Lagos State House of Assembly opposes proposed DSTV transgender programme

Lagos State House of Assembly opposes proposed DSTV transgender programme

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The Lagos State House of Assembly has opposed a transgender television show titled I am Jazz, which is set to air on TLC, a channel on DSTV.

The state’s legislative arm said the television show, which is about the life of a transgender boy, was capable of promoting homosexuality in Nigeria and corrupting the youths.

In a statement on Tuesday, the Assembly called on Governor Akinwunmi Ambode to direct the Ministry of Information and every other relevant agency to enlighten the public about the behavioural implication of strange foreign practices on the youth and encourage the practice of Nigerian culture.

The Assembly also called on the Lagos State Films and Video Censor Board to ensure adequate content control of films, videos and musical lyrics in the state.

Mrs. Adefunmilayo Tejuosho, who moved the motion at the plenary on Tuesday, informed the Assembly about the transgender series, adding that it was capable of promoting sexual immorality in the society.

Tejuosho, who represents Mushin Constituency 1, noted that she was concerned about the perceived silence of the Federal Government about the “spate of uninhibited display of obscenities and uncensored programmes on the Nigerian airwaves, as evident in musical videos, films and other shows on national television especially the state television networks.”

The lawmaker further stressed that “if the planned transgender programme airs on the DSTV platform and is not statutorily checked before it goes public, it will not only corrupt the Nigerian youth but will lure them into sexual vices, contrary to the relevant sections of the Nigerian law which forbids homosexuality and sexual perversion in the society.”

She said there was a need for the government to protect the sanctity of the Nigerian airwaves through the establishment and enforcement of the Censor Boards and the National Broadcasting Commission rules to prevent contents that were offensive to underage viewers and audiences

Meanwhile, the House has called on the National Assembly to amend some sections of the Standards Organization of Nigeria Act N0 18, 1990 with a view to recommending stiffer penalties for contraventions.

Mr. Moshood Oshun moved the motion titled: “Need to ensure quality control of manufactured and imported products in Nigeria.”

Oshun, who represents Mainland Constituency 2, pointed out some sections which needed to be amended. The sections are Section 15 which relates to offences bordering on standards; Section 16, which refers to powers of the Ministers to establish standard as binding; and Section 19.

He said a large number of substandard products in the country had continued to have deadly implications on the health of Nigerians and had in some cases resulted into loss of lives and properties.

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  1. Mandy
    November 05, 05:44 Reply

    Caitlyn Jenner’s ‘I am Cait’ has been showing on E! since. I don’t see it promoting any sexual immorality in this country that isn’t already here. Sometimes these people make laws like Nigeria is this nation that’s one prayer away from making heaven.

  2. Dimkpa
    November 05, 05:54 Reply

    And there you have it as Sensei described yesterday “rabble of the brain dead, the conference of the unthinking, and the cacophony of ignoramuses.”
    Someone needs to get laid and quickly too, hopefully then she will stop fixating on sex.
    She talks about uninhibited display of obscenities being capable of luring youths into sexual vices and sanctity of airwaves as if the house of assembly is a church or religious organisation. She would rather have everyone watch the likes of TuBerculous Joshua and the rest of the jokers on TV.
    I wonder which youth she is trying not to corrupt, the ones in Nigeria or elsewhere. And who even said that knowing about or having sex is corrupt?
    These law makers need to do their job and realise that they cannot legislate on moral issues or based on religion.

  3. Duke
    November 05, 05:56 Reply

    I don’t know why this is making me really mad!

  4. Max
    November 05, 06:39 Reply

    Since when has banning a TV programme ever made the society less corrupt?
    These people seriously need to get their priorities right.

  5. Dennis Macaulay
    November 05, 07:06 Reply

    My colleague sent me a BC about signing an online petition to stop the airing of this programme. After I took her to the cleaners she apologised for disturbing me.

    The world is full of stupid people and like I told PP this morning, I pick my battles wisely these days because you argue with your people and your IQ will just drop.

  6. Teflondon
    November 05, 07:15 Reply

    Stupidity at its peak really. Someone needs to get this old people jobs, they really need to be engaged in something fruitful. In a bid to make themselves look useful to the nation and give the impression they are working. They resort to cheap antics. Shame on them.
    How does watching a transgender series increase vices? Lol this people will go to any length to look stupid.

    How about they try to caution the booty and nudes on display in music video first. But of cause they won’t, that does not have any bad effect on the youths, it’s just perfect for them. Just what they need. Double standard much?

  7. Wiffey
    November 05, 07:21 Reply

    Mbok I can’t deal… I don’t even know where to start, like since even did we all become prisoners in our own country or are we a country of under 10 only??? WTF!!!
    If you don’t like a show fucken flip the damn channel, you don’t like a channel then by all means use ur DSTV parental control function an block the channel.
    I can’t believe people were voted into office to have time to discuss such useless issues when there is humanity to be saved.

    • Pink Panther
      November 05, 07:25 Reply

      They had the time to sit down n draft the antigay bill. By this time, nothing our legislation does shocks me anymore

  8. Dickson Clement
    November 05, 07:47 Reply

    Mtchew! Even a 10 year old these days can access the Internet freely, who censors the obscenity in that ocean of unlimited possibilities. Chasing shadows, they should use other topics to prove their relevance.

  9. john
    November 05, 08:00 Reply

    They Leave what matters and get to do others business. I don’t even know what gay is since I started wishing I can be in bed with Bob Mannuel. he was my 1st crush

  10. Sinnex
    November 05, 08:03 Reply

    That’s what Star times is there for. This is just a misplaced priority. There are a lot of problems in Lagos state and Nigeria as a whole that someone is concerned about a show that airs on a station that people don’t really watch. I can’t remember the last time I watched that station sef. Now, they have made me curious and I would do anything to watch the series.

  11. Chizzie
    November 05, 08:30 Reply

    This is so ridiculous and another reason to be ashamed of this country. You would think that a state that is plagued with an alarmingly high crime rate of recent, constant traffic and terrible roads, and has become completely unliveable these days, would get its priorities right and focus on more pressing issues – but no!

    Can the average Nigerian even afford DSTV’s recent billing rate these days? I dont know how our leaders can be so oblivious

    Hopefully, Ambode isnt stupid enough to see this through. Or who am I kidding

    • Tiercel de Claron.
      November 05, 08:53 Reply

      As stupid as Ambode can be,he won’t be doing anything on this one.It’s ultra vires his powers.

  12. Tiercel de Claron.
    November 05, 08:51 Reply

    You guys should calm down.
    These are just nonentities seeking a bit of media attention,some form of relevance.They’ll latch on to any trending issue just to get noticed.
    State governments do not have the power to legislate on nor censor anything that comes on the airwaves,that’s the FG’s forte,and thus far those ones have kept quiet.Believe me,they know the implication of doing otherwise.

  13. black
    November 05, 09:18 Reply

    Really? Really? This is just a government propaganda set to censor and control the media unnecessarily. We watch other vices everyday on tv and a boy’s wish to express his sexuality his way is clearly not one of them and certainly no ones business except his. So this is what Mrs Adefunmilayo Tejuosho was elected to do right, not lobby the national assembly to improve the living condition of the mushin inhabitants but to censor programs that most of them won’t even watch? Mushin is plagued with one of the highest numbers of unemployed youths, terrible roads to even pass on foot least if all to talk about cars, filth litter the streets and when it rains the whole area gets flooded with debris of different kind getting into compounds and houses because the drainages have been blocked from years and years of zero maintenance of gutters and canals. I know this for a fact because is lived really close to mushin when I was a student in unilag. Did this woman notice all this? Did she champion the cause of solving these pressing issues to better the lives of her constituents that voted her in? NO! She sits at home all day to watch tv and gossip with friends over DSTV programs which is how she came to notice the show in the 1st place. The silliness of this baffles me.
    When this censor of the tv media that some ignorant people are going to support now, later escalates to that of china and other countries where all media forms are harshly censored and controlled don’t cry out then. Dear Felicia, get your priorities right. Don’t blow smoke up our *sses thinking we won’t notice what is important here and what you have failed to do. Okbye!

  14. Absalom
    November 05, 11:06 Reply

    When a country is underdeveloped, standard of living low, pupils sitting on mud blocks to learn and laboratories have no work going on in them, this is what you get: leaders making irrelevant laws based on dubious standards of morality – to convince themselves they are working and are somehow better than other developed countries.

    The Tejuosho woman didn’t say how her beautiful motion will solve electricity problems here. ‘Cause I’m sure it’s light we’ll need to watch the programme.


    • Max
      November 05, 12:27 Reply

      She knows we’re going to use gen, unless we dabble into another petrol scarcity crisis.

  15. Khaleesi
    November 05, 11:28 Reply

    Tufiakwa!!!!!!!! ***wailing to heaven*** why did i have the misfortune of being born in such an intellectually dead country??!! These are supposed to be lawmakers in the supposedly most advanced state in the entire country, a state thats supposed to be the cultural and economic hub of Africa’s largest economy; and the largest black nation on earth … that the citizenry cant see this tragedy for what it is, is so heartbreaking and indicates the doom and gloom that lies ahead … ****dredges up a huge gob of phlegm and spit and spits on Nigerian flag**** TUFIAKWAAA!!!!!!

  16. ronniephoenix
    November 05, 12:39 Reply

    I feel totally disgusted and irritated, just why did I have to be born in this country.


  17. tarter
    November 05, 14:21 Reply

    the bill won’t pass. there is something called parental control on dstv,for shows u don’t want ur kids to access, use the control feature..

  18. Marc Francis of Chelsea
    November 05, 15:15 Reply

    House of Assembly? All the robberies in Lagos and what these oafs are concerned about is transgender programming? Smoke and mirrors on 1000.

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