“You know you overreacted, right?” Dotun said.

“In hindsight, yes, I know that,” I replied, standing by the lone window in his office and looking out into the street. It was 4:30pm on Monday, and the afternoon light was slanting westward, casting the beginnings of the evening shadows in corners of the room.

“And when did you come into this hindsight?” He was teasing, and the remark drew a rueful smile from me. I’d just finished narrating the story of my fight yesterday with Bryson to him. I’d needed somebody to talk to, and he’d been a willing ear.

“I had most of yesterday, after I got home, to stew over our fight. Then I got sidetracked with family stuff and didn’t have time to dwell much on it. Then I went to bed, and by the time I woke up this morning, I found myself missing him.” I turned to face Dotun. “I believe I’m falling in love with him, and it scares me.”

“Why? Because of some flirty messages you saw a few guys send to him?”

“It’s not about the messages. It’s about the fact that he seemed to enjoy them.”

“But you said he didn’t respond in kind to them…”

“Yes,” I said. “He also didn’t let on that he was unavailable, that he has a boyfriend.”

“Oh,” said Dotun, his mouth mooning in an ‘O’ of comprehension.

“Exactly!” I said, walking away from the window and toward him. “That is what pissed me off, the fact that I wasn’t even acknowledged. At no point in those chats did I see anything from him that read, ‘Hey, you shouldn’t be flirting with me like this, because I have a boyfriend.’ Instead, all his responses were LOLs and Smileys.” My lip curled, and my hands cut through the air in a disparaging wave. “It was as though he was trying to maintain the impression that he was good for all that flirtation.”

“Surely that can mean anything –”

“I don’t know how it works in the man-woman dating world, but in the gaybourhood, when the guy you’re dating is not letting on to the thirsty hoes coming after him that he can’t be had, then it means he’s hoping to one day be had. And I’m saying this, knowing that there are those who are upfront about their relationships and still want to fuck around.”

I blew out an exasperated breath, and dropped into the seat beside Dotun.

He chuckled and said, “That isn’t very different from the man-woman dating world, you know.”

“You’d know better than me.”

“This is your very first relationship, you say.”


“And it’s Bryson’s first too, not so?”

“He’s dated a woman before,” I said sourly, thinking about Asri and wondering if I wasn’t better off letting her have at her ex.

“That doesn’t count. This is his first gay relationship, right?”

“What’s your point?”

“That the two of you are basically going to make a lot of mistakes for first timers, if this is right for you. Then again, it could not be, in which case the earlier you get out of it, the better. Because Bryson would be a fool not to know that you’re very good for him…for any man.”

An awkward lull descended over us, that tenseness that underscored the uncertainty between two dancers partnering for the first time, both of them unfamiliar with the other person’s rhythm. Dotun’s gaze was suddenly sharpened on my face, and I felt my breath catch moments before the inevitable happened.

He reached out his hands and pulled me to him. He gave me the opportunity to object, and I didn’t. Perhaps I wasn’t thinking straight. Perhaps I was feeling too vulnerable to resist. Perhaps a part of me wanted this boost, the validation that came from being desired. Perhaps it was all three scenarios that overcame my reasoning, so that when Dotun brought his mouth down on mine, I kissed him back. It was an ardent kiss, but I had the feeling that he was testing me with it, trying to ascertain if the sexual feelings we’d shared in the past still existed.

The kiss lasted all of a minute, before there was a shift in my senses, and I found myself pulling back hard from him.

“I’m sorry, Declan…” he blurted out immediately.

The momentum of my retreat from him nearly had me toppling out of my seat. I got to my feet and began readjusting my clothes, which had barely been ruffled. My eyes refused to meet his as I mumbled, “I can’t believe…God, I can’t believe we did that…”

“It’s no big deal.”

I shot him a swift, peeved look that told him how big a deal I thought it was.

“What I mean,” he quickly corrected himself, “is…” He drifted off when he realized he had no idea what he meant.

Frowning, I said, “You realize that this is exactly what I was venting about concerning Bryson…the fact that I resent how he might have cheated on me…”

“Yes, yes, I know, Declan. And I’m sorry I put you in this position.”

My fire cooled a bit and I said ruefully, “It’s not all your fault. I’m complicit in what just happened too. Let’s just try and act like it never happened.”

“Absolutely.” He began smiling at me.

I smiled back.

He glanced at his watch. “It’s almost five…”

I groaned with relief. “Oh thank God. I can’t wait to get out of this place.” I was already making my way to the door. “Today has really being a long day.”

“In case I don’t see you before we leave the office, have a good night,” Dotun called.

“You too, Dotun.”

The next few minutes were characterized by the bustle of wearied colleagues eager to call it a day. I was among the first set of people to crowd into the elevator and get whisked down to the lobby.

The man I saw at the reception desk, chatting idly with the security woman manning the desk, made me pause and wonder just what the witches in my village were playing at.

Intuitively, as though he could feel my stare on him as physically as a touch, he glanced around and saw me approaching.

“Hey,” he said, his mouth curving into a smile.

“Hey back.” I smiled in return.

“How was your day?” Kizito fell in step beside me as we made for the glass doors of the lobby.

“Pretty much the way you’d expect Monday to be,” I answered. “And yours?”

“Take whatever day you had, multiply it by three, and you’d come close to an idea of how my day was.”

I laughed. “That bad, huh?”


“Well, I’m sure it’s nothing a bath and dinner won’t cure.”

“A massage somewhere in there should go a long way too,” he said, wagging his brows suggestively at me.

I swatted lightly at his arm, laughing and feeling my mind come instantly alive with the images of Kizito’s body unclad, with my hands running over it, pressing against the sinews, digging into the tendons. I quickly skirted a couple of steps away from him. This guy was just not good for my well-being.

“Why are you running away from me?” He’d noticed.

“I’m not –”

“Come on, Declan –”

“Please, Kizito, don’t…”

“I haven’t even done anything.” He said that with a slow grin, the kind that revealed how aware he was of the effect he was having on me.

“Oh good then, let it remain like that,” I said, chuckling and turning away from him.

Then I gave a start, and the mirth evaporated from my countenance.

“Hey, what’s the ma –” Kizito began, as he followed my gaze, and stiffened.

Bryson had just stepped out from the car he parked some yards away from us, and was now walking toward us with that loping stride that made his catwalk run such a sensual experience. A smile hung on his lips.

“Hey, Dee!” he hollered as he drew closer.

I didn’t reply, but maintained a neutral expression on my face.

“That’s the boyfriend, right?” I heard Kizito say in a low tone beside me.

I nodded.

“You don’t seem too happy to see him.”

“It’s nothing,” I said woodenly.

“Are you okay? Do you need me to stop him from bothering you?”

“No,” I hastened to say, turning an urging look to him. “No, please. Don’t get involved.”

His lips tightened at my rebuff, but he didn’t get a chance to respond, because just then, Bryson stopped before us.

“Hey, man, what’s up?” Bryson said breezily, stretching out a hand to Kizito.

For a moment, I thought Kizito would snub the gesture. He stared with frank dislike at Bryson for a microsecond, before taking his hand. The handshake was brief, and then Kizito was retrieving his hand and saying ‘Good night’ to me, before walking away.

“What’s his problem?” Bryson said.

“What do you want?” I cut in stonily.

He rested an earnest look on me. “Come on, Dee. You can’t still be mad at me. I should be the one who’s upset. You were the one who crossed the line of my privacy, remember?”

“I’m sorry about that. There. An apology. Is that why you came? Are we finished now?”

“No, that isn’t why I’m here,” he intoned. “And no, we’re not finished. I need to talk to you.” When I hedged, he added, “Please.”

“Very well, follow me.”

I turned around and started back for the building. We walked into the lobby, past the traffic of proletarians heading toward the exit, and took an elevator ride back to my floor. There were still a few people present there, but no one spared us a second glance as I led Bryson to the conference room, the one place I knew we’d not be disturbed at this time. I clicked the door shut, and we took our seats, facing each other.

“Look, first of all,” he began, “I’d like to assure you that I’ve never cheated on you, Dee. Never. I’m not that kind of guy.”

“But you have, in a way…”

“How?” he asked uncomprehendingly.

“When you don’t acknowledge me to your admirers, those who are so brazenly chasing after you, when you condone a flirtationship with them, you’re cheating on me, don’t you see?” My voice cracked then, and my iciness thawed as I stated miserably at him. “I care about you, Bryson –”

“I care about you too –”

“No, please, let me finish. I care about you a lot, to the point that I might be falling in love with you. I’ve had issues with my friends because of this relationship, and how I’m willing to stick up for it. How then do you think it makes me feel when I find out you’re not that devoted to me either?”

“I am!” He moved forward on his seat, reaching out and taking my hands in his. “I am devoted to you. I’ve had these guys throw themselves at me, but I haven’t given in, and I don’t intend to. Because they don’t matter to me like you do. This is all new territory to me, believe me, me feeling the things I feel for a guy. But it’s fine for me. You’re fine for me. You have to understand that.”

My eyes had turned misty as he spoke, and I felt my heart tighten with a swell of emotions. “Kiss me,” I husked.


“Kiss me already, you clueless, beautiful man.”

“Are you sure?” He threw a quick glance around the room and at the door.

“Just kiss me.”

Without further prompting, he took me in his arms. His mouth met mine, and we strained against each other. Eager. Hungry. The kiss was moist and hot. I clasped my hands around his neck and slid out of my chair onto his laps, grinding my bottom down on his straining groin.

“God, Dee, stop…” he groaned against my mouth.

I chuckled, and we kissed some more.

“Let’s go back to my place.”

“I can’t. I don’t have a change of clothes with me.”

“Fuck that! You can wear my clothes to work tomorrow.”

I laughed softly, allowing myself to be persuaded, as we got to our feet.

Then a synapse fired in my brain, and I paused, my brows crocheting as I queried, “Wait, you said ‘First of all’…”


“When you started talking to me, you said ‘First of all’. Was there anything else?”

Bryson opened his mouth, as though to reply in the negative, then seemed to think better of it and shut his mouth. His eyes slid away from my stare.

Instantly feeling a niggling of dread, I let go of his hand and took a step back. “There is something else, isn’t there?”

“Can we talk about it later?”

“I want to talk about it now.”

“Dee, that won’t be a good idea.”

“I want to talk about it now,” I reiterated, the ice creeping back in.

He released a sigh, before saying, “It’s about Rome.”

I blinked. For a second, I didn’t know what he was talking about. Then a tumbler dropped in my mind, and I said, “Romesh? What about him?”

“He asked me out yesterday.”

My heart lurched. “And?”

Bryson became earnest again. “There are so many things he means to do for me, for my career. That guy has the connections to get me to go places, and he wants to help. He also really likes me, and will only do what he can if we’re dating…” He paused a beat before adding, “Exclusively.”

I stared at him in disbelief. Was he trying to play some kind of joke on me? I searched his face, a slow sensation of sick realization creeping like death along my veins. This was no joke.

“So everything you said earlier…” I rasped. “About caring for me… About being devoted to me…” He opened his mouth to say something, but I halted that with a lift of my hand. “I can only presume that the fact that you’re explaining Romesh’s proposition to me means you said yes to him, and you’re breaking up with me.” My extremities started to go cold as I said the words.

“No!” he blurted out. “I’m not…I don’t want to break up with you…”

“But you said yes to Romesh.”

“Yes, but –”

“You agreed to his terms of exclusive dating.”

“Yes, but see –”

“But you don’t want to break up with me.”

“No, I don’t.”

The sick realization was creeping faster through my veins. “So you want to cheat on him with me. You want to turn me from your current boyfriend to your side chick. You actually explained all that to me earlier, because you want my approval for that to happen.” A caustic laugh burst from my lips and I shook my head. Declan Odum, see your life?

“Look, Dee –”

“Don’t. Don’t ever call me that again.”

“Declan –”

“We’re through, Bryson. You may carry on with Romesh. I don’t begrudge you the choices you’re making. But you and me – we’re done.”

“Don’t do this, Declan.”

I was already on my way to the door. I turned the lock and pulled the door open. “We should leave,” I said flatly. “We’re not supposed to be here past closing time.”

Wordlessly, he walked past me out of the room. I followed. We got to the elevator and rode it down to the lobby. We walked past the security and out into the evening. He started for his car and I made my way toward the gate. He stopped and turned to me.

His voice was toneless as he said, “Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, Bryson,” I said, feeling the words come out like shards of glass. “I’m sure. Goodbye.” I took in a deep breath and moved to the main road, where I proceeded to flag down a taxi. The vehicle pulled up beside me, and the driver poked his head out at me.

“Oga, where you wan go?”


We quickly settled on a fare, and I got in. During the long drive, I sat numbly, not saying a word. My mind kept flashing from one image to the next, a kaleidoscope of sight and sound and smell.

It was almost an hour later before the cab driver was pulling up before the address I gave him. As I stepped out of the car, I hoped he would be around. The lights that blazed through the windows strengthened my expectancy.

I knocked three times on the door.

“Who is it?” the familiar voice called out several seconds later.

I knocked again.

“Look, Funmi, I have told you, I don’t want –” Adebola was saying as he jerked open the door. He stopped short when he saw me on his threshold.

For a long moment, u stared at him. And he stared back. Then the control I’d maintained over my emotions in the past hour slipped. My eyes moistened and my lips began to tremble.

“Oh Dee…” Adebola sighed. “You poor dear…”

He opened his arms, and I stepped into his embrace before my grief overtook me.

Written by Pink Panther

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      April 20, 05:33 Reply

      Bryson didn break Dee’s heart. Bryson was truthful to Dee and was just confused, he truely loved Dee. Many of us when faced with such decision might actually not tell Dee but carry on with Rome without Dee knowing abt it. Rome got the connections, Bryson needed to explode in his career. Bryson loved Dee without any reason but he had Romesh number in the first place bcos he needed to gain something from him, u see? And when he does get Rome’d become a past tense, but Dee still remains

      • Mitch
        April 20, 06:09 Reply

        Are you friggin’ kidding me with that view of yours? Whatever happened to sacrifices made for love? Abeg, Bryson has a very shallow character. Imagine playing the business card in a relationship! Nonsense and Ingredients

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  5. Dennis Macaulay
    April 20, 05:31 Reply

    Hmmmmm! Having a guy who encourages flirtation and doesnt acknowledge you! I have been there before. And the end of the day, never chase a bus thats not waiting for you cos you will always keep running after them.

    If I were Declan, I would find a way to outscrew Romesh! Everybody has an achiles heel, find his and use it.

    This episode was amazing PP

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      April 20, 06:12 Reply

      Fighting Romesh would be a futile effort. Dee should take the high road on this one. Besides, bitches like Romesh have a way of coming out of scandalous situations unhurt. Derenle, anyone?

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      Hehehehehee!!! *glancing in Dotun’s direction and sipping tea* You were saying, Deola? 🙂

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      Yesso, Kizito is d end game here…..Dee is just wasting his time missing frogs. #teamDezito abi #teamDeclito……ahhhh their names hard to rhyme sha oooo

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    What the!
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    If this was going to be adapted into a movie/series, I’d audition and be cast as Declan! I swear I have ALL the requisites sometimes I think I’m Pinkpanther.

    Now, could you find a new word for ‘gaybourhood’?

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    • Mandy
      April 20, 07:02 Reply

      McGray, I believe Declan is a bit more complicated than you simply labeling him as a whore. Calm down abeg. He’s a human being with flaws, but he hasn’t exactly jumped into bed with every Tom, Dick and Harry… (a characteristic, I believe, defines who a whore is).

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 20, 07:04 Reply

        Lol. First Teflondon goes he’s a slut. now McGray goes he’s a whore. Some niggas got no chill o. Makes me wonder if there’s something Declan is doing that’s ping-ponging off real life experiences. 🙂

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    Adebola hopes too have been double dashed. Hmm.

    – #TeamKizito

    (Where’s Jarch the psychic?) :s

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      You better not hurt our Declan, else I’m coming for you, Vaseline and all!!!

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    • pinkpanthertb
      April 20, 07:31 Reply

      You’re saying Declan doesn’t have a right to feel terrible becos of the way his relationship ended?

    • Mercury
      April 20, 08:04 Reply

      Jealous lover my sweet ass, nah una type I like…….I like breaking people like you, and boy am I good at it.

      • Mercury
        April 20, 09:23 Reply

        My dear, I love my dark side and I embrace it.

      • Max
        April 20, 09:23 Reply

        Youre welcome to try @Mercury.

      • McGray
        April 20, 09:44 Reply

        Mercury nah, none can break me. I’d be on my merry ways b4 u even think abt it. And once u do sumfin i hate, all that chemistry wil suddenly turn to hatred and regrets. Pinky, he has d right to feel so, but he shld knw he, himself, is guilty. Ighotago?

    • Gad
      April 20, 09:44 Reply

      What do you use to measure your bf laughter to know when he laughs with another guy more than he laughs with you? Laughtometer? I don’t know why people like creating avenues to cause themselves pain. Well, everyone with his choice.

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        April 20, 09:47 Reply

        Lol, Gad. I said dat for u to get d kinda jealous lover i am. Iwotago?

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    April 20, 07:24 Reply

    Well I cant blame Bryson. All those years of singing “My helper ooo my helper” in church has finally paid out and now Declan wants to send his angel away all because of love, Tufia!!. Like my mother always says “Nwam love a gbafuola oooo!!! There is no more love” Declan should go and rest biko, him own ashawo dey too much for him body

    • yours_truly
      April 20, 07:38 Reply

      I wouldn’t really blame Declan much because i think if you really love a person you should do anything to keep him that is something Bryson doesn’t understand obviously.
      Oh and Adebola my favourite character..its good to see them become close again (i.e Declan and Adebola).
      By the way this episode is the best so far, if it where movie series the ratings would have gone up to an astronomical height.
      Hello Pinky

  15. McGray
    April 20, 07:26 Reply

    Pinky wats happening? Wen i try to reply a comment it brings out in full as though m commenting in full

    • McGray
      April 20, 07:30 Reply

      By the way Pinky, m still waiting for the Traditional Marriage list so i can start immediately. *side eyeing someone*

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 20, 07:32 Reply

      Dunno. Your network? Your phone? You know I’m not the Alpha n Omega, right? Lol

      • McGray
        April 20, 09:49 Reply

        Pinky wat abt d list?? Dnt pretend u didn see it bcos i knw say u get 3D eyes. Lol

      • McGray
        April 20, 10:14 Reply

        Pinky, obi bu m soso pinky pinky n’ihina na i suru asusu Igbo, amaghikwa m na i bu onye Igbo.

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        April 20, 10:39 Reply

        Pinky i look forward to meeting u someday.

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        Did I say Eros?? Oops

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        April 20, 08:10 Reply

        Heu!!!!!!, akwuna Oku!!!!, a threesome with all d sons of Kronus. Chai!!!!

      • Eros
        April 20, 08:21 Reply

        What can I say Mecury, I am the God(dess) of love and sexual desire afterall. I do have a reputation to keep you know. Now run along and do you messenger duties.

  17. Mercury
    April 20, 07:37 Reply

    You see, didn’t I say it? that Bryson guy was bad news……#teamkizito. Poor Declan. I wish I had his life, yes all those hot men fawning after me, and me being me #evil, I would have had it all. Models ain’t loyal at all….case study: D.M and A.Y.

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    3 guys, in one night…hmmmm…where have I been hiding?

    This is nice as usual.

    I am sure we all knew this was going to happen. What Declan had with Bryson was too good to be true. Although I wouldn’t mind doing it with a straight guy, but I would be a fool to fall in love with him. When Bryson said ‘you know I am new in this’, I could just relate with it. That’s the stupid excuse they always give. As if you are forcing them to do something. It’s not as if they don’t enjoy it oooo. Even if you are new in something, it doesn’t give you the right to fuckup. Na dem go dey do am pass.

    Nonsense and ingredients….mtchewwwww

    *calls Teflondon while listening to Yemi Alade’s Jonny* Can you see what I am seeing?

  19. KryxxX
    April 20, 07:58 Reply


    *seething nd boiling over with anger* Can somborri pls hold me! Hold me oh! Chestnut! Dennis! Gad! Colossus! Max!!!!!!!!!! Hold me b4 I kill somborri this fine morning! *ties gele around d waist*!

    What rubbish! From chic to side chic?
    E speakilekwe!
    Confusing ga a dimakwa!

    The kind of thunder that would fire brimstone abi is Bryson is doing press up nd bench press! Had to leave my hibernation due to d impunity of that idiot! And Dee, e bu nnoo ezigbote uchu na akwuna gbara agba!

    • Mercury
      April 20, 08:12 Reply

      KryxxX baby, youre back!!!!!, I particularly missed you.

      • Mercury
        April 20, 10:59 Reply

        Bia, Collins take ya time oooo, how dare u try to outmiss me.

      • Gad
        April 20, 10:20 Reply

        Welcome back, Kryxxx. You are yet to explain your AWOL

    • Mitch
      April 20, 10:26 Reply

      Onye ara ibem, i lotago? Nne, nnoo oh!

  20. Mirage
    April 20, 08:33 Reply

    This time is different and I feel like just a victim when you walked out of my life, now am in this condition and have got all the symptoms of a girl with a broken heart but no matter what you never gonna see me cry*in rihanna’s voice*that’s the sound track for today’s episode,nice one PP!

  21. Absalom
    April 20, 09:00 Reply

    Declan is being silly!

    He doesn’t even have a car or an apartment of his own, because he does a shitty job where he spends half his days getting kissed and groped in elevators. WTF. And now here’s an opportunity for his boyfriend to blow and rake in more CAAAAAAAAAAASH and he’s being dramatic?

    I’m sorry, but if na me Bryson and I will sign contract. Dating that bitch Romesh would have to come with benefits: a car, a fully furnished flat in Lekki, freedom to have a threesome with Kizito and Dotun once a month, all-expenses paid invitation to all of Bryson’s events, including the ones abroad. Etc.

    *bites manicured nail*

    • Brian Collins
      April 20, 09:22 Reply

      And so i fell in love with Absalom all over again. Well, except the part about the threesome.

    • D-boy
      April 20, 09:27 Reply

      serioussssssssslllllly???? how are we sure romesh is going to live up to the end of his bargain? hes probably going to use and dump bryson, just to stick it at declan’s face. you know how petty bitches be!

    • Khaleesi
      April 20, 09:30 Reply

      heiiii, Absalom!!! you utterly hedonistic materialistic hoe …you’re booked on a dreamliner to hell for this, you know? lool

      • McGray
        April 20, 09:54 Reply

        Absie dear, u deserve a nice kiss from Max and Teflondon. Lol

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 20, 09:55 Reply

      Hahahahahahahaa!!! Absie, you go, boy! I’m believing in your ministry!

      • McGray
        April 20, 10:17 Reply

        Pinky! Pinky!! Pinky!!! Kontinu

  22. Khaleesi
    April 20, 09:11 Reply

    nice piece Pinky!!! When a man is forced to choose between love and his ambition, especially in a harsh, rough place as this is …

  23. Brian Collins
    April 20, 09:17 Reply

    You can bite me o but all of you should spare me with the ‘how dare Bryson?’ shit. It was ok that Jamal let Michael go cos of his career abi? But Bryson cant do same? And Jamal is in a country where you can be openly gay and even get married eventually. Like someone said, it was ok that Bryson was truthful. How many gay men can that be said about? It was up to Declan to decide if he wanted to be the side chick or not and he chose not (same with me). Bryson should be given some credit.
    This episode is relatable to an extent. I also told my first bf not to call me his pet name i thought was really cute when i was going to tell him to ‘stick it to the moon’.
    Someone kissed me when i was telling him about me relationship woes. I totally cried after the breakup. Well, i was really young at the time.
    Pinky, when is LASITC becoming a M-net tv series? You may want to talk to Uti about it.

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 20, 09:57 Reply

      Can you get his people for my people to speak to? @Brian 🙂

  24. trystham
    April 20, 10:50 Reply

    *jumps up and down excitedly* Pinky used my lines….Biko, how I go fit do d dedications now? Its so much easier on.nairaland.

    TeamKizito and TeamBryson shu gaan siddon jare. They are all d same. Wanna enter ur pants and leave. Even TeamExperimentingDotun sef. Biko, what other EXPERIENCED and longstanding gay community members are in this story jare? All these convertees av spoil my mood

    And of ALL ppl to go and cry to? Adebola??? The bitch will be soooo smug. I even thot he was gonna stab him for making sure all those evil prophecies came to pass

  25. Diablo
    April 20, 11:49 Reply

    Declan is dramatic…annoyingly so. One of the requirements of a relationship is that both patners have to be willing to compromise from time to time, all for the betterment of the relationship in the long run. You’ll think that Nigerian gay guys would know a thing or two abt compromise, especially seeing as majority of us have to conform to pressures of society, one way or the other- but no! not Declan. Relationships aren’t a bed of roses. Declan probably watched too much Disney movies while growing up. Sister needs to take a chill pill and calm her tits down.

    If Declan claims to really love Bryson then he’ll see how pseudo- dating Rome is good for his carrier. On the other hand, sometimes being honest isnt the ideal thing to do, as some folks ( as Declan clearly illustrated) cannot handle the truth.

    • Deola
      April 20, 12:10 Reply

      So let me get this straight, Declan should have stayed in the relationship and become the third wheel,yeah??? Because that’s what’ll happen, Rome will make sure he sucks out every time out of Bryson, Bryson would have no time at all for Declan. Whatever time Declan and Bryson do spend together will depend on Rome. So thats what he should stick around for abi??

      Some of y’all can like to reach. PS i think Declan is annoying most of the time, always have, right from the first episode of this series, but in this particular matter abeg cut the niqqa some slack, Kilode? Haba.

      There is compromise and then there is settling, Declan isnt perfect, not by a long stretch, but he deserves more than what Bryson is offering.

    • Mitch
      April 20, 12:52 Reply

      Diablo Diablo! So your smart opinion is for Declan to sacrifice or in your words, compromise by letting Rome have his way with Bryson, right? Whatever happened to losing the friends he’s had for years? If anyone was to compromise, it should be Bryson. For F’ing out loud, Bryson hasn’t done nothing for the relationship so if anyone should be feelimg betrayed, it should be Declan.

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 20, 13:28 Reply

        ‘Diablo Diablo’… Lmao! What are you, going Wyclef on us, eh Mitch?

    • Chris
      April 21, 00:21 Reply

      When you honestly love , it is hard to share; if it is gonna be shared , all parties involved must be aware and the relationship situation among them must be transparent.
      In the case of Declan, i saw this coming, he is desperately into Bryson, (tsk tsk, not a good thing at all).

      This is how a lot of dudes love life will be messed up in real life and they subsequently become emotional wreck., espcially in same sex relationship, especially in gay unfriendly clime.

  26. Dennis Macaulay
    April 20, 14:18 Reply

    I dont judge any of them, they both did what is best for each of them. Bryson needs a breakthrough in his career and romesh offered that so he took it.

    PP sorry declan needs a man to be his own, no sharing! So he dumped Bryson.

    I think issue solved

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 20, 14:24 Reply

      Dennis! Dennis! Keep up with that slip of tongue, you hear? Soon the tongue will slip into where it won’t come out from!

  27. Slim Emmanuel.
    April 20, 15:00 Reply

    lawd! I’ve missed this. Very Emotional episode I must say. i don’t know what to say concerning Declan and Bryson. A part of me wants Declan to be more understanding and supportive of his BF’s career but on the other hand I know it’s not easy, emotionally .

    He should give Kizito a chance now though… the chemistry between them is just ugh..

  28. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    April 20, 16:03 Reply

    *sigh* I was on d edge of my bed while reading this. Over make sense dey worry this episode.

    Though I am with #TeamKizito… I totally understand and support bryson’s decision… sometimes love is just not enough… as a young man, your career is EVERYTHING.

    Awesome episode Pinky. Bia chop kizz :*

  29. Stark
    April 20, 16:26 Reply

    Hmmm!! Just starting to read “Love and sex in the city” I find them captivating, some times, some feels untrue, but either ways am enjoying them. Kudos Pink Panther

  30. Lothario
    April 20, 17:46 Reply

    No one is pointing out the obvious. Modelling is a very short-lived career, and from all indications, Bryson hasn’t got much else going for him, how is it even possible to leave this opportunity thrown his way?

    And gay men are side-blokes, side-dudes or side-niggas, never side-chicks…..unless you’re a tranny, of course.

    Lovely piece PP, I really liked that he ran straight to his friend. At the end of the day, our gay families are all we have.

    • Gad
      April 20, 18:16 Reply

      That’s for you. Me I have my family at all times. I will always trust them with my fears and worries knowing they will always be there for me unlike the so called gay family who will (mostly) use the secret you divulged to them about you to get even with you when things fall apart. They won’t hesitate to blackmail or even plot your death to get money from you. I know there are exceptions but the percentage of back stabers are quite high. Just imagine how a good number of commenters are supporting Bryson for sacrificing his relationship on the alter of materialism/career. That’s a glimpse of how we are and how extolling our values are.

      • keredim69
        April 20, 19:58 Reply

        Hi Gad, what you just said about “gay family” also applies to the regular family members, especially when some sort of inheritance is involved. Its been like that from the beginning of time. One just has to pray it doesn’t happen to us….There are exceptions of course, but a high percentage no doubt… 🙂

        I think Bryson supporters are being pragmatic and Declan supporters are being romantic. Which options pays the bills? Go figure.

        All I know is depending on where we are in life, “A hoe is got to do what a hoe has got to do”.

        • Gad
          April 21, 01:43 Reply

          Which option pays the bills? Exactly my point.Many will myopically go for the option that pays the bills but a few genuine ones will go with love and bear the long-suffering that goes with while prayerfully working towards building a more secured wealth in the future. If the wealth comes fine if it doesn’t love sustains them. By the way riches and poverty are in our own terms. One is as rich or poor as he wishes to be. While N20,000 to some means a lot of wealth N20,000,000 to some means they are broke. Love is the only priceless variable.

      • Chris
        April 21, 00:31 Reply

        @ Gad, well spoken, there aint no gay family anywhere, lie from the pit of hell. When it becomes cloudy, family is all you have left. as you said anyoneone be it male or female that would sacrifice love for money, would even do more sinster things i beg.
        Well few gay or bi dudes are fortunate to have loyal and dependable friends in the gay world, yes few.
        All this jonsing on site with the friendly vibe, as i said, i beggi.

        • Gad
          April 21, 01:47 Reply

          Wise words, Chris.

  31. s_sensei
    April 20, 18:42 Reply

    Relationship wahala. Some people are living in bondage and they call it a relationship.

    • iamcoy
      April 20, 21:02 Reply

      Living in bondage starring Kenneth okonkwo..
      Hello Sensei

  32. Chic
    May 14, 08:37 Reply

    Hi Pinky,

    is the series finished please?

    I’ve been reading it (and the blog)for a while now – although this is my first time commenting – and I look forward to more episodes. Thanks

    PS – I’m a girl …seeing as some KDians have wondered if there are female readers. Nice thing you’ve got going on here.

    • pinkpanthertb
      May 14, 12:10 Reply

      Awesome! A girl reads Love and Sex?! :O 😀 Nice! For this, next Monday must happen.

      • Chic
        May 18, 19:58 Reply

        Hi Pinky,

        You’ll keep your word, won’tcha? *waiting*

        • pinkpanthertb
          May 18, 20:19 Reply

          I was hoping you wouldn’t come to flash my guilty conscience in my face. *bowing head in shame* Forgive me. Plssssssssssssssssss!!!!

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