Kito Alert: Be Mindful Of The Hookups You Get From ‘Friends’

Kito Alert: Be Mindful Of The Hookups You Get From ‘Friends’

In the past few months, we have had reports of community members who were set up by the guys their friends hooked them up with. There was the case of the guy who was blackmailed by the person his friend linked him up with, only for this friend to eventually admit that he didn’t even know this person personally. There was also the case of Roy Duncan, the kito scum who was linked to a fellow gay man through the gay man’s friend. And when they met, Roy Duncan working with his boyfriend beat the guy up and robbed him.

It has often been said that the safest form of hookup is the connection through a friend. Well, it is looking like we think of all sorts of people as friends, because even these friends are putting us in harm’s way.

A KDian recently reached out to us to report that formerly-named kito alert, Desmond Gold, now has a new number.

Considering that a kito alert has been posted on this guy already, I wouldn’t have had to make this post – except that the KDian said, “A friend asked to hook me up with someone he thought I might like, and it turned out to be Desmond Gold. We chatted for awhile, intending to meet up, but with all the warnings on Kito Diaries, I thought I should just hold back to avoid stories that touch.”

A friend linked him up with someone who’s been exposed as kito scum. A friend!

Please, be mindful of the people you call friends and the people they hook you up with.

And secondly, I have also noticed that there are community members who get themselves into trouble with kito scum simply because they decided to “try their luck.” There is this mentality that perhaps Kito Diaries was exaggerating with their kito reports and that perhaps this guy is not such a bad guy, or maybe he will not do to them what he has done to others.

These “try my luck” stories always end with the person in my inbox lamenting their woes and reporting what the kito scum did to them. In such cases, I have no sympathy. We warned. You didn’t listen. And you invited the trouble on yourself.

Please, unless you have the wherewithal to visit consequences on these guys, unless you have the means to make them pay for whatever harm they may cause you, STAY AWAY FROM KITO SCUM!

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  1. Fred
    February 28, 10:24 Reply

    Perhaps some of us have the (strange) fetish of putting ourselves in harm’s way.
    I don’t know. I’m just putting my thought out there

  2. Delle
    February 28, 12:45 Reply

    Please and please, all these gory stories and someone is still calling the one who linked him up with a daredevil ‘friend’???


    Note: there are Friends, Acquaintances, Hi Buddies, E-friends, friends with Benefits, Hangout Pals, neighbours, Church Members, See Me Todays…categorise the people in your life well. A FRIEND can never turn you into some lab rat.


  3. Sage Philip
    February 28, 12:53 Reply

    Being attracted to danger does not mean we should be STUPID

  4. Falz
    March 01, 12:52 Reply

    Na wa o. This Desmond boy is a very old community member . I knew him far back 2008 in Lagos. Why is he doing kito things. somebody needs to teach him a lesson.

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