From the stories circulating about this person since he and his accomplice began trending on Twitter yesterday for being kito scum, he is clearly a man who sleeps with men. So he belongs to that bottom level of humanity that exploits and victimizes his hookups for personal gain.

In the past week, I have gotten several reports via emails and social media DMs about his exploitations, which range from getting down with someone who he thereafter harassed for money else he’d make a scene, to the person who hooked up with him in a hotel room; someone knocked on the door, and this scum stopped the other guy from dressing up before opening the door to admit his accomplice with his video-recording device, whereupon they robbed him and threatened him with exposure using the recording if he involved the police.

He operates from Grindr and apparently, his numbers are 08119673424 and 08073044792, and his instagram account is registered HERE as Idowu Adeyemi. His pics and that of his accomplice are below.

Idowu Adeyemi’s accomplice

Guys like this abound in our community, wolves skulking and using the access they have to get to us, unscrupulous human beings who would rather steal and prey on others instead of hustle honestly.

When you learn about them, endeavour to tell everyone you know. Until we have a system that recognizes our rights to justice when wronged, prevention is ultimately the best option.

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  1. Simba
    March 22, 17:14 Reply

    It’s all part of the self hate. I remember then in secondary School when a much older class mate will mess around with me in the dark of the night but will beat me up in the day time for having sex with him, sex that he even innitiated. Anyways, I was smart and gently awaited for another night and broke his head.

  2. ROCK
    March 23, 05:39 Reply

    Please how do I send a story here?Although it didn’t happen to me,but there is this guy that is at the centre of two Kito stories I have heard so far.
    How do I get across to you with his pictures and other details?

  3. Boomboom
    March 29, 15:21 Reply

    Lmao.. So ijegun na fuck up zone.. I always wonder why I keep getting blocked even after I send my fresh obodooyibo picture. Is all good, I need to move out of DT area asap.

  4. Tender
    April 10, 23:06 Reply

    He did something similar to me….shameless low life

  5. Farrafay
    April 17, 11:45 Reply

    LMAO so Kay don graduate to kito finally? Desperate guy. He likes flashy cars so when I carry him in my benz he can’t try it. I have fucked him every way to the moon and cum on his face several times. Anyway he know who he fit try am with. My boys go kill am!

    • Tyler
      May 20, 11:09 Reply

      Wow. Actually chatted with both of them. I am so lucky

    • John
      July 24, 04:08 Reply

      I am planning for him let’s hook up

  6. […] guy has been linked with Idowu Adeyemi. Like Idowu, he is also MSM. He actually sleeps with guys, but has been reported to used the threat […]

  7. Juice
    February 17, 13:16 Reply

    This guy now operates as “sweet kissing” on Grindr

  8. tye
    April 03, 17:00 Reply

    why not pay them back since he doesn’t like the involvement of the police. you guys should also set him up. using his medicine but then you guys publish him on social media with the other guys face covered

  9. Purilove
    February 14, 20:37 Reply

    The community is full of people like him

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