Kito Alert: The Police Are On Gay Twitter

Kito Alert: The Police Are On Gay Twitter

A KDian reached out to me with the following message:

“Good morning PP.

“Please I have good reason to believe that there may be new accounts on gay twitter operated by policemen, with the aim of hooking up and luring gay people.

“I was at the police station a couple of days ago to bail a client when I heard the conversation between officers. During the proceeding, I was allowed into a part of the room where some officers were conversing. And somehow, the conversation moved to homosexuality and India’s decriminalization of gay sex. One of the officers said he thanks God homosexuality is still a crime in Nigeria, and that was when they switched to discussing a previous sting operation they’d conducted through Grindr and how some of the guys they caught paid money to be let free, and how the families of some others paid hush money.

“Then one of them pulled out his phone, and from where I was, I could see him perusing through the streets of gay twitter.

“I think there was a conversation on Nigerian twitter that had to do with homosexuality where someone weighed in with a positive comment, and the officer clicked on the person’s handle and followed him. And before long, the others were creating new accounts and following people they saw supporting LGBT threads. They were DM-ing people too. I didn’t stay long enough to know if they got any replies.

“Please, PP, warn people to be really careful with hookups, even on Twitter. Not every “gay-presenting” handle on twitter is genuine.

“By the way, this police station is at Ikeja, close to Computer Village.”


I don’t think there’s anything I can add to this.

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  1. Kaego
    September 09, 13:13 Reply


    They’re making this personal. Very personal. And some of us are getting angry. Really really angry.

    How can one’s tentacles of hatred spread so far? Even to corner that do not concern him in any way…
    We’ve scared right now. We’ve been so scared from the day we understood who we are. Should we keep on being scared all our lives?

    This is injustice! And Violence never begets justice.
    These guys are pushing, and they’re pushing me in particular to deep dark and unexplored places in my heart.

    I’m angry. I don’t know who else is angry too. But I’m seething with red hot rage, right now.

    I just hope things don’t have to become extreme.

    I met this guy on twitter not long after I joined. He kept liking all my posts and replying with things that ended with ‘hun’, or ‘sweet heart’ or ‘sexy’, and the lot of them.
    He finally sent a DM. I replied scarcely because with the words he used, I knew he really just wanted to meet. He said he was in his late 20’s. Later on, he asked for my number. I checked his profile and he had over 2k followers. He had been posting for years now as well. So, I gave him my number.
    Till now, I still have second thoughts about him. But I’m ready nonetheless. If it comes to it.

    Guys, we need to tell these mindless homophobic Nigerians who feel like power has gotten into their heads that they need to use those heads of theirs.
    They need to think twice.

  2. Patrick
    September 09, 18:15 Reply

    I thought the anti-gay bill criminalized only homosexual acts, and not the fact of being gay.

    • Wonda Buoy
      September 09, 20:20 Reply

      Trust Nigerian police to have their own definition of terms. That’s why I nearly fought with two of them when I stayed in Port Harcourt. Homosexual acts=homosexuals?. Acts was cancelled.

    • Q
      September 18, 00:44 Reply

      My thoughts exactly

  3. Kvng1862
    February 24, 14:37 Reply

    These policemen that are supposed to protect us now decided to join the hate train. I just pray kitos should hook up with policemen more often so they will know how it feels to be scammed. I really wish to see the look on the kitoer’s face when he realized the person he wanted to kito was actually a policeman, mehn the drama go hot * cross leg and looks away*

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