1. His name (according to Truecaller) is Yar Zuma, and he operates in the North, Katsina and Kano according to the reports we got. His number is 08034936555.

2. His identity has come up severally in connection with various setups, mostly in Ajah, Lagos. Unfortunately, none of the reports we’ve gotten about him came with proper identification (i.e., name and number and other personal information). The Instagram account he used to lure one of his victims is very sparse.

But he resides in Ajah, and according to one of his victims, he works together with another kito scum, Edet Akamo Okon aka John Bassey, who we have already exposed here. In fact, Edet has been so thoroughly exposed here that he now works with other guys to entrap their victims. We have gotten three reports where the victim got to the place where he was supposed to meet the person he’d been chatting with, and then Edet Akamo Okon – who they recognised from our kito alerts – stepped in to join the setup.

If anyone knows more information about this guy, please let us know so we can update this alert.

3. These two – names unknown because the victims met them on Grindr and thereafter went to hook up with them without much due diligence – reside in Bariga, Lagos.

Their operation is typical: lure the victim over and then beat and rob them. Unfortunately for them however, after the victimisation that resulted in this report, the victims went with friends to their place in Bariga and paid them back in their own coin. They were in turn harassed and beaten and humiliated.

4. Emmy Bernard keeps upgrading and reinventing himself on the dating apps. But don’t be fooled. He remains the dangerous criminal who works with a gang out of Iyana Iba area of Lagos to beat, extort and victimise gay people.

Recent Tinder profile

Initial kito alert


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Nothing much is known about this guy, because his victims werent diligent enough to get as much information about him as they could before they were kitoed. Nothing other than

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I was so young and naive in SS3. Never knew anything about kito. I’d been deboarded from school in my SS2 after I was reported to the school authority over

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  1. Delle
    September 21, 09:59 Reply

    I like how one thing is consistent with all these kito perpetrators: they are unrepentant, haggard-looking street urchins.

    I just hope that those into rough necks will take a cue

  2. Lopez
    September 21, 14:54 Reply

    Bless the soul of whoever send in the information on that Yar zuma. The guy is notorious, nobody is safe. I’ve heard not less than 10 kito cases on his head but can’t get enough information to send in kito alert. Unless he’s dead, Yar zuma will never stop this menace but at least someone will be safe by seeing this.

  3. Lightupp
    September 21, 16:02 Reply

    Abeg, where we go fit see the full video? This kain thing dey sweet me

  4. Cuddlecake
    September 23, 14:30 Reply

    Haaaa! This olori buruku Emmy Bernard is chatting with my friend oooo. With a new number. His profile username on Grindr is UP TO GOD. the bastard wants my friend to come and meet him at iyanaipaja isheri road. Olori buruku Omo

  5. Segun
    October 14, 07:13 Reply

    That Emma from iyana-iba dealt with me….took my money, phone, clothes and several belongings last year October….carted away using bank mobile app with my 300k. He is an Igbo guy

  6. Royal Knight
    October 28, 23:24 Reply

    It’s sad to say I knew Emmy Bernard as a school boy in Asaba. It’s so unfortunate, i barely even recognized him sef.

  7. Blessed
    June 01, 13:43 Reply

    Phills on Tinder, lean, dark, earrings, with phone number +234 902 690 5142, acquired my trust in weeks, being Igbo like me and coming from my state, then luring me to Iyana Isiachi with the lies of owning cars and his own bungalow, promising to relieve me of my stress (not through sex), and generally, getting me to feel like his brother. Along with Emmy Bernard, they assaulted me, took all my belongings. My first experience being kitoed, because I never went on hookups or did dating apps and even till now, still a virgin. The heartbreak plunged me into seeking therapy for my depression, anxiety and panic attacks. God save my soul. I feel like this happened just yesterday.

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