Kito Alert: More Updates And Then Some

Kito Alert: More Updates And Then Some

A kito perpetrator is still thriving in Aba, another reemerged on Facebook with a new identity, and a third whose identity we didn’t know before has become revealed to us now.

And one thing is sadly clear about these four kito alerts: they’re all homosexual men who prey on other members of the community who they come in contact with.


1 THIS KITO SCUM who was previously exposed HERE as Young James is still thriving in Aba, as a recent report reaching us identifies him as the person who set up a community member who invited him over to his hotel room for a hookup. His actual name has been revealed to be Joshua Onuoha and he apparently operates multiple Facebook accounts.


2 ANOTHER SCUM who used to go by the multiple names (on Facebook at least) Repented Ageless and Davis Alvin – and who has been previously exposed HERE and HERE – has, it would seem, shut down those Facebook accounts and reinvented himself with a new Facebook account with the name, Goodluck Spanish. (How original).


3 A THIRD NOTORIOUS SCUM used to be known to us only with his aliases, Warri, Kevin and Carim. But after a slew of reports about him harassing people he’s gone to hook up with, whether sex happens or not, reached us, we were able to make the connection between the identity of the new reports and the previous kito alert that was put up of him. His name is Kelvin Madu Ifeaka, and goes by Kelvin William on Facebook. He operates majorly in the East.


4 THIS IS A NEW KITO ALERT! His name is Edet Akamo Okon, even though he operates multiple Facebook profiles that go with names John Bassey and Mackenzie Bassey. He is friends with Kelvin Madu, and much like Kelvin, relies on the vulnerability of the people he goes to hook up with to enable him successfully intimidate or harass them into giving into his demands after they’ve hooked up.

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  1. Mitch
    August 20, 07:39 Reply

    Shey that anuofia called Oyas came to form president of the LGBT community with Repented Ageless’s case, trying to stuff his ‘apology’ down our throat, no questions asked.

    Shey the anuofia has seen the chihuahua he extended carte blanche forgiveness to, ba?

    Umu idiot everywhere!

  2. Ade
    August 20, 09:15 Reply

    this Facebook thing eeeh…nawa oo, this pieces of trash that should live their lives in peace, I think except from a mental breakdown or disorder this waste are suffering from , they have a very poor self esteem.. May God keep us all and keep exposing this wicked ones that don’t want to live in peace..they sef peace dey no go see….

  3. @activemanjohn
    August 23, 16:42 Reply

    That’s for those who go about looking for anything they see as if they have not fuck before…I screen anybody that want to meet me medically and physically..I will schedule our meeting at the open place like eatery, shopping mall or public sphere. All these poor brats needs to be cleanse.

  4. Banelings
    February 15, 01:01 Reply

    Chatted with the edet akamo….the Facebook id he gave me was Mackenzie bassey …..
    Told me he resides Around Ajah …..

  5. […] he resides in Ajah, and according to one of his victims, he works together with another kito scum, Edet Akamo Okon aka John Bassey, who we have already exposed here. In fact, Edet has been so thoroughly exposed here that he now […]

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