This is Blue Fox’s kito story. Read and relate.


Have you heard of all those brothers that set their brothers up? Well, I met the best of them.

It all started on the sweet morning when this straight-acting and thuggishly-looking top (did I mention I like bad boys), who happened to be my classmate in secondary school hit up a chat with me on Facebook; complementing and telling me how fine I had become, (it was at that time that I was becoming aware of how cute I was and the effect I have on tops). So great was his charm that I was swept off my feet by it. Now when he started telling me of all the things he’d do to me in bed, you can imagine how my hormones were raging. lol.

After a few days of teasing, we made arrangements to hook up in a guest house. On the D-day, we arrived there, and the door was barely shut behind us, before he started kissing me. And he was very good at it. My insides quite literally melted as he stroked my mouth and tongue with his. We kissed for a while, and then he let me pull down his jeans and boxers, and actually begin to give him a BJ. And I can bet my entire career on the fact that he liked it; you should have seen the way he kept grabbing my head just so he could shove it all in. And then, he asked me to turn so he could view my ass and BAM! It all shifted, he pulled up his jeans and out came the weapon. A gun! I was shocked, horrified, and the terror I felt iced my veins, which had been boiling hot with desire moments ago.

Long story short, my wallet, and what little change I had was taken, and I had to trek home. It did not end there, well, because he knew my family, he threatened to expose me and by the time I had woken up from my slumber and decided to fight back, I had coughed up about 30 thousand. His blackmail was quite costly.

Now you have no idea how much hate I have for him. I have run into him a couple of times in the days following my ordeal in his hands, and I act all cordial and distant with him. But I believe this is one of those cases where “…forgive, so you may be forgiven…” will definitely not apply.

He has even called me a couple of times, asking me to forgive him, and telling me that he wants to meet up and do things right. But that’s not gonna happen. Even if I do decide to meet him now, it would be on an equal footing; had to take out insurance to make sure something like this would never happen to me with him again. So if he tries this ever again, he’ll be in for a rude shock.

That’s my kito story. Thanks to Pink Panther for giving me the fortitude to tell it.

Written by Blue Fox

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  1. RedLips
    May 01, 09:49 Reply

    Omg!!! 30k?? You must have been rather young and rather foolish!! He is as ‘guilty’ as you were!!! You should have called his bluff and asked him to go to hell!! Well hopefully you’ve learnt and become wiser …

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 01, 09:50 Reply

      Panic and the fear of discovery has a way of blinding one to sound reasoning. It becomes worse if there’s no one u confide in who will be the voice of reason and strategy.

  2. trystham
    May 01, 10:22 Reply

    Ooops!! I prolly need to do a revision of reasoning. “Don’t trust no one” has henceforth become my mantra

  3. tikky20
    May 01, 15:42 Reply

    OMG!! For real? That guy deserves a death sentence, fuckin’ thieving faggot….

  4. La Roche
    May 01, 16:56 Reply

    Really sad! Glad you snapped out of it…as for your attraction to him *smile* better work on snapping out of that too. It’s natural…but be smart!

  5. blue fox
    May 02, 00:01 Reply

    you bet I’m smarter, my attraction comes with the revenge clause lol. nothing taste better than revenge served cold

  6. That asshole! I’m sorry you went through this.Fucking liars & thieves,UGH.
    Honey,bide your time,be smart, & give him a taste of revenge.Bastard deserves to get back what he gave out.

  7. kendigin
    May 03, 11:56 Reply

    Its amazing the similarities some btms share with women. The forgiving heart, the ability to persevere and keep ur head down in the roughest of situations etc
    Personally, I wonder y you wld even pick up his call after the ordeal, let alone meet up. Could it be part of u still wants this rugged rough top lover? Hmmm

    Anyways, a small rat tried to blackmail me few years ago. After coming to my house and spending the nyt, enjoying every bit of the ass eating and pounding, the stupid whore demanded that I pay him. Otherwise he swore he had copied the fone no. of my contacts and wldnt hesitate to out me. I was terribly terrified inside, but I played cool and simply called his bluff. Meanwhile, I silently prayed the ordeal wld be over. Luckily, weeks passed and nothing happened.
    I think we all have to be careful who we meet. Don’t let a promising one night stand ruin your relationship with ur family and friends (especially wen you are not out, yet). Did I mention that I deleted the foolish whore from my contact, along with anyone I knw related with him.

    Never dine with the devil. Unless of course u don’t mind being beaten 100 times b4 u become shy!

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