Apparently, Kito Is A Joke To Some Members Of The Community

Apparently, Kito Is A Joke To Some Members Of The Community

2019 is sure breeding stupidity way too early in the year.

I used to think that the scum of the earth are those gay men who use their access in the community to victimise fellow gay men. I however have been made to realise that those scum are joined by those who turn these very traumatic experiences into a joke. Into something to trend with. Those who are so insensitive to the very real pain of being a kito victim, that they would use it to fan their online notoriety.

A Port Harcourt resident (pictured above) who, according to his Facebook account goes by the name Ryan Drew Umeaku, in his own words, decided to be this stupid.

In a Facebook gay group (if you can imagine the level of this stupidity), he made a prejudicial post slamming gay guys and hailing homophobia.

“I hate gay guys,” he posted in the group, Lag Cute TB. “Who is a fellow homophobic man like me? so absurd banging your fellow guy. Eeew. Me and my bae enjoying New Year joor. Nothing do us.”

He kept up with his controversy in the comments section, where he boasted of his exploits in the kito game, even posting a screenshot of a video where he allegedly was part of a gang that kitoed a gay guy.

The post went viral, beyond the group even, with screenshots and the narrative that he was a kito guy who is gay. Something that is a just conclusion, considering his antics on the post. A few people stormed my DMs with pictures and cries of alarm, demanding for his exposure.

And I was going to word this post as a kito alert, when new screenshots were made available to me. someone had gone to confront him on what was going on, and in that conversation, he admitted to making it all up.

I do not know what is worse: that a gay man would willfully hurt someone else in the community who has trusted him with his personal space, or that a gay man would completely disregard the seriousness of experiences like this and use it as a means of indulging his hunger for controversy.


One of the major objectives of posting the kito stories we read here is not to entertain us. It is to humanize this suffering, this disadvantage, this pain that the Nigerian society would like to ignore. And it is sheer wickedness when members of the same afflicted community either turn around to inflict the same pain on one another, or treat it like a joke.

We should do better!

And Ryan Drew Umeaku, if you’re reading this, SHAME ON YOU!

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  1. Colossus
    January 04, 07:26 Reply

    Wow! Just wow, I lack the words to describe this level of stupidity.

  2. trystham
    January 04, 07:31 Reply

    So he is a wannabe Viking as well? Noted!

  3. Kenny
    January 04, 08:49 Reply

    Is it wrong for me to wish this guy experiences a kito situation? He needs some sense beaten into him.

  4. Margarita
    January 04, 09:54 Reply

    All I see is a juvenile still battling with chronic IH. He needs help.

  5. mike
    January 04, 14:25 Reply

    A writeup would have been okay, yhu didn’t need to out the guy, since we don’t know if he actually kitoed anyone or not, even at that violating peoples privacy is a no no.

      January 05, 01:54 Reply

      No, it wldnt have. And he’s not ousting him; of anything, he’s ousting himself. It’s all a whiplash from his own actions. Plus, It’s a part of the story. The bottom line that a member of the community wld joke about such a thing. It’s downright ridiculous. Well, let’s all watch and see how it wld all end

  6. that dark-fair guy
    January 04, 15:06 Reply

    You only comment on posts when they involve kito.I am really trying to understand you.Are you an advocate of these kito guys? mind yasef.

    • mike
      January 04, 17:17 Reply

      Marginalisation, its all about the margin love, margin.

  7. Tristan
    January 04, 15:43 Reply

    This guy is very crazy. This motherfucker needs to be dealt with, I swear. Onyeiberibe!

  8. Mitch
    January 04, 19:54 Reply

    Iberibeism clearly didn’t die with 2018.

  9. KingBey
    January 05, 04:47 Reply

    Real question here is: How the hell did a post like this gets approved in a gay group? Like how did an Admin/Moderator of a gay group approve a post of this nature? If this nonsense was deleted outrightly, all these unnecessary drama wouldn’t have happened. Somethings are not meant to see the light of day ???

    • Pink Panther
      January 05, 04:51 Reply

      Lol. According to sources, it doesn’t even look like the group has an active admin. Nor are there restrictions to posts, no approval notices. Plus it appears the group is public too. Not secret. Even non group members can simply saunter in and see what’s going on.

      • KingBey
        January 05, 05:23 Reply


        BTW how come I saw you in my dreams today? Is the Lord saying something to me? ???

    July 30, 09:07 Reply

    The funny part about this is that I know this guy up close. And I am just seeing this for the first time. The guy is currently in the states.

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