Kito Alert XLIV

Kito Alert XLIV

This is a pretty face that has been used to lure members of our community in Lagos to their kito via Facebook.

He is not real. The pictures make up a catfish account. The Facebook profile has undergone a number of name changes, and is most recently going by the name Hhohlha Way Lhehy. The person behind the account is kito scum who reportedly looks nothing like this.

So beware!

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So the guy whose number is showing below claimed the KDian whose chat this is gave him his WhatsApp contact on Grindr – something the KDian doesn’t remember doing. Further


  1. Okay Kalae
    September 27, 08:26 Reply

    This is the lowest of low!
    what kind of miserable life do you already live that you have to go to this extent to perpetrate evil.

  2. Obiora
    September 27, 18:33 Reply

    Y’all got to be careful when labeling someone Kito.. The story here is clearly a Catfish not kito.

    • Pink Panther
      September 27, 19:34 Reply

      Are you serious? Catfish not kito? Please what do you know to be kito? And what is a catfish? And what exactly does “labelling someone kito” mean here? Did you even read the post properly before you started trying to sound wise?

      • Baddest
        September 28, 10:05 Reply

        He is right na, this is catfish , which means the owner of the pic is not aware That someone is using his picture online, you have put him up as kito, u don’t even have the picture of the person behind the kito oh. U put up an innocent person’s picture

        • Pink Panther
          September 28, 14:24 Reply

          Again, did you read the post to even understand what was written?
          I don’t understand you people. Something is put up and instead of reading to understand, you go off on some half-baked knee-jerk response to something you didn’t understand.
          It is written right there that the account is a catfish. It is written right there that the pictures are not of the real person. How on earth was the person who owns the pictures put up as a kito when these information are RIGHT THERE???

          • Obiora
            September 28, 19:45 Reply

            It’s very common for folks like you to throw tantrums when your shittt is called out. Again, there is a difference between a CATFISH and KITO. Just because you’re not real on social media aka catfish doesn’t mean that you would jump, threaten, blackmail, or even go as far as physically hurting someone. It would amount to nothingness arguing with you, just don’t into trouble one day. #Ciao

  3. Rudy
    September 28, 17:05 Reply

    There’s nothing wrong with the article, to begin and end with, the article clearly states this isn’t a real but fake/catfish account with an innocent picture. Since no one knows the real person behind the account, the writer has no other option than to display the account just as it is with the disclaimer that the person in the account isn’t real. Hence the account is a catfish/Kito account just as stated by the writer, this shouldn’t be difficult to digest.

    • Obiora
      September 28, 19:39 Reply

      So you’re trying to convince me that all catfish accounts are automatically default Kito accounts? Where do folks like you come from? A Catfish is a misrepresentation of real yourself, yes it’s fake and highly unethical, but kito on the other hand is falling victim to an organized crime. The difference is that one is a minor misdemeanor depending on where you are, while the latter is clearly a felony in just about everywhere. I just hope someone doesn’t get sued one day.

      • Rudy
        September 29, 21:25 Reply

        Isn’t it clear enough in the first two sentences of the article that the account has been used to lure people to their Kito?
        The account NOT the person in the photo which has emphatically been stated by the writer. This isn’t a tough equation to crack as some of you here finds it to be.

  4. Wonda Buoy
    September 29, 07:47 Reply

    Is it that people don’t read or what? The article says that the OWNER OF THE ACCOUNT *IS* KITO AND DOESN’T LOOK LIKE ANYTHING IN THE PICTURE.

    There! I’ve simplified it for those people arguing with their phones that there’s nothing wrong with catfish and tilapia.

    • Pink Panther
      September 29, 07:51 Reply

      Lol. I’m tired, aswear. It is this lack of intelligence that lead people into trouble. My job is done. Let whoever has ears listen.

  5. J
    September 29, 15:28 Reply

    Whooooo wahala gays have wahala sha. Homosexuals don’t agree just like cats. Have you ever seen cats in a group?

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