Kito Alert LI

Kito Alert LI

His name is Chukwuemeka Njoku (on Facebook as well).

He resides in Owerri, and stays along MCC Road, Bamboo Junction.

He basically operates the same way most of these guys do: get you to come visit him and then set upon you with his gang. According to the friend of one of his victims (who had known him for about three years. So it’s obvious this guy also plays the long game): “…the guy told him to come to an eatery around MCC, called De Amazing, so that they’ll chill. When he arrived, the guy told him to come behind, that his house is at the back. As he was going there to meet him, the boy came out with two other guys behind him, and they pounced on my friend…”

So yeah, if you’re in Owerri, definitely stay away from going to see guys who stay along MCC Road.

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  1. Silver
    January 04, 07:51 Reply

    It’s 2020. I’m down to collaborate if anyone has plans on how to rid our community of these criminals. I have some ideas, but they are … extreme. However, enough is enough.

  2. Mitch
    January 04, 08:19 Reply

    What is it about Owerri, especially MCC Road and World Bank, that makes it so infested with kitoers?
    What exactly is the colour of the problem?

    • Pink Panther
      January 04, 08:25 Reply

      As in, at this point, I’m wondering which place is the kito capital of Nigeria, Lagos or Owerri…

  3. Shuga Chocolata
    January 04, 08:32 Reply

    You’re missing ABA
    Heard it is now fucking business over there.

    • Pink Panther
      January 04, 08:49 Reply

      SMH. This is just depressing. These are the real criminals, but sure, the police would rather target law abiding gay people.

    • Arnold
      January 05, 16:21 Reply

      They still won’t turn it to a kidnap… I was held for a week in Ph… Without food…

  4. Delle
    January 04, 09:21 Reply

    So I guess the era of the ugly guys who take on Kito is over, now the palatable ones that people can easily fall for have built their tents as well? Oh chim o!

    Owerri is fast on the heels of Lagos to wear the kito crown.

  5. Kelly
    January 04, 09:59 Reply

    I know him too well. We were roommates and playmates at Madonna University. He studied Economics. He is the only son of his parents and his father is a retired judge of the Imo State High Court. His full name is Njoku Chukwuemeka Emmanuel. Born in July 1993. I never knew Emekus can be involved in something. It is so shameful.

    • trystham
      January 04, 10:45 Reply

      Thank you for this detailed information.

    • ChubbyLover
      January 05, 08:22 Reply

      People change over time due to interplay of factors. So sad you “once tammed playmate” is now a wild beast.

  6. CHUCK
    January 04, 15:51 Reply

    Isn’t Madonna University where several gay men try to convert straight men? Isn’t it a Catholic university? That’s how you get MSM who are convinced being gay is a sin and gay men deserve whatever punishment they get. A toxic mix.

    Silver, there was a video of a kito being punished in Abuja a few weeks back. Let’s do a Lagos version. Just need a quiet location, we can bring soldiers and destroy these men

    • Silver
      January 07, 05:46 Reply

      Hey Chuck. While that will give sweet revenge, it is not a lasting and sustainablesolution. What else can be done?

  7. Jinchuriki
    January 04, 23:33 Reply

    I don’t understand how there are new kito alerts every week now.
    What does this mean for the community?
    Is there something we should not be doing which we have been doing that’s attracting the straight and queer kito scum?
    Why can’t we just be allowed live and love in peace?

    Can everyone just not try meeting anyone New? If you must, let it be that your queer friend is hooking you up with another queer friend you don’t know, Mbok.

    I know what Konji is like, I don’t know the type of Konji that leads people to their doom with these types though. I honestly don’t get how people end up in these kito situations. It’s very avoidable. Maybe I’m saying so because I’ve never experienced this kind before or because I am constantly in fear of every thing having the possibility of outing me, but I’d like to share my luck with you.

    If you are reading this comment, go and be Kito free! In the name of …! *Whispers spiritual agreement/confirmation*

  8. Andra
    January 05, 00:25 Reply

    This cheap bastard that was disturbing me that year in Madonna,he’s a low life begging scum that used to mock me in the day time with his friends back then in school, and come at night begging for some good time,but sadly, my hole isn’t meant for ‘hypocritical dicks,and low life scums’, I once asked him to buy me provisions before I do anything with him, and the idiot did which I also turned down. He’s a thirsty one who’s afraid to live his truth because of society but it does not give him the right to be a miscreant.

    • Kelly
      January 05, 05:33 Reply

      Hmmm…. You also him in Madonna too? Well, when we were at Madonna, Emeka never showed me any sight that he is queer. Maybe because he didn’t know I am one. I just know one of his so-called “cousin” named Raphael is. I later knew they were not real cousins. With this news, I am sure Emeka and Raphael were secretly having an affair then. It goes to show that Emeka is a secret gay closet. It talks anyhow in public, especially with his Elele babies.

  9. Larry
    January 05, 17:02 Reply

    Phc is another area of interest when it comes to kito. Trans Amadi, Garrison, Artillery and… diobu

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