So this very dangerous character operates on both Badoo and Grindr. On his Badoo profile, he goes by the name ‘Christopher’ (Check HERE), and on Grindr, he frequently changes his name. His M.O. for luring unsuspecting gay guys varies. On Badoo, he spins a tale of how he owns “a supermarket, wine shop, mini mart and is also a contractor, a supermarket that is apparently located at Ojo, by Iyano School Bus Stop Area.” (Stale move, right?)

Well, on Grindr, he got creative. Very creative. His story is that he is a victim of a kito incidence, an experience that exposed him to his wife and had her packing out of their marriage, leaving him with their kids. The intention here apparently is to lure his intended victim into believing that he is “one of us”, and feel empathy enough that you let your guard down and go over to his place to meet him.

The pictures immediately below are of a middle-aged man, but after some digging, and following the testimonies of his victims, it turns out the pictures aren’t of him. They are fake.Pictures

This evil character is not in fact in his middle aged, but a young thug who employs the services of his friends to waylay his victims, beat them and extort valuables from them. His number is 08069670439, he lives in Iyana Oba (but may change locations with varying victims), his name is Michael Oparah (check him out on Facebook HERE), and his pictures, his real pictures, are what you see below:IMG-20161221-WA009IMG-20161221-WA011IMG-20161221-WA010IMG-20161221-WA012IMG-20161221-WA007

He has nabbed many victims with such a convincing story as that “kito story”. So please, if you read this and you know a friend who does internet hookups but hasn’t seen this, pass this information along.

And let’s all remain safe out there.

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Before I proceed into my story, I want to use this medium to thank the Kito Diaries family – the admin, writers, editorial crew, everyone who contributes to this blog,

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Kito Alert L

He is reportedly named Goodluck, but operates several accounts of Facebook, notably Repented Ageless and Davis Alvan. His number is 07088248845. He resides in both the East (Owerri) and Lagos.

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FOREWORD: You guys remember Unoma, right? Well, she has an ongoing literary project that concerns the Nigerian LGBTI community, one she wants us to be a part of. It’s a


    • KingBey
      December 22, 09:59 Reply

      Exactly ! What degree of conji can make someone to meet this creature?

      • Pink Panther
        December 22, 10:00 Reply

        Remember, his actual picture is not what his victims are seeing.

  1. KingBey
    December 22, 09:58 Reply

    Now this is how you put out receipts and invoices ! Well detailed ! BTW, who in his right senses will go to meet this hungry-looking ugly lowlife? Tueh ! *leans over balcony and spits out*

      • Mandy
        December 22, 10:44 Reply

        LMAO! Ambivalentone, you bitch!

  2. Kenny
    December 22, 10:18 Reply

    But since his details are out here, isn’t there a way he can be given a taste of his own medicine?

  3. Sinnex
    December 22, 10:22 Reply

    Hmmmm people dey try ooo.

    Guys should learn to verify before meeting. Try to video chat before meeting. Share nudes and sex chat. Stop with the ‘I don’t sex chat or share nudes’

    Besides, It is only money conscious guys that will fall for the trick. For goodness, look at the man…hmmm… this recession no be am ooo

    • ambivalentone
      December 22, 10:36 Reply

      Mi o gbo Yoruba!!!

      With all these leaked sex tapes and what-nots u still want to be doing nudes upandan? Isorait

      • Sinnex
        December 22, 14:59 Reply

        Well it has always worked for me. If I don’t Skype/IMO with you, then you are on your own. Besides, I don’t even like going out.

        Another thing is that, it is not everyone you meet online that you have to visit.

        • Haiku
          December 22, 16:47 Reply

          I know right! People don’t get it.

        • Pink Panther
          December 23, 03:26 Reply

          Besides, I don’t even like going out.

          Blessed are those of us who find it tedious to go out.

  4. Chuck
    December 22, 10:37 Reply

    Has his case been forwarded to the gay DSP/PRO? Let’s get him punished

  5. ambivalentone
    December 22, 10:51 Reply

    This one was sent from hell to torture only men. Just went thru the 1st 3 pgs of his friends’ list on fb. This one seems a full-time yahoo boy what with the girls pics. I’ll bet he uses their pictures without their approval.

  6. Khaleesi
    December 22, 11:40 Reply

    I’ve never murdered anyone – yet, but the intensity of hate the wells up in me whenever i read about these lower forms of scum; i fear that one day that might change!! I honestly would have no sympathy if a mob were to catch this animal and mete out the cruelest form of jungle justice on him!
    To those who put forward information about this BASTARD of a waste of cum, Thank you so so much for making the community safer! I know of a recent victim of a kito incident who was so traumatised that he didnt even want to talk about it; i begged him to tell his story at least to save others who might fall victim in future, but he flatly refused saying he wanted to forget the traumatic experience and move on.
    truth is, these scumbags are getting more and more skilled in the art of deceit, its getting more and more difficult to see through their lies; i shudder to think of the hapless, inexperienced and young chaps who might be naive and unlucky enough to cross paths with them.
    Please, please, please no matter how juicy the ass or dick sent to you looks, always let your brain lead the way — take some time to chat on messaging apps, ask for social media handles and do some minor investigative work, ask for pictures and make enquiries from a few friends who may know this person; when you do eventually meet, try to do it as much as possible in a public place like malls or eateries — not even the boldest kito artist will dare to start any crap in a crowded mall or eatery … by the time you’ve done all this, your 6th sense (trust me its often accurate) will tell you if this person is genuine or not – besides, most Kito artists are looking for a quick hit and run and will likely tire and give up if you employ these tactics …
    Stay safe …

  7. Khaleesi
    December 22, 12:06 Reply

    Here’s what i think we can do;
    1. go on his facebook profile and report it to facebook for being fake etc, if enough of us do that, Facebook might shut down the account.

    2. If you’ve interacted with him on Grindr or Badoo, go on those sites/apps and report his profile.

    3. Go on Truecaller, and save his no as Michael Oparah Kito Scammer Thief Crook etc, if enough of us do that, next time he tries to hook up with anyone and the person runs his name through Truecaller, that description will come up and tip off the potential victim.

    Of course, i cant guarantee that all these will work – he might change his nos, set up new profiles etc, but its worth a try

    • Pink Panther
      December 23, 03:24 Reply

      I’ve already reported his Facebook profile. You’re on point with these suggestions, Khaleesi

  8. .•*Sugaar.•*
    December 22, 16:17 Reply

    Not again… This guy is bcomin more than the nigerian police o… hah! he’s out hunting again! may the juju/bori of Hausa fall on him like he jam train.
    ugly like shit… yet some guys will be running to meet him… Well! Let he that have ears listen to what the …… is saying…

  9. Delle
    December 22, 16:38 Reply

    Oh God! Could someone get any uglier? And this person he disguises as, does he know what his pictures are being used for?
    Both are kukuma ugly sef. How would a human being goan meet this jobless vulture?

    Now that we have info on him, why can’t he be adequately dealt with?
    Why?! Additional hideousness won’t be so bad on this African vampire.

  10. Leyon
    December 22, 19:51 Reply

    Those fake pictures looks familiar I could vividly recall he warned on Facebook that someone is using his pictures to lure people and everyone should be careful……imagine the thug I mean he’s dying or acutely malnourished!

  11. Nel
    December 22, 23:12 Reply

    To think I even interacted with the guy on grindr gives me creeps.

    The story was of the chains of stores he owns at Alaba international market and how he was going to take care of me.
    Too bad he was impersonating an unappealing individual.

    Never met anyone from hookup sites. But with this… No more!

  12. Jide
    December 22, 23:41 Reply

    Whoa. Just when I was about to thank God that there’s been zero kito stories, (I think) this year.
    I hope there’s a follow up story on how one of us here went the extra mile and successfully killed him before the new year. Amen.

  13. anony
    December 23, 00:48 Reply

    Seeing this just just sent chills down my spine. What this dude and his accomplices made me go through some weeks back. Still traumatised up till now. I have sworn that I will do everything in my power to get revenge no matter what. Seeing this pic rn and I am shaking. Please if they catch this guy before I do I want to be the first to pour acid on him.

    • Pink Panther
      December 23, 03:29 Reply

      Exact your revenge. If you can, please totally do it.

  14. austin
    December 23, 08:13 Reply

    I feel terrible right now because i fell victim to this bastard just yesterday. sadly i was only told about this site this morning. for me it wasnt about sex. i buried my mum a few days ago and it has weighed me down so bad. i went to the joint where he suggested at akesan near igando because i wanted to get out of the house and distract myself abit. i m not even based in lagos. i m here because of the burial. i got beaten, extorted and they even took my phone. i feel really traumatised and afraid to leave my house. i feel really stupid.

    • Francis
      December 23, 08:42 Reply

      Sorry man. Hopefully with time, the hurt will pass. Pele

    • Bryce
      December 23, 17:17 Reply

      Wait,they took their racket to Akesan?.
      What’s the name of the joint?.Dudes just bought market.

  15. Chizzie
    December 23, 17:49 Reply

    He messaged me about 2 days ago on Grindr but he was too forward and revealed way too much of his so called self. So I blocked him. Right move on my part

    I think at the end of the day, trust ur instincts. That unexplainable too good to be true gut feeling is always right

  16. BIBI G
    December 23, 18:05 Reply

    Nigerian gay guys u never ever learn
    Stop running to meet people in thier houses
    Meet them in verry public places like a big mall with enough security
    And before u go there delete ure conversation with the person
    Do not get into any strange car
    With no body
    Stop meeting in joints or shady places
    Meet them where u will have a upper hand if anything goes wrong

    And be a diva and be bold if any one tries to harasss u raise an alarm and deny deny deny
    Even if thy bring out evidence to support thier claim deny it flat out
    After all the convo will not be found in your phone
    Also get a hotline i.e. Tiers or a butch friend
    Or some crazy girls u know u can always call

    Trust me most of these Kito wearers ares scared of too much attention

  17. Therese
    December 25, 13:27 Reply

    Have the best fun in the world, but, keep safe guys! This world is so dangerous with people making a living out of bullying other people for who they are and what they own. God be with you!

  18. coolCraze
    December 27, 16:39 Reply

    I will kill this guy before this week runs out.

  19. Henry
    January 13, 21:37 Reply

    There is so much war in our mist and we act as if we have no brains. Cant we keep silent and for once and think of something good to so about this fight against us? You guys know if we see this guy now in public now and start fighting and killing him, when police comes am gay matter comes up there wahala go plenty both for him and who ever was for found around there. Lets use wisdom tbs, i think i have away to handle this problems we have in the gay world

  20. Nuel
    March 16, 22:47 Reply

    Tank God for my reluctant attitude towards meeting pple…. we’ve chatted b4 and he claimed to be a contractor of electrical properties…. he’s on Guyz too…. pls we should all be careful.. Tanx for the post.

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