Before I proceed into my story, I want to use this medium to thank the Kito Diaries family – the admin, writers, editorial crew, everyone who contributes to this blog, and all the humane outspoken individuals with their stories and encouragements, who have impacted me positively since I discovered this community.

Thank you.

Now my story.

I encountered a certain guy on Badoo. He goes by the name Joseph. We chatted for a while, and then he was asking me to come see him at Okokomaiko. I reluctantly agreed, but I agreed, especially because I was bored. I am not the kind of guy who visits hookups at their own precise location or even vicinity, but I figured that if I expected a potential hookup to take such a risk for me, then I should perhaps change my rules and step out of my comfort zone to go see a hookup.

However, I told him about my reservations, and he said he understood. That we shouldn’t have to see at his place for the first meet. That we should see at a bar close to his area.

Now, there were signs at the beginning of this acquaintanceship that should have warned me not to even embark on this journey to go see him. There was the rush to invite me to meet. His over-sharing as though he hoped to either impress me or use my konji to get me to blindly agree to see him. And then the unreasonable excuse he gave as he shot down my suggestion for us to meet at a known public place, like a mall or something.

But hey, I was on a mission to step out of my comfort zone. So after I agreed, we set the time for our meet. Fifteen minutes after I was on my way, he was calling me, wanting to know if I was still coming, where I was, and all that jazz. There was a hint of eagerness to his calls that made me uneasy. Plus there were other signs that seemed like the universe was determinedly trying to stop me from going anywhere near Ojo Local Government Area. First was my off-and-on boss/family friend who usually employs me for some of my side hustle; I’d earlier informed her that I’d be going somewhere, just in case she needed me. And then she was calling me to help with an order which really didn’t require my assistance. This was odd; she was usually very capable and only required my services whenever she absolutely couldn’t handle it.

Secondly, a friend of mine kept trying to dissuade me from going, saying I should stay and hang out with him, even following me all the way to the main road as he persisted with his mission to stop me from going anywhere. But I laughed off his efforts and got on a bus.

Then thirdly, the bus I entered got to a point on the road and one of its tyres busted. The driver spent precious minutes fixing it before getting us back on the road.

And through all this, I persisted in my journey, trying not to dwell on all these oddities and what they might add up to.

When eventually, I got to Okokomaiko, I called Joseph. He said I should hold on, let him send me the details of how to get to him. And then he sent me a text, asking me to head to Igbolerin and stop at a place called Wazobia Bar. Ad then, I should call him. I got vexed and called him back on the phone, telling him not to waste my time, especially since I’d already been on the road for the past 1 hour. Instead of him to get here to meet me, he was giving me another more time to my journey. He cajoled me, asking me not to worry, that he would make it up to me. That once I get to the bar, I should give the phone to the bartender so he would speak to him about giving me some refreshment while I waited for him.

So I got on a bike and headed to the bar. But acting on a sudden sixth sense, I told the bike man to stop me some yards away from the bar. Suddenly, I wasn’t feeling very good with this meet. All the uneasiness I’d been feeling, all the peculiarities that had happened, began rushing back to me. But I wasn’t ready to dismiss the meet, just in case I was overreacting. When I alighted from the bike, I quietly observed the environment before walking toward the bar, walking inside boldly and taking a quick look around. It was almost deserted with a few layabouts sitting around and drinking.

At this point, the sense that I was walking into a trap was unmistakable. As I stepped back out, a thought came to me. I picked out my phone and typed in my browser “Kito stories, setups in Lagos.” And the results spilled out. Top among them was a directory that linked me to Kito Diaries. This would be my very first encounter of the blog, and when I clicked on the directory, lo and behold, the pictures and profile description of the scum who’d been chatting with me, who’d asked me to come to Okokomaiko, was right there.

I was already on my way walking away from the bar. But upon seeing what I’d just seen, my walk turned to a run. I didn’t even bother looking back. I got on a bike and headed back to the main junction. I had gotten there when he called me and asked if I was there yet. I told him yes, I was. He said I should give the phone to the lady behind the bar so he would instruct her to give me a drink. I hung up and texted him, letting him know how much I didn’t trust him. He texted back an indignant response, denying my implication that he was kito scum. But I wasn’t about to be fooled.

After a brief back and forth, I told him to come to the junction to see me if he was for real. He didn’t respond this time. I shook my head, saved his number 08137389558 on Truecaller as “Scam 419”, and got on a bus back home.

Written by Leon

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  1. Sinnex
    November 28, 06:12 Reply

    I had a lot of things to type…until I got to the point you stated that you stumbled on KD right in front of the bar, so I will let it slide.

    Anyway, I am surprised you went all the way to Igboelerin from Surulere to see this man. Mehn, Your konji must have been really strong sha.

    Thank God for your life ooo, I hope you have learnt a lesson.

    • Leon
      November 28, 22:22 Reply

      Sinnex it ain’t really about Konji,I was super bored, coupled with the random twist of ill fates going on around (tragedy)at the particular point in time,I really wanted to exhale,to do something different like going to see someone in a very different setting altogether to get some distractions from watz currently going on,I don’t have friends in Lagos….. and besides I I wasn’t going there with the intention of getting down and dirty….

      • larry
        December 02, 16:42 Reply

        hi,,am also frm lere,send me a msg via mail

    • Leon
      November 28, 22:24 Reply

      But u can still type them,who knows it could help me way much in the future,or I could learn a few or more from your opinion?

  2. Kenny
    November 28, 06:15 Reply

    It’s a good thing you paid attention to your instincts. Welcome to KD I guess…. Stay away from Ojo and it’s environs and do spread the word

      • Leon
        November 28, 22:28 Reply

        Thanks a lot Pink panther,I really appreciate your efforts here with that of others,I will surely spread the word..thank you ?

    • Leon
      November 28, 22:26 Reply

      Sure I will,thank you

  3. Houston Scholar
    November 28, 06:52 Reply

    PP, you are the best. This is one of the many reasons why you should be bestowed with accolades. KD saving lives since 2014 SSMPA.

  4. Kelvin
    November 28, 08:51 Reply

    That guy also chatted me when I told him am top he said his bottom that if I could come to Lagos but because of KD I have known about him already I said a straight No and since then he never chatted me again

    • Leon
      November 28, 22:35 Reply

      Canis VY Majoris thank you…
      Absolutely,I think I do I have even taken a reasonable amount of time to go through almost all the kito stories and all so far..KD is the best so far ???

  5. Quinn
    November 28, 16:56 Reply

    ? catwoman! Nice one. Glad you’re safe ?

    • Leon
      November 28, 22:30 Reply

      Quinn??? lmao,I remember being called that way back in secondary School, because of my aggressive fights towards homophobes and effeminate shamers lol… thanks hunny?

    • julian_woodhouse
      November 29, 12:40 Reply

      Heyy sexy, I miss you… and you’re always in my heart.? Sorry for the radio silence. Just thought you should know.

  6. Pit
    December 02, 17:42 Reply

    You r very lucky dear
    I av chatted with DAT guy on Instagram his name there is switjoseph
    My dear I had already embarked on a journey to see him already got to tradefair wen my instinct made me go back home dis story is so real…

  7. Dee
    December 07, 00:08 Reply

    Thank God you are safe bro….chatted with that scum until I realized he was Kito here on KD…Anyone can be a victim no matter ur exposure. Thanks Pinky for saving us from potential dangers.

  8. Kevwe
    December 19, 00:30 Reply

    How did this country even get to this place?? Organizing set up to make a living?????

  9. Victor
    December 21, 13:58 Reply

    Such a potbellied ugly and good for nothing man, what attracted you to him anyway?. I can’t manage him even for 100 million dollars.

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