Lady Gaga was once asked if she had a penis, and her response was brilliant!

Lady Gaga was once asked if she had a penis, and her response was brilliant!

Lady Gaga has been applauded by LGBT+ fans after an old video of her expertly shutting down probing questions about her genitals went viral.

The clip is taken from a 60 Seconds interview that originally aired in 2011.

At the time Gaga’s genitals were, for some reason, fodder for internet rumours and gossip, prompting Anderson Cooper to ask her outright whether she had a penis.

The singer popped a diamond in her mouth (because Gaga) and replied: “Maybe I do. Would it be so terrible?” She went on to say, “Why the hell am I going to waste my time and give a press release about whether or not I have a penis? My fans don’t care and neither do I.”

After the clip resurfaced on Twitter, fans applauded the singer for her deft handling.

Throughout her career Gaga has stood up for the rights of LGBT+ people.

In March, she announced a new book project which will tell real-life stories celebrating “the quiet power of kindness”. Channel Kindness: Stories of Kindness and Community will be co-authored by Gaga and her Born This Way Foundation and will give a platform for everyday young people to explain “how they felt, created safe spaces for LGBTQ+ youth, and embraced kindness with every fibre of their being by helping others without the expectation of anything in return”.

More recently, Gaga has turned her efforts to the coronavirus pandemic, raising $35 million for the World Health Organisation with the group Global Citizen. On Saturday (April 18), she will perform as part of One World: Together at Home, a special concert which will raise money through corporate contributions to support and equip healthcare workers.

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  1. Mandy
    April 14, 08:15 Reply

    I dream of a day when closeted Nigerian celebrities will answer questions about gay rumours like this.

    Interviewer: “So about these gay rumours, what do you have to say?”

    Uti: “So what if I’m gay, so what? Maybe I am, maybe I’m not. Would that be so terrible?”

    I would stan forever.

    • Delle
      April 14, 12:51 Reply

      Denola Grey is closer to achieving this than Uti ever will

    • Ken
      April 15, 08:13 Reply

      Nigerian gay celebrities are even more homophobic that our fake pastors and religious leaders. The ones that are not homophobic are too vain, shallow and selfish to bother about the consequences of their actions to the gay community.
      Basically, in Nigeria our humanity is next to non-existent. The only person I think can ever make a statement is our sister Charly Boy

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