You are lying naked on your bed, watching the latest season of Elite from your phone and thinking about how their pathetic love and sex lives looked just like your own. You disliked Ivan, because you had come across plenty guys like him, those who purposefully lead you on but constantly remind you that they are straight. Sick people!

Just then, your phone vibrates, signaling a message. You optimize your movie and go over to WhatsApp to see who it is from.

It is from him.

Tife – the guy who you’re unable to resist; the guy who is your bane.

Yet another Ivan.

The message reads: ‘I am alone. Can you come over now?’

You sigh heavily, knowing it is a booty call. The weather looks like it is going to rain heavily, evident on how dark and cloudy the skies have become and the initial rumblings of thunder. Against your better judgment, you take a bath, throw on some casual clothing and head out to his place.

You get there, stand before his front door, an uneasy feeling forming inside you. Your whole being is screaming for you to turn back.

But you don’t listen. Ashawo dey your eye, yes – but also, because it is him; Tife, the one you cannot say No to.

You know you are going to regret coming there. You always do. But like the fool you are, you knock.

You only had to knock once before the door flies open, and he is roughly pulling you in. Straight to the bed, he pushes you. And then, he comes upon you, claiming your lips like he needs them to survive.

You loved kissing, but he is a terrible kisser. And you have not had the mind to tell him this, to let him know you can teach him to kiss better. You simply endure his bad kisses, always silently praying for him to be done with it already.

Today, fortunately for you, he doesn’t dwell too much on your lips.

He moves away from them as fast as he claimed them, and slides his lips down to your neck.

No, no, no! you scream inwardly.

Your neck isn’t one of your erogenous spots. Kisses on your neck never turn you on.

Fucking men to always think they know what you want, you think.

Having had enough of his awful foreplay, you decide to switch positions. He is now on his back the bed with you on top, delivering the ministrations. You want to top him; bottoming has never been pleasurable for you. You have often wondered about the joys of bottoming that your “home girls” always talked about, because every time you bottomed, it was either too tedious or painful.

But with Tife, it could be no other way. He flips you back around. You don’t fight him for dominance. You let him win, so his fragile ego won’t be wounded by you topping him.

A fool you were, bedding someone with such fragile masculinity.

But what can you do? The fool you must remain, for this someone, you love. A love that is unrequited. A love that he does not feel for you. To him, you are merely a means to sexual release. His internal demons won’t let him be free to allow anything romantic grow between you two.

You feel something cold rubbing up against your hole. Something creamy. You look him with realization. He is about to use his body cream to fuck you!

“Don’t you have actual lubricant?” you ask, slightly perplexed.

“No,” he says, and then promises to be gentle.

This is the third good reason you need to pick up your clothes and walk away. The few times you’ve taken in dick with body cream as lubricant have been the worst of the worst for you.

But remember you’re a fool. And so, you do nothing but lie there and feel him rub the cream over your hole.

It has started to rain heavily at this time. You lie back on the bed and he proceeds to place a pillow below you, to ready you for his devouring.

Spreading your legs apart, he smiles. His dick is throbbing and you can see it leaking cum. You love the sight of it, even though you know you are not built to take in a dick that size. There is a saying that “big dicks are best only admired and not allowed anywhere near an asshole”, and it is true for you. There are tales of big dicks past that have done damage to you; damage that has so far been repairable.

As he positions his dick to penetrate you, you see that it is unsheathed.

“Where’s your condom?” you ask, wide-eyed with unease.

You have never been fucked without a condom.

“I have ran out of CD,” he says, his face down.

“Then, this is not happening,” you declare.

You push away from him and get up from the bed, trying to locate your underwear.

That’s my girl! I’m proud of you. Pick up yourself and sashay out of there!

But the bastard reaches out and grabs you.

“I’m clean, Peter,” he pleads. “I can show you my STI test results from last month. I haven’t had sex since then and I am also on PrEP”

And so? Oti ya werey ni! Shebi hepatitis and gonorrhea care about your PrEP? If you don’t gedifok!

He touches you, caressing your neck with his fingers, smiling roguishly at you.

“Baby, please…” he says.

You are a fool, remember?

You are weak and you are in love with him.

You are unable to resist him, especially when he is using his cute-puppy-face to beg. You’d do anyting for him whenever he pulls on this charm. You give in.

Shame! Ah! Tori olorohun, you are stupid, dear!

You let him pull you gently back into the bed. This time, he turns you so you’re on all fours.

A doggy!

Rest in peace, dear.

Just then, you feel a very sharp pain behind you. The bastard doesn’t even warn you. The pain bolts up from your anus to your head, drawing tears from your eyes.

Your inner self is judging you, mocking you: I am here for your tears, child. Serve them hot. I will be here too to direct you to queer clinics that treat STIs and give ARV drugs when gbese is sup. You’re welcome.

You squeeze the sheets tight as he pounds you like a yam. The way those Yoruba women do without emotion.

A deafening thunder strikes then, one that was preceded by a lightning bolt that illuminated the room. You just know these are the gods that are obviously angry with you for being a fool.

You are writhing in pain from his thrusts. You remember Sansa Stark and how she was assaulted by Ramsay Bolton on their wedding night. You feel just like she did. You feel violated.

But the heavens haven’t forsaken you yet.

He is a two-minute man, and is soon grunting like a goat as he cums inside you. You both drop into the bed, he seemingly exhausted and panting like a dog, and you wincing from the pain of your asshole muscles clenching and unclenching from the violation they’ve just suffered.

And then, he turns to you and says the words that remind you of how much of a fool you are:

“Peter, hope you know this doesn’t make me gay.”

Written by RichieMichie

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  1. Wizdiamond
    April 24, 12:05 Reply

    😂😂😂, this reminds me of myself as well

  2. Abk
    April 24, 12:46 Reply

    First time reading from this blog, such a nice read.
    Anyone interested in friendship.

  3. Good conscience
    April 24, 12:48 Reply

    To ye ki Peter ti flip werey over ti do pa, ki owun na cum inside, then tell him ‘sure baby, you can’t be gay’.

    Biko “Peters of world” apply sense, any feeling mixed with a sense of regret (present or future) is not love.

  4. Loki
    April 24, 14:04 Reply

    Hmmm, i can honestly relate to this cause i have been in this situation before. Eventually i had to pack my bags cause common sense had to take control over my feelings. Funny enough it was when i told him it was over that he said he is “gay for me”😂.
    To others he is straight bt between us he is gay. I couldn’t endure o. Once taken d journey has to b completed and i told him i still couldn’t do it. Days later another friend told me he was claiming to b straight and i thanked the rainbow gods and Odins blackarse dat i left when i did.
    Leaving can be hard bt eventually we might discover that we needed it

    • Pink Panther
      April 24, 15:26 Reply

      So true. It is so hard to leave toxic relationships like this, but once you get to that point, best to run run RUN without pausing, not even if they act like they’re giving you what you want. All they just want to do is sucker you back into that toxicity.

  5. Ebuka
    April 24, 17:35 Reply

    Words cannot express what those last words will do to your self-esteem. It struck at your most vulnerable

  6. Mikkiyfab
    April 24, 19:55 Reply

    “Your inner self is judging you, mocking you: I am here for your tears, child. Serve them hot. I will be here too to direct you to queer clinics that treat STIs and give ARV drugs when gbese is sup. You’re welcome.”

    This particular part, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.
    Beautiful story…

  7. Jen
    April 24, 21:28 Reply

    This Peter character must be in a really dark place. Tife would obviously never love him and doesn’t care about him, nor does he respect him. Zero sexual pleasure. But he keeps coming back. For what???

  8. Pie
    April 24, 21:37 Reply

    Was happy I had one more story I hadn’t read. But then my eyes jammed the fiction tag. Quickly looked away, reassuring myself it wasn’t “fiction” I saw (I know what I saw). So I continued to read, this time staring so hard at my screen. I continued to stare harder, skipping words till I began to skim. What a struggle it was, couldn’t read past the first few paragraphs. I don’t read- can’t read fiction.

  9. Delle
    April 26, 09:16 Reply

    Lol this was quite the read. Such a dreadful position to be in.

    I hope you do not go back. You really should not.

  10. Newbie
    May 21, 14:40 Reply

    Lol…the story makes gay look attractive 😂😂😂

  11. TK
    September 26, 13:14 Reply

    Omooo. Lool I am just reading this and it is funny as hell. I used to sleep with someone that would often threaten me with a gun after we slept together that he would kill me if I told any one about him. The funny thing about it was that I kept on going back because damn he could FUCK well. I even hooked him up with a friend of mine and he ended up baiting us with a threesome. Just last week, this guy told he he was going to kill me, sent a video of him with a gun shooting a dog and told me my end was near, all because someone has guessed his sexuality. I immediately blocked him everywhere

    • Pink Panther
      September 26, 13:47 Reply

      🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Oh, so you finally knew how to run for your life.

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