Kito Alert L

Kito Alert L

He is reportedly named Goodluck, but operates several accounts of Facebook, notably Repented Ageless and Davis Alvan.

His number is 07088248845.

He resides in both the East (Owerri) and Lagos.

He is a broke-ass scumbag who uses his access to the community to get with guys online, who he will in turn terrorize with exposure if they don’t give him financial benefits of their association with him. in other words, if he has assessed you as someone who has money or affluence, or really just has something to lose, he will get belligerent with you when asking you for money. And if you don’t comply, he splashes all the chats he’s had with you that outs you as a gay man.

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Nothing much is known about this guy, because his victims werent diligent enough to get as much information about him as they could before they were kitoed. Nothing other than


  1. Jay
    December 24, 07:37 Reply

    Mere looking at these kito dudes, a person with standard should know that they are irresponsible fellows. Please and please, try to raise your standard in what you look out for in a partner and maintain it. It will reduce the rate we interact with these scumbags.

  2. Utonwa
    December 24, 08:48 Reply

    And to even think that he is gay too and acting this way is just too disgusting.


    Like shouldn’t he know better than out a fellow community member cos of money or even any other thing? Their own money for that matter! Tụfịakwa! What happened to hustling for yours no matter how small and giving yourself small respect.

    Someone should arrange and kụọ ya ihe tinka kụrụ pan, then seize his phone, plan with a community friendly police officer and lock up till after new year. Sense might just spring up like a thrombus in that his head that looks like a badly used mop.

    Chukwu ajụ!

    Mmadụ abụrụ ogbenye ma bụrụkwa amuosu!!!

  3. Mandy
    December 24, 09:13 Reply

    This guy that the first thing he does when he chats you up is ask what you do for a living and when you tell him off, he blocks you or hurls insults at you. I’m not surprised at all that he’s this despicable. Check the Twitter post of this update, and see the things people are saying about him. He’s apparently also a thief and a rapist. Scum of the lowest order. Tufia

  4. Mitch
    December 24, 09:39 Reply

    Thunder from the pit of hell will design his destiny for him. The useless bat.

  5. Shuga chocolata
    December 24, 09:40 Reply

    Wow, and to think I’ve had fun with him when he visited my state of residence.

    • Don L
      December 25, 05:03 Reply

      Thanks goodness he didn’t out or extort you.

      Dude is damn crazy

  6. Don L
    December 24, 09:43 Reply

    He is handsome. To even think that he is a member of the community.

    Oppps, terrible. Real scumbag

    He has no dignity.

  7. Mikey?
    December 24, 14:43 Reply

    This is similar to my kito story
    Pinky I think I’m ready to share

  8. michael
    December 24, 20:12 Reply

    isn’t it time we start making these guys disappear?

  9. Tristan
    December 25, 02:32 Reply

    Lol. This ashewo. He is popular na. Dude started vexing and hurling insults at me cos I simply said “No” to his fluctuating love offering. Don’t give him any attention. He belongs to the sewer.


  10. Dunder
    December 25, 18:44 Reply

    Note that his pendant is a crucifix. I am too miffed to type further.

  11. Eclectic
    December 26, 11:02 Reply

    Sometimes I just feel sorry for many of these guys. Some of them don’t realize these people they harass can also turn their hearts around and do them serious hurt. It’s just funny how people think they are invincible or have monopoly on wickedness

  12. Mike
    December 28, 17:21 Reply

    I have like 19 mutual friends with this nigga, my question is, should I mind my business or I should inform our mutual friends?.

  13. […] remember when reports about the kito person named Repented Ageless or Davis Alvan began coming to me. After I got the first report, I asked the […]

  14. Chima
    January 23, 05:29 Reply

    Maybe he started this newly bcoz I use to know him .he has always been a broke ass

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