I am Uzo. I’m twenty-three years old. I grew up in a strict religious background, and naturally, when I found out my sexual yearnings, I did what everyone else burdened with guilt did. I prayed and fasted for the gay to go away. It didn’t.

I stayed on being gay.

On November 2014, I was a happy man. I was graduating from the university, with a 4.0 GPA. My convocation was just around the corner. A week to the ceremony, I got a message on a hookup site from a young man who called himself Gbemi. From his pictures, he was light skinned and tall, and looked older. In no time, we exchanged contacts and getting to know each other was fun. He called daily and impressed me with his good command of the English Language. That was a definite plus. And with his charm, I was half in love with him.

On the evening of my convocation, after the official ceremony, he called to congratulate me. We spoke for a while and then happened on a plan. My folks had left school to return home, but I had to stay back to finish up my clearance. I was due home in Lagos in a week’s time. Gbemi convinced me to come to Lagos a day before I was supposed to go on home, spend the night with him and then head home the next day.

He didn’t need to do much convincing as I’d already fallen for him. He was a very charming person. I agreed and on the 19th day of December, I packed my bag and left for Lagos.

At about 4pm, I got to Ojota and thereupon, headed for Ikorodu; Ikorodu was where Gbemi said he lived. He tracked my progress via calls and sms. The traffic was terrible. I got to Ikorodu at around 6pm, and with Gbemi’s directions, I got to his house.

He was at the gate that led into the compound of a three storey building. He looked even better than his pictures. I was giddy with pleasure that I’d finally met him. He helped with my luggage and led me in. We climbed the stairs till we got to the topmost floor. From outside the house, everything looked okay. But as soon as I stepped into the house, I knew nobody lived here. The entire room looked in shambles, as though someone had just moved out or was renovating.

I stopped mid-stride, only to get pushed all the way in from behind. I staggered in and turned to see a rough-looking dude behind me. A burning stick of cigarette stuck out from his thin, cruel lips. Another guy, not as rough-looking as the first, came out from one of the inner rooms; and there were three.

In that instant, I knew I was in trouble. All the horror stories I’d heard about kito experiences filled my head, with images of bloodied and battered victims splashed across my inner line of vision. I felt faint with terror. And then, I prayed a desperate prayer to wake up from this dream, because things like this do not happen to me.

But it was no dream. That much was confirmed to me when the rough-looking dude barked, “Siddon for ground! And no shouting! If not, this bottle go finish for your head!” He hefted an empty beer bottle menacingly in his hand.

I just melted down to the floor.

“Who be your papa?” the second guy asked.

“Erm…erm, my dad – he is nobody… You don’t know him…” I stuttered my response.

“What does he do?” It was Gbemi who asked.

I stared accusingly at him for a moment before answering, “He is a civil servant.”

The questions continued for a while before the rough-looking guy barked again, “Open your box!”

I zipped open my valise, and they snatched it from me, promptly ravaging the things inside – my new pair of shoes (a graduation present from an uncle), my laptop, clothes. Gbemi took my phone, removed my sim card and put his inside the phone. (Well, I needed to change the phone anyway)

He asked, “Where is your ATM card?”

I pointed at the zipped side of the laptop bag. But just then, as Gbemi bent to retrieve the bag, it hit me. I had forgotten my ATM card in the bag I used that morning at school before I left for Lagos. The bag was in school. For a moment, I watched Gbemi root around inside the laptop bag.

“I can’t see any ATM here,” he said.

“It seems I left it in school,” I said.

The next thing I felt was a throbbing pain on my collar-bone. The second guy had swung the piece of wood he had in his hand on my shoulder, striking me with a force that ripped a scream out of me.

“You think say we dey play here?” he snarled at me. “I go kill you here and nobody go know say you dey here!”

“I don’t even have money in that account…” I wailed, before going on to explain how I’d left the ATM card in school.

“How much you buy this laptop?” Gbemi asked.

“125k… It’s still new. You can sell it and get more money than you’ll see in my account.”

“What’s the password?” Gbemi asked again.


They sniggered at my answer, before coming together to mumble a quick conversation, leaving me lying there, rubbing at the bruise on my shoulder.

Then, the rough-looking guy turned to say, “Wey your papa number?”

“Huh?” I said, feeling my heart begin to pound.

“If I tell am say you like prick, wetin he go do you?”

I just stared wordlessly at him. My heart had started pounding so hard, I feared they could hear it. My mother was due for surgery at the time. If she got to know that her beloved son loved men, there was no telling how badly that would affect her.

“You dey craze?!” the second guy barked, advancing with his wood. “Ansa am! Wetin your popsi go do you if him know say you dey fuck nyash?!”

I recoiled from him, before launching into a teary plea for them not to involve my family. I told them about my mother and her fragile health, hoping to appeal to whatever humanity they had with my sob story.

“You see your life?” the second guy said. “Your mama dey sick, you dey here dey find prick.”

The rough-looking guy said, “Tell me, why fine guy like you go dey pursue boy? Girls dey plenty wey dey find boy like you.”

I didn’t respond.

“Pull your clothes!” he ordered.

I obeyed, removing my shirt and singlet.

“Comot everything!” he barked, gesturing at my trousers.

“Please now, please…!”

“Comot am!” the second guy shouted, raising his wood again.

I flinched, before proceeding to remove my trousers.

“Everything!” the rough-looking guy commanded.

Feeling my face burn with humiliation, I peeled off my boxers, feeling violated as I stood there, stark naked before them.

“I wan see your nyash,” he continued, waving me around.

I hedged, and then turned my back to them. It was a few moments before I felt a burning pain on my derriere. As I drew in a hissing breath, my brain registered the fact that he’d just burned me with his cigarette. That hurt – it really hurt!

“No touch am!” the rough-looking guy shouted behind me as I reached my hand around. He started cackling, along with the other guy.

And then, through their laughter, Gbemi said to them, “Guy, no spoil the fine boy abeg. Pity am.”

“Na only him nyash I go do,” the rough-looking guy replied. “When I finish, he no go gree fuck nyash again.”

And in spite of my frantic pleas, he continued burning my butt with his cigarette. The second guy used his wood on me, striking at my hands each time I tried to ward off his cohort’s assault. The burning assault continued for a couple of minutes, before they pulled back from me and ordered me to sit back down.

I sat down with effort, trembling from misery and pain, and wincing when my butt touched down on the ground.

The second guy said then, “You know say your head na millions.”

I didn’t answer him. If he was talking of a ransom, he’d have something else coming. He’d be dead before my father would pay any ransom. The old man had a formidability that was legendary. So this clueless guy had better be talking of a ritual or something.

I sat there and watched the three of them go through my clothes and footwear, putting them on to know which one would go to whom. They even put on my socks! Before long, they had successfully shared my belongings amongst themselves.

At that point, my inhaler chose to fall off the bag Gbemi was holding. He stared at it for a moment, and then upon realizing what it was, turned a panicked look to me and asked, “You are asthmatic?”


“Why didn’t you tell me?”

I stared at him in mild confusion. It wasn’t as though asthma was an infectious ailment, or that I’d be dropping dead any second. I replied, “Well…it never came up.”

“So, how you feeling?” he asked, staring at me as though I’d suddenly sprung antlers.

And then, it suddenly dawned on me that I’d just gotten some power back. My situation suddenly didn’t seem so dire anymore. And so, I became the victim – a different kind of victim. I gave a visible shudder, and said in a croaky voice, “Well, I react very much to cold, and I’ve been without my clothes… sitting on the bare floor…”

“Oya, oya! Wear your clothes!” Gbemi said urgently.

I proceeded to wear the clothes I had just removed, only to be stopped by the rough-looking guy.

“No,” he said. “Leave those ones, they too fine. Go find another one for that side.” He was pointing at a pile of my clothes before them.

I obediently did as he asked, moving over to pick what he wanted me to wear.

“Wear this slippers,” he continued.

I stared at the slippers he was offering – well-worn and shabby, with soles that were all but nonexistent.

“Either you wear it or you can walk with barefoot,” Gbemi put in when he sensed my hesitation.

I had no choice. At least, I was going home. All would be well.

They were kind enough to give me my transport fare. One of them called a bike and asked him to take me to the bus stop. Empty-handed, I got on the bike and was driven off. The time was past 7pm. I spent the entire time in the bus thinking on the best lie I could come up with to explain away my situation to my family.

It was about 10pm when I got home. My family was surprised, first by my early homecoming, and then by my shambled appearance. I gave them the story of being attacked by robbers on my way home. I told them that I got to Ojota and joined a bus going to Oshodi with two other passengers who turned out to be robbers. The empathy was swift and reassuring. My big sister said something about the robbers taking my troubles and bad luck along with what they stole from me. And my mother held me close to her, repeatedly extending her thanks heavenward that I was safe.

By the time I got to bed, I could feel a degree of both relief and regret. Regret that I ever met Gbemi and his kind, and at the things I’d lost, and relief that in the end, I still had my life and nothing more grievous had resulted from the kito experience.

Written by Uzo

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  1. Francis
    July 23, 06:39 Reply


    I don’t go no where without dropping name, address and phone number of who I’m going to see for mumsy. If facebook pishur dey sef, better.

    Sounds childish but that’s how we were raised and despite hating the policing of my daily activities, I came to love it when I discovered the random ways pipu just vanish in this country. I can’t shout biko.

  2. Max
    July 23, 06:50 Reply

    Hmm… So he actually wanted to have sex with you?
    Our society breeds jobless individuals who have enough time in their hands to plot such. Going to sleep over at someone’s place, someone you’ve never seen before, is a NO NO.
    Always do your risk assessment well, you’ll always get a hint if someone is a kito-worthy individual.
    And pls for Lagos, stay off Ikorodu, Egbeda, Festac/Satellite town, Ikotun. Sorry to brothers who stay there ( I don’t mean to spoil your market, but until you ppl grow some balls and round up all the kitoer’s and burn them at the stake, we’ll keep giving you negative press).
    Sorry Uzo for going through such. First experiences shouldn’t be like that.

    • Pink Panther
      July 23, 06:53 Reply

      In fact, from Festac/Mile 2 stretching onward toward Satellite Town, Ojo, Okokomaiko et al has become a serious no-go area for me.

      • Francis
        July 23, 07:14 Reply

        LMAO. See discrimination sha. Na wa for una oh.

      • Peak
        July 23, 07:25 Reply

        And how do you propose we round up and burn them? Conduct a door to door search of kito perpetuators perhaps??. Both ur comments can easily be likened to homophobes saying gay men are predators who prey on the young and innocent or call them pedophiles based on the offense of a minute proportion of the gay population. Shouldn’t we be more focused on exhorting safety and cautiousness?? There is no telling where kito would take place, so ur premise is off the mark if you ask me.

        Just incase both of have forgotten @Max and @PP, I live and grew up in one of these areas. Thanks for reminding me of my poor choice of real estate.

        @Uzo. Sorry for what happened to you, and most importantly, thanks for reliving ur ordeal by sharing. I’m sure someone out there just got a little wiser by reading this.

        • Pink Panther
          July 23, 07:43 Reply

          Peak, abeg, relax. I was expressing a prejudice based on experience. It’s unfortunate that your location happens to get caught up in it but it can’t be helped.

          • Dennis Macaulay
            July 23, 07:56 Reply

            Of course its same way all Muslims are terrorists, all Igbo men are con men and all gay men are predators! All festac boys are kito distributors!

            This site should have the “rolls eyes” button

            • Pink Panther
              July 23, 08:02 Reply

              The same way all straight celebrities who speak in favour of the LGBT must have a hidden motive?
              Yea, I’m rolling my eyes now.

          • pete
            July 23, 08:23 Reply

            tired of seeing you murder my language. it’s ‘mechie onu’

            • Pink Panther
              July 23, 08:33 Reply

              My brother, abeg help me and tell him o. After he’ll call us Igbo Nazis and go on to be an English Nazi on Teflondon

        • Masked Man
          July 23, 08:41 Reply

          Thank you Peak. Where else is left in Lagos? I don’t buy your idea, Max. It’s just too silly.

          • Max
            July 23, 12:12 Reply

            Those places are off limits. @Peak, you haven’t been exactly around d market for long, so pls take several seats. Up until recently, you were too terrified to even say hi to someone, so how would you know where the Kito happens?
            @MM, I retract my kiss proposal from yesterday.

          • Masked Man
            July 23, 13:37 Reply

            Oh Max, I didn’t see your proposal until now.
            Pls take back your proposal with a hug from me.
            I decline.

    • Posh6666
      July 23, 12:56 Reply

      Tnx max n pinkie for d tips.Do i sound crazy if i say in lag now i have practically vowed never to hookup with any guy again xcept thru link and if its thru online hookups then strictly white guys.Abeg judge me not lagos is just such a really scary place

      • Max
        July 23, 13:31 Reply

        You’re not crazy .. Better to be paranoid than sorry

      • Masked Man
        July 23, 13:40 Reply

        You’ll never get laid in Lagos.
        Keep following Max, you hear. Your butt hole will just get rusty, or your dick weary from excessive wanking.

        • posh6666
          July 23, 14:40 Reply

          Lmaooo mm better dan getting my dick chopped off and my asshole burnt wiv cigarettes.Besides it aint that bad have got my own links in lasgidi.Ewwwww at wanking have never done that stuff better remain like that.

          • Masked Man
            July 23, 14:56 Reply

            What do you mean Posh?
            You haven’t wanked before?
            The ability to take yourself to paradise and back? No limitations? No kito? No stds? Oh Pls, get some cream and wank your tensions away. Thank me later. Your cum will just be getting stale in there, you gotta let them go, and refill.
            Costs you nothing.

            • posh6666
              July 23, 15:03 Reply

              Lol aswer never ever done it.Once i begin like this i always find it creepy so i stop maybe am weird just cant bring myself to do it.Yet some of my pals do it like thrice a day.

          • Masked Man
            July 23, 15:24 Reply

            Well, I can’t help you.
            Whatever makes you happy, man.

    • Peak
      July 23, 15:47 Reply

      @Max, let me get this correctly, so you are saying that only those who have been in that “market ” long enough are equipped with the knowhow of fishing out the perpetrators of kito in the aforementioned areas, since they are more likely (according to you) to “know where kito happens”?? Honeylove, here have my sit while you think on it and draft ur next reply __/ cos it seems like you would be needing it more that I do.

      • wondabuoy
        July 27, 12:09 Reply

        I wanted to reply under his comment but I guess the reply feature has a maximum number of levels. The “market” there is scary to me. I felt uncomfortable about it.

  3. Iyke
    July 23, 07:01 Reply

    Hmmn! Pls, if u r asking me to come see u nd I decline or do shakara, no vex biko! The fear of kito is d beginning of long life! I can’t shout! I dont even trust myself! Dont take it personal, inugo?

    Sorry Uzo….. Can’t even imagine d trauma! Gbemi might b gay too but choose to exploit he fellow already “marginalized” kind! May Amadioha, Sango nd Ogun engage his ass in a brutal 4some!

    • kacee
      July 23, 08:31 Reply

      Lol Asin eh, they should all fist his black ass mtchewww

  4. pete
    July 23, 07:03 Reply

    you can never really judge a man by his online personality. stop being in a rush to meet & on another man’s turf. there are so many neutral places to meet. and if you must fuck on first date (shudders), there are motels & hotels. stop allowing your dicks make decisions for you. hope you learnt your lesson

    • Masked Man
      July 23, 10:48 Reply

      Fucking on the first meeting. Lol! I’ve been in such thirst before.

      • Pink Panther
        July 23, 11:20 Reply

        Oh yea, most of us all have known that thirst… except Saint Maxine of course. *RUNNING AWAY* 😀

        • Max
          July 23, 12:14 Reply

          Adjusts my white hat

  5. Kristopher
    July 23, 07:18 Reply

    Emmm. Oga, the only thing i’m mad at u for is not helping would ve victims of Gbemi and his cohorts by keeping his identity hidden. You should have published his pictures, id or phone number. Any body can be a victim.:-)

  6. Kristopher
    July 23, 07:24 Reply

    Meanwhile pinky, what became of the missing guy and fellow Kdian IDUKE, has he been found? What about those kito guys you told us about in UNN that almost killed a guy. You people promised to reveal their identities but the matter just died. I think as much as possible the identities of any defaulter should not be protected. They have to also drink their own poison.

    • Peak
      July 23, 07:34 Reply

      I quite agree. We need to start putting up pictures. There is no telling who we are saving in the nearest future. We need to start unmasking these runts

    • Pink Panther
      July 23, 07:41 Reply

      Kristopher, my heart still breaks when I think of iDuke. After much exhaustive efforts, nothing has come up to enlighten us. Hope still flickers in my heart but it dims with each day that my friend remains missing.

      And as for the UNN kito issue, you should understand that I can only update when the affected individuals give me information. That issue wasn’t my concern. It had to do with some other individual and if he feels the need to update us, I would gladly serve as the medium.

  7. Dennis Macaulay
    July 23, 07:40 Reply

    Someone went through a gruesome ordeal and all you people can do is blame him? My stomach is churning from reading this piece and all you “perfect beings” are rubbing salt upon his injury!

    How careful can one be? Don’t go to someone’s house you say? If I won’t go to his house or hotel he picked out and he won’t come to my house or hotel I picked out, how then do we hookup?

    As far as I am concerned Uzo did nothing wrong in this matter, he only trusted the wrong person. The solution to these bashings I will always say lies in retaliation, because if this happens to me I will sell my soul to the devil if I have to to retaliate and give these beasts a taste of their own medicine!

    Uzo I am so sorry you had to go through this

    • Max
      July 23, 12:18 Reply

      I know its bad for your market, but we have to advise these young amateurs to stop visiting online acquaintances in their homes. Meeting @ a neutral place and naturally growing the friendship from there is always the safest.

      • iamcoy
        July 24, 00:48 Reply

        Max ok they meet at a neutral place the 1st time and Gbemi wows uzo.. They meet again at a mall the 2nd time and Gbemi is now head over heels in love. Then uzo now says ‘Gbemi na wa oh, u won’t invite me to ur place’, then Gbemi obliges and Uzo gets kitoed, who we go blame?

  8. Peak
    July 23, 07:54 Reply

    I guess its safe to say that being a sapiosexual is no gurantee that you are safe from kito these days.

  9. Francis
    July 23, 08:28 Reply

    I don’t like the idea of putting up pictures. Na so pipu go begin invent kito stories so as to get revenge for inconsequential things

    • Dennis Macaulay
      July 23, 08:35 Reply

      We have ways of quality control Francis! Internal mechanisms, don’t worry about that

      • Francis
        July 23, 09:14 Reply

        @DM ok oh. As long as its 200% foolproof…before innocent person go hang

  10. Mitch
    July 23, 08:50 Reply

    Uzo, my heart bleeds thinking of what you went through in the hands of those guys. At least, thank God that they didn’t involve your family. I have this feeling that it would have resulted in your mom’s death and that is one burden no one should ever bear. You sound like someone who has an implicit faith in the goodness of humanity. Please don’t let this rid you of that faith.

    As for Gbemi and his cohorts, karma will catch up with you all.

    As for the kito incident in UNN, the kito-ed boy is on his I.T now so there have been no further attacks on him. However, if there is any attack on him when he returns to school, no matter how minute, I will personally be sending the names and pictures of the bastards involved in this. But definitely not before I have my revenge on them.

  11. Kenzo
    July 23, 08:50 Reply

    ALL THIS TEA….☕ + Pinky darling, you must let me write for you, you must.

  12. richbee
    July 23, 08:51 Reply

    In all, you guys are kinda right. I was naïve. I was just starting to get comfortable being queer. I guess it was the wake-up call I needed at the time.

    I just didn’t know persons actually sit to plot such evil. From gbemi’s speech, u cud tell he was learned. Well, we can’t help them all.

    The important thing is I am alive and also wiser too.

    Tnx pinky for giving me an avenue to share my story.

  13. JoshDeity
    July 23, 09:12 Reply

    Uzo, my heart goes out to you. I’m happy though that your parents weren’t involved. And here I am thinking that most parts of the southwestern Naija are safe-ish zones.
    @PP, we need to have a short but private chat… How do I contact you?

  14. kacee
    July 23, 09:17 Reply

    I cried as i read this. Is it a crime to meet someone in a public place once or twice before going to their house, because i feel when u are out with the person u get to know and read the person more. I’m so sorry Uzo.*hugs*

  15. Sinnex
    July 23, 09:37 Reply


    Almost got turned on by the rough guy. For a moment I thought you were going to be screwed when you were asked to strip.

    You can never be too careful. I just pray that I don’t experience such. It is better to be called ‘naive’ than to be street credible and still end up being set up.

    Try and build a close circle of trusted friends. Let them know your every move. Send them pictures and chats. Discuss potential hookups. I know it is not good, but your safety and sanity comes first.

    OAN-I sent a comment earlier and can’t seem to find it. So pardon me if this is the second time I am commenting,

    • Max
      July 23, 12:21 Reply

      Use your own advice once in a while…
      It’ll help you a lot.

  16. Khaleesi
    July 23, 09:44 Reply

    My heart burns with hate whenever i read these horror stories! Well, we all know that these ‘bottom of the food chain’ scum live all around us, please be very careful – it’s often helpful to engage in extended chat/phone call sessions with a potential hook up, you can often tell a lot about his character /personality. Uzo, al sorry you had to pass through such torture, thank goodness it didn’t get worse than that … and yes, am in full support of putting up pix of these scum bags, pix, address and profile IDs … they deserve not a shred kf decency!!

  17. richbee
    July 23, 09:45 Reply

    Thank u guys plenty much. Yeah. More careful these days. By the way, uzo et richbee are one and the same person. Ricbee is a screen name.

    • Kenzo
      July 23, 10:03 Reply

      Sorry about what happened. Glad you weren’t hurt more than you were.

  18. law
    July 23, 10:01 Reply

    Uzo….. I think I know this Gbemi dude…. Is hiz full name Gbemi Obed?

  19. richbee
    July 23, 10:17 Reply

    Yeah right!!!!!@ law… That’s him. Gbemi obed

    • law
      July 23, 10:35 Reply

      Woooow….. Dude almost pulled the same stunt with me that I visit him in ikorodu. But I refused ….. I still av his phone number…. Our whatsapp chat… I think i still av his pix …..@pp….. Pls link me up with Uzo ….. Cus this gbemi is still on my case

      • Pink Panther
        July 23, 11:19 Reply

        Send me an email, and I’ll pass your contact on to him, law.

        • Max
          July 23, 12:26 Reply

          You ppl should plan and trap this dude.. I’ll never forgive a kitoer if I was the one. I MUST pay him back.
          There are several ways you could go about it. I can give you tips if you want. Ask Pinky for my email.

          Being taken advantage of is a serious thing that shouldn’t be overlooked. All offenders need to be punished.

  20. Ruby
    July 23, 11:07 Reply

    Uzo I’m so sorry for your experience.
    But didn’t you feel any unease before leaving for Gbemi’s place abi did your Konji override your reasoning *let the attack begin*

  21. BadDiva
    July 23, 11:13 Reply

    Wow! Sorry…. Hope u are ok Shaaa.

  22. Diablo
    July 23, 12:11 Reply

    Max is right abt certain places in Lagos that dick is never worth going, not just because of the crazy traffic but then the low cost of housing there makes it convenient for such atrocities to thrive. This wouldve all been avoided if ud stopped the moment he’d told you to come all the way to ikorodu. Which still validates my stance on ppl that dwell in the likes of Aba.
    And i know we’ve all been guilty of spending the night with someone we are meeting for the first time. But considering the circumstances of things now, it’s something we must all desist from doing esp as regards online hook ups. Sorry to read about this and as tragic as this is, its something that could have been avoided

    • pete
      July 23, 17:53 Reply

      did you mention Aba? it’s not the city, it is about the quality of people you meet

  23. Francis
    July 23, 13:06 Reply

    @Law and @RichBee abeg make una proceed carefully. If any security force person dey here and can help una better. Make revenge no go turn another thing

    • Max
      July 23, 13:34 Reply

      @Francis, don’t be a coward. Kitoers have been getting away with things like this bcos gay people put their tail in between their legs and run away. I’m sure Uzo isn’t his first or last victim.

      • Francis
        July 23, 13:46 Reply

        @Max: lol. My alter ego THIRSTS for revenge but my alter ego’s ass no go suffer for prison if something goes horribly wrong all because I was seeking revenge.

  24. richbee
    July 23, 13:08 Reply

    Hahahaha… Really???@ruby… Well, I guess it did.

  25. richbee
    July 23, 13:12 Reply

    …as for setting obed up, I don’t tink m interested. @ least law knows who he is and should proceed as he wishes. But I don’t wish to be involved. Its a past life and I wish for it to remain that way…

    • Francis
      July 23, 13:15 Reply

      @Richbee: Take 10 fingers. Your head dey there. Some things are best left in the past

        • Khaleesi
          July 23, 16:10 Reply

          Kaiiiiii, you have the power to punish that scumbag and you’re letting it slip from your fingers!!! @least get his pictures and let’s post them up here to serve as warning to others!

          • Francis
            July 23, 17:46 Reply

            @Khalessi posting pictures in this case sounds safer and doable to me than the torture some of you are recommending

  26. ambivalentone
    July 23, 15:40 Reply

    This is really sad. I’m sorry u had to go through this. But Max, Pinky, nobody is above kito. Whether u have known and chatted with the ‘kitoer’ for seventeen days or seven years. We shud all be aware of that by now. You can’t even trust that fuck buddy u know any more. He can wake up to.decide he’s bin wanting that phone of urs for long and kito is d way.
    These are my own tips to avoiding kitos.I know someone posted one sometime ago. And so y’all know, I’ve avoided kitos so far not because these tips actually work but cos I av bin LUCKY.

    Be spontaneous. Giving these guys time to think does nothing to help u. Change ur plans as often as possible to destabilize them.
    Never EVER plan to meet fresh hook ups after 5pm…especially if its not a public place….it also works for when ur ‘date’ doesn’t want to leave when its 5 pm. No matter how sweet ur company is, there’s always another day.
    A side note to yourselves is ‘be less greedy’. Beta to arrange to meet ur hook up at a popular bus-stop, open gardens and assess him and BE SAFE than at d fast food outlet, four-star restaurant, supposed ‘house’ and trip and be more gullible.
    If you must travel out of ur immediate environment, INSIST on meeting in public places. And if u must slay that dick/arse by force, find hotel/nearby toilet (ewwww! I’ve not tried that, but better be safe than sorry)
    These are only three points and what works in one situation may not always work in another. TRUST YOUR INSTINCTS.

    Thats said, I’d really love for this Gbemi guy to be given a taste of his medicine. I am thinking broken body parts here

    • Peak
      July 23, 17:55 Reply

      Is this some sick joke???

      • Francis
        July 23, 18:00 Reply

        Very very sick joke! Asin is someone working with / reporting to him or has he been here all along? Sorry or no sorry abeg, if Law and RichBee have pictures, they should start sharing biko

      • Tiercel de Claron
        July 23, 19:01 Reply

        Or maybe the Obed guy is a KDian,same as pseudo above,then it’s no joke.

    • Pink Panther
      July 23, 19:47 Reply

      Well, obed, I guess we all wanna know if you’re Gbemi Obed?

  27. Chuck
    July 23, 16:38 Reply

    So when is the Subcommittee on Destroying Gbemi Obed meeting?

  28. richbee
    July 23, 20:05 Reply

    Hehehehe… Wait o…. That ‘_obed’ joke wasn’t funny sha. @ law, I’d give u d singular honor of posting his pix.

  29. iamcoy
    July 24, 01:11 Reply

    Richbee/uzo I am a bit upset with you that you are not interested in exerting full measure revenge on that idiot.
    if you had carried a bag containing your newly acquired degree certificate to that scene and it was confiscated, what would you have done?
    If Gbemi obed is really on this forum then shame on us collectively kdians because we all happened on this blog thro one another and it shows he is either a friend of one of us or a friend of a friend. But if that was a rude joke by one of us which I highly doubt then I plead we stop trivializing big issues . That said please we need his full details, because I am going to troll the bastard and make sure he gets as much bad press as possible.
    I am sorry uzo for the sad experience it hurt me… damn!!!

  30. iamcoy
    July 24, 01:19 Reply

    I also add that please don’t meet anyone you haven’t profiled. .. for instance you meet someone on badoo, u gotta move to facebook.. check your mutual friends if any, interact with em on this character.. compare notes et al. U can’t meet someone off badoo or manjam or grindr and just exchange number from there without doing your homework, even if the person has a fake fb account it will rat itself out if you are discerning. I took time to type this epistle because my search on Facebook for ‘Gbemi obed’ yielded zilch

  31. Sensei
    July 24, 01:21 Reply

    This post and comments tho. So poignant. It’s almost like a movie script.

  32. Raj
    July 24, 04:36 Reply

    Reading this got be teary. I hear all these stories and I wonder how someone wouldn’t wanna keep to their lane. Being all criminal minded and bashing as hungry fools. The commit a crime and console themselves with being a cop for societal errors.

    We can never be too careful .but some helpful tips on the aforementioned comments have meaning. Especially the one on times for meet ups.

  33. Dominic Obioha
    July 24, 09:32 Reply

    So is this how this one will die down? Thanks for sharing Uzo. Please where is the guys pix and contact I’m begging you people. It’s time we start reading Kito-revenge stories. I agree with Max on this we cannot continue like this not want revenge and moving on abeg abeg. Coming back for updates. I’m so so bitter

  34. MrFresh
    July 27, 00:15 Reply

    His pics and contacts should be share on dis forum …so pple wld be a bit careful

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