no where I know right now alot of kito guys are reading this please guys change please the gay community will fetch each and everyone of you be warned,be a proud gay be gay for real,let love lead some of those foreigners u setup might as well married you but they cnt because you are a thief.

  2. Ken
    December 27, 08:00 Reply

    Well I don’t use Grindr so I don’t know. But I wonder if there is a way to actually lure these gay predators somewhere, Lynch them then post their nudes online for their family members. I think the best defense in this case is an offense, literally!

    By the time stories starting flying arounnd of known kitoers are being lynched and kitoed themselves, u will stop hearing of these kinds of scum perprtrating their wicked acts

    • UglyDuckling
      December 27, 08:48 Reply

      Yeah you’re right. Giving these people a taste of their own posion is the best way to handle this. Also, people on Grindr who encounter this dude should immediately report the profile. When the reports are consistent, Grindr would block him.

    • Steve
      December 28, 09:46 Reply

      I know how bad you feel about this but lynching and posting his nude is a very bad idea. You suggesting this sounds like you do this often and know how it works.

      How long will gays keep using this as a form of revenge in Nigeria..

      Something else please

  3. Pillz
    December 27, 08:01 Reply

    So, in one occasion in a hotel he demanded i give him 10k i refused..nigga started screaming on top of his voice to attract people..i swiftly stripped myself naked and joined in the chorus and even made attempt to rip his clothes..he left the hotel room and ran away.lobbish!!
    Sometimes one needs to sale his shame to shame to survive in this community

    • Higwe
      December 27, 09:49 Reply

      Hahahaha hahahaha

      ” You can’t shame the shameless ” ?

    • Bright
      December 28, 09:28 Reply

      Sell your shame and be shameless…be smart and be a step ahead of them.

  4. Aje
    December 27, 08:06 Reply

    We have to be careful with all this animal.thanks guys for exposing this things

  5. Kizito
    December 27, 09:24 Reply

    His facebook ID is Jassey Bobby Jassey. This guy needs to be dealt with. He keeps changing his facebook name. Pink panther
    I remember giving you my account with him sometime ago but for some reason post was taken down.HE NEEDS TO BE KILLED.

  6. Fred
    December 27, 09:40 Reply

    Perhaps I don’t know if this is already done but I think KD should have a Facebook page, and other accounts across all social media (except messaging platforms) for KITO ALERTS and KITO STORIES only.
    When majority of community people share such posts, I think it’ll do a little more in putting them scums in check.

  7. Delle
    December 27, 10:17 Reply

    Is it just me or are these kito perpetrators really cleaning up? Trying to package their ware properly, no?


  8. Mike
    December 27, 13:46 Reply

    Pink panther , I sent you an email concerning your API, Biko respond.

    • Pink Panther
      December 27, 13:57 Reply

      To what email address did you send your mail, cos I don’t see any new mail.

  9. Persimmon
    December 27, 18:01 Reply

    Can we have a dedicated Kito website? Where their details can be tabled and plans made to deal with them?

    Lagos used to have one called “Lagosheat” I believe but I don’t think it is functional. Ghana also has one and even a Twitter/Facebook account because at a time the amount of Kito in Ghana was out of proportion especially for foreigners.

    In regards to Grindr. We could write the customer support with suggestions about having a verted list of Kito/abusive ppl. I have reached out their CS before and they are pretty responsive. However, they may decline to take it up as these corporate companies don’t wanna be sued.

  10. Zoar
    December 27, 19:01 Reply

    But there should be a way these gay hookup apps can expose kito accounts so innocent people can be warned.

  11. babyboo
    December 28, 07:57 Reply

    hmm… I wonder why these people choose to victimize their own. anyways, karma is a bitch ,sooner than they expect the unexpected would come upon these evil kito agents. I hope they survive afterwards…

  12. Success
    December 28, 10:01 Reply

    The best bet on avoiding being a victim to this Animals, is to always always pay attention to your instincts, it picks up bad vibes from a distance. All the victims reading my write up now, you can attest that before you became a victim to this rubbish, there was something deep down within you telling you DON’T SEE THIS PERSON? Prove me wrong

  13. Rudy
    December 28, 16:10 Reply

    With regards to exposing him on Grindr, a profile could be set up on Grindr dedicated to exposing these imps.
    We make a Grindr profile filled with the pictures of these scoundrels (it’s even easier now that Grindr offers the choice to post more than one picture on a profile)and alerting the general public about the harm the people on the profile can cause.
    I hope this was helpful Pinky.

  14. Saleh
    January 01, 05:27 Reply

    It’s sad this is what this boy digressed into. I remember years back watching Him teaching his friend on the streets of Aba how to catwalk. It was funny then. But this isn’t

  15. Jay
    January 02, 21:33 Reply

    I remember that guy vividly. Too arrogant and full of lies. The day I got to know he is set up I shuddered and thanked God I never met him. I just don’t like liars, who are too poor but claim to have it all. I remember he used to show me pix of him with his supposedly white man lover.

  16. raunit
    October 11, 13:04 Reply

    Am an asian n i got setup by this idiot last year when i was very new to grindr in this country. Meeting him was my worst decision he harassed me badly by taking name if police army and others against nigerian law…
    He should really be killed..
    Harassed me took my money n after that bcoz 40k naira was not enough for him… I tried to beat me too, was soi horrible experience i decided not to meet any nigerian for hookup again.

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