“I am a businessman… I live in Ojo… I’m not on WhatsApp but drop your number let me call you…”

These are Kito 101 lines. In fact, only learners use these lines; these guys have progressed to more advanced trickery.

And yet, there are some who apparently still think gay Lagosians can be seduced by stunts like this. And this guy, Christopher from Badoo, is one of them.

Below is the conversation between him and a KDian. The pictures may very well be catfish, but here they are all the same.

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  1. Xhris
    September 30, 07:14 Reply

    Wait… He actually said ” thanks” to the “Kito” line? Like WTAF lmao😂😂

  2. Lopez
    September 30, 07:33 Reply

    Are those lines enough evidence one is kito?

    • Olutayo
      September 30, 08:35 Reply

      If he wasn’t, wouldn’t he have denied it when the guy called him kito?

  3. Anonymous
    September 30, 08:32 Reply

    He might not be kito though. He might just not want to share his WhatsApp contact yet. He even replied “Thanks” to the kito comment. Lol

  4. Babji
    September 30, 13:25 Reply

    I don’t understand how we presumed the guy is Kito just because he didn’t share his whatsapp, I mean he was willing to move to phone calls, so you would still have gotten a number,
    Also should we now assume all businessmen are Kito? I mean the guy seems like he didn’t even understand the word and said thanks. A little bit more info and investigation might have helped.
    I for one hate giving Naija guys my number because then you get 20 million calls and messages all day on whatsapp non stop …..
    Anyways to each their own.

  5. S.Freude
    October 01, 01:30 Reply

    PP, I am surprised that you would post this here. With the guy’s face blasted over the pages of the internet. For all it is worth, he might not even understand the meaning of the word “kito”.

    This is horrible.

    Take it down!!!

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