Kito Alert: This Is How Being Gay Has Become An Opportunity To Kito Scum

Kito Alert: This Is How Being Gay Has Become An Opportunity To Kito Scum

We always knew that first the jobless homophobic Nigerian youths saw us as an opportunity to make money, then the Nigerian Police followed suit, then the jobless soulless members of our own community followed after. To be genuine and gay and simply looking to live your life became an even bigger burden simply because these faceless people are out there thinking of you in terms of naira signs.

And in the past, we have exposed some of them. Today, we see a sample of how our victimization begins, when an upcoming kito scum is looking to recruit a partner.

His names (on Facebook) are Kelvin Llary and Kelvin Uchenna Dunu, and based on his social media activity, he is based in either Lagos or Aba or both, and whether he is gay or not is not clear.

That is the much information we have on him, and in case anyone else knows more, please volunteer so we can update this kito alert.

And here is the conversation between him and the community member he tried to recruit:

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Fear. The underlying theme of my coming out story is fear. Fear of being discovered. Fear of being rejected. Fear of being unloved. Fear of hurting the people I love.


  1. Mitch
    July 31, 08:11 Reply

    Hei Chineke Ghod!!!!
    Unu anafukwanum eshishi!?!??!?
    First conversation and you’re telling him to join you to set someone up? Can you imagine the audacity?

    Audacity nke a jekwara Harvard!

    Egbe eluigwe locatikwa ya, gbapiaa ya ma isi ma amu. Anu ofia dika ya!

    And, the thing that is paining me here is that it’s Aba! The people there digburu onwe fa na reckless and stubborn.

    • geminiguy
      July 31, 18:50 Reply

      Hey Mitch. I absolutely love how you mix English and Igbo together in your sentences. It’s the most beautiful thing and it shows cultural pride, something that a lot of young igbo people (my past self included) do not have. It shames me that I cannot speak igbo and I am trying to learn because imagine not being able to speak the language of your ancestors. Anyways thank you for being an inspiration

  2. JBoy
    August 01, 10:06 Reply

    Ohanku is so local and filled with mostly ratchets. Most of them are lowlifes who have no plans for the next day.

    Whenever I visit Aba to see my Aunt who lived in Ngwa Road, I only try to sleep for a night and run the next day to Umungasi. But I met one amazing human who used to live in Ohanku and he was always there to guide me. I pray I see him someday. I just hope death has not snatched him away from us as many of them were dying one after the other back then??

    Can anyone help me locate that amazing human by the name Chidiebere (Bere-Bere)??

    • Jo
      August 02, 18:35 Reply

      I’m more interested in when next you are coming to Umungasi, actually.

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