Here are some fresh kito alert updates.

First and foremost is this menace who, depending on which report you’re looking at, is based at anywhere between Ajah and Jakande, Lekki. According to Facebook (an account which he has now deactivated, it seems), he is named Ebuka Bruno Hasel. He operates with a gang, and there have been several reports that has him and his gang luring a victim over to a designated area where they beat him up and robbed him, and him also visiting another victim in his own home and then soon after the arrival of his gang, created enough drama to cause the victim to give up some money.


Following our last update, where we posted about an Ajah-based guy whose identity was reported unknown, we got several feedback from KDians supplying the necessary information.

His name is Emmanuel and according to some reports, he goes by the nickname “Tallest”. He supposedly has a logistics business called Delivery by Tallest. You would think he’d concentrate of making his business a success, but apparently, his side hustle of setting up his fellow gay men pays more.


Emmanuel was also linked with this next kito scum named Lawson Idowu Junior. He is a makeup artiste and owns an outfit called Gigoglams. And also, like his friend, Lawson also backs up his business with the side hustle of setting up gay men. Reports of his criminal endeavours include stealing from those he’s hooked up with and attempting to harass/intimidate a community member who he met up with into giving up some money.

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  1. Mr right
    October 08, 12:11 Reply

    I’m really shocked at this revelation of Lawson because well we’ve spoken guess I dodged a bullet, here is his number

  2. Mr right
    October 08, 12:12 Reply

    Sorry forgot to add the number smh 09033390720

  3. Zauriel
    October 08, 18:53 Reply

    I’m shocked to see Bruno here, cause we have met before… About 2018.. when I was dating his friend…

    This is SHOCKING TBH!!

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