Kito Alert: The Face of Kito Scum Who Works With The Police

Kito Alert: The Face of Kito Scum Who Works With The Police

Not much is known about him other than that his name is Isaac (probably fake) and that he steals from people who he hooks up with.

But with his latest target, it would seem as though he has now graduated to working with the police to entrap gay men.

According to the community member who he set up:


“Someone I know linked us up, but for awhile, we couldn’t see because he stays in Ojo and I stay in Lekki. But I assured him that whenever I was in the mainland, I would holler him. The day finally came when I was supposed to be in the mainland, around Festac. My friend and I had some business to take care of, and we were going to stay overnight. So we booked a hotel and I called Isaac to let him know I’d be around and that he could spend the night with me if he wanted. He sounded very excited and kept on calling me intermittently to know when he should start coming. I finally had to tell him that I was taking care of business and that when I’m settled, I would let him know.

“It was evening time when my friend and I were done. We’d gotten a hotel room and I informed Isaac that he could start coming. When he got to Apple Junction, he called, sounding lost. I was trying to direct him to the hotel, but my friend said we should drive out to meet him. So we got into his car and drove over to Apple Junction.

“Eventually, after some delays and what, in hindsight, constitutes as suspicious movement, he finally got to where we were parked. My friend and I were seated in front and he opened the back door and slid in behind.

“And then, all hell broke loose. Without closing the door, he suddenly started shouting that he was getting kidnapped. Without thinking, my friend started the ignition and drove off, with Isaac still in the car with us. He kept on screaming, and before long, we were being chased by okada men. We were soon chased down, and the bike men swarmed, dragging us out of the car and beating us and destroying the car.

“The police was also conveniently on the scene in a few moments, and we would later learn that he had in fact come with them, and that whatever their plan was hadn’t involved us driving off the way we did. We were eventually taken to the station where we stayed overnight, and had to fork over a big sum of money to secure our release. Ultimately, I was relieved that their charge of us being homosexuals didn’t stick because there was nothing in our car to support their claim that we wanted to fuck Isaac.

“It was a traumatic night, but we made it out okay enough to tell this story and let the community know that whether they are gay themselves or not, these Ojo boys are BAD NEWS! And that sometimes, all you have to do is meet them, even when it’s in a public place or your turf, and just like that, you get victimized.

“And when I eventually got around to calling the friend who linked me to Isaac, and he expressed shock over what happened, he also revealed that he’d heard the guy steals from people he hooks up with – which begged the question why he would link me up with someone he knew was that criminal without letting me know.”


So there you have it. Two things to be learned here:

1) Please, dear gay man, DO NOT LINK YOUR FRIEND UP WITH SOMEONE YOU HAVEN’T YOURSELF MET. Do not use your friends as a way of “confirming” that guy you’ve been meaning to hook up with. At least, tell your friend how close you are to the person you want to link them up with, and leave them to decide if they want to go ahead to see the person or not.

2) Please, dear Lagosian gays, DO NOT HOOK UP WITH GUYS IN OJO! I know this is unfair to the actual genuine gay men living in those areas, but I’m sorry, this message has to be preached. It is obvious now that they don’t even need you to come over to where they are. If they agree with coming to a public place to see you, they probably have a plan in place which involves corrupt policemen or men dressed in army fatigues or really just the drama of shouting and drawing attention to terrorize you with. STAY AWAY FROM OJO HOOKUPS!

Like I said, we don’t know much else about this guy other than that his name is Isaac and that 09078381290. If anyone knows him and has more information about him, kindly contact us so we can update this scanty information. Here are his pictures though:

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  1. KingB
    August 07, 09:08 Reply

    I’m sorry you passed through such a hellish experience bro. I had a tumultous kito experience at Ojo 5 years ago and since then, i’ve never commune with any guy that stays in Ojo talkless of meeting up with them. Please stay away from Ojo guys .

  2. Slim
    August 07, 11:16 Reply

    Meeting someone through someone sounds like a safe haven till it goes south . Tried it a few times back in the university and mehn! It’s not my calling don Allah .?

    But wait o! Why are fellow gays trying hard to make it more difficult for us to live here ? ????

  3. Bey
    August 07, 22:36 Reply

    Wow so what now happen to us the genuine ones in Ojo Cus Dis shit is not funny Cus my family house is in Ojo

  4. Divine
    August 08, 00:24 Reply

    A guy I’ve been chatting with for sometime now, came around my side about a month ago. He refused to see me because he heard that nothing good comes out from festac/satellite. I’m pained??

  5. Anonymous
    August 08, 22:27 Reply

    We no fit arrange how dem go fuck ds boys up, beat beat there face comot. It’s becoming too much. There was one that came to place in kano, after we had cuddled ( I wouldn’t call what we had “sex”), he said if I don’t pay him 50k,he will shout. I opened the door for him, and I said “shout”, the crazy Boi was dumbfounded. Thankfully my neighbor is queer too, called on her, told her what happened and she joined me in showing d Boi pepper. Transport whey I Wan give am b4 ma, I kept my tin.

    • Pink Panther
      August 09, 07:39 Reply

      “I opened the door for him, and I said “shout”.”

      ? ? ? ? ? I love this energy.

  6. Lorde
    August 09, 06:06 Reply

    Mehn…. you can’t even fuck on referral anymore… this country sef.

  7. Ernest ik emmyson
    August 09, 21:52 Reply

    We are no more safe in this country ooo. Abeg emmyson my love,do make u come carry me out of this country by God’s grace Amen

  8. Quinn
    August 09, 22:13 Reply

    But seriously the things we want to hook up with..ewww, this guy is fuugly I don’t judge people based on looks o, but b4 I hook up with anyone, you should have passed lots of test..

  9. Quinn
    August 09, 22:15 Reply

    Sorry bout your experience..but pls let’s eat good meat when we are hooking up, this thing is not worth all those stress walahi..fuugly mofo

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