Much Ado About Steven Ugochukwu

Much Ado About Steven Ugochukwu

Nobody told me the Yul Edochie’s he said-he said saga with his purported stalker, Steven Ugochukwu, is still a gist fermenting more scandals. Hian!

So reportedly, this Steven Ugochukwu has opened up to tell his own side of the story, stating that Yul Edochie might not have been saying the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth concerning the issue. He revealed to that he and the actor were actually lovers without the actor’s family’s awareness. He said they’d been together for about a year, but then had a falling-out, which preceded Yul’s claims on the social media.

He emphasized that he had no deal with any visa agent as alleged by Yul, and that he got hold of the documents directly from the actor, also adding that Yul was the one who made advances towards him, and not the other way around, as widely reported. He said he has audio recordings to back up his claims.

According to him, “Like Yul Edochie said he gave his documents to an agent, that’s a big fat lie. Why didn’t I deal with the agent but I have tons of emails I and the wife sent to each other. We were sending emails to each other because he is always busy and won’t be able to gather the documents.


And just as I was shaking my head at all the dirty pantaloons and undies these dudes be laundering in public, someone drew my attention to an instagram account named @steveugoisasickgayboy, operated by some actor (don’t know his name yet), who claims that Steven Ugochukwu had put up his (the actor’s) photos and number in a manjam profile. And so of course, he got propositions on whatsapp, chatversations which he screen-grabbed and posted on the instagram account.

Check them out below.Screenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_42_35 AMScreenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_36_09 AMScreenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_37_11 AMScreenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_38_39 AMScreenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_39_42 AMScreenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_40_44 AMScreenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_41_12 AMScreenshot - 4_19_2015 , 8_41_49 AM

*shaking my head* What a mess.

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  1. Philip
    April 20, 04:09 Reply

    I said it. This guy is a sicko. He has like five nollywood stars profile on manjam; from Yul to Mike, that guy in the post and one popular director like that. Big time sicko. He deserves whatever shit he gets

  2. Mandy
    April 20, 04:15 Reply

    This guy just set the Nigerian LGBT Movement back several steps. Mscheewww

    • Deola
      April 20, 06:54 Reply

      More like a few thousand years, I am a yoruba man, we like to exaggerate for emphasis.
      Seriously tho, what a mess.

  3. Pete
    April 20, 04:24 Reply

    Ghen ghen ghen. Nigga be acting all amateurish.

  4. KingBey
    April 20, 04:58 Reply

    This has gotten really messy….I just hope this Steven doesn’t get himself killed…..because even Canada cannot save him if they decide to hunt him down. smdh. This is just another reason why our image is being tarnished in Nigeria…..just another obsessive sick dude. I’m into guys and I can’t even bear someone bugging me or being obsessive over me talk more of a straight guy. it’s damn freaky.

  5. McGray
    April 20, 05:09 Reply

    I cant just believe this guy, i mean Ugo.

  6. Jaja
    April 20, 05:13 Reply

    True or untrue, all our stars better start coming out before they are exposed: Flavour, Phyno, Wizkid, D’banj, lol I’m dead sure of the first two

    • kendigin
      April 20, 06:42 Reply

      U are right o….i’ve been hearing dbanj’s own since he was in mohits. I also heard he is super endowed down there *winks.

      The hottest celebrity for me sha is don jazzy. Am soooo in love with him!

      • Max
        April 20, 06:53 Reply

        Don Gini?
        *pukes all over*

      • Sinnex
        April 20, 06:53 Reply

        Don Jazzy? As the ‘THE’ Don Jazzy? Ewwwwwww…..

      • kendigin
        April 20, 07:00 Reply

        Yes oo. Small girls wouldnt understand. Don jazzy is everything u can dream of in a husband. Cool, calm, matured and very much in control. Plus he is handsome. With that his open teeth that just screams “am gonna do nasty things to u wen we get home today”. Lol


      • Max
        April 20, 07:02 Reply

        No offense pls, but Don Jazzy looks like Jabba the hutt from start wars.. Ewwww

      • Gad
        April 20, 08:32 Reply

        I think I have to give CNN,BBC,Channels,TVC news some break @ least for a week.i have to hook on more to music and movie channels so as to have an idea of how these celebrities looks. Maybe I will get my crush in the end. I saw Dbanj last in his JSS3. I can’t even remember how he looked. Poor me

      • kendigin
        April 20, 09:19 Reply

        @max Excuse you, hater!

        That’s y y’all be single drooling over muscles n fat ass n stuff. Fake stuffs that don’t last.
        My Don Jazzy is a real man. He don’t need to look like Tyson beckford or some other low life model packing drama wherever they go. He’s the type of man that will stick with you thru thick n thin….hehehe. Thank goodness he’s not married! lol

      • Lothario
        April 20, 17:05 Reply

        Lol…..@kendigin, not sure of your thick and thin comment, But I get what you mean. Don Jazzy inspires trust and gives off that air of a Safe haven. I think it has more to do with being Daddy to everyone in Mavin, even Tiwa, Dr Sid and D’Banj who are older than him than anything else.

  7. Mitch
    April 20, 05:16 Reply

    Ewwwww! This is totally disgusting. How much lower can one sink into the pits of idiocy? Pathetic! *pukes*

  8. shuga chocolata
    April 20, 05:27 Reply

    I couldn’t read the gist,it was too blur for me.
    DM stated previously that there is 3sides of a story. this s just the 2nd, remaining the 3rd.

  9. Gad
    April 20, 05:56 Reply

    Can one get any lower? This guy is really sick and needs help.

  10. Obinna
    April 20, 05:56 Reply

    yup, the idiot got what he deserves! what type of scandal is dat?.

  11. Lemuel Beau
    April 20, 06:03 Reply

    Hmmm…Waris this? Can Someone kill that dude for me? This boy could go ahead outing people oh. Good Linda ikeji didnt respond. The “Does your father do money ritual too” really got me. #choking laugh..

    • pinkpanthertb
      April 20, 06:17 Reply

      That part killed me too, @Lemuel. The pikin knew the one that was worrying him mbok.

  12. Deola
    April 20, 06:33 Reply

    ‘I dont know what Denrele, Kcee, Alex Ekubbo and Uti Nwachukwu are doing if they cant seduce you to bed’.

    Hian ***sips green tea***.

    • Mercury
      April 20, 08:45 Reply

      My dear, pour me a cup too oooo, hian!!!

  13. kendigin
    April 20, 06:40 Reply

    This steven guy just seems mentally unstable. Outting someone is the worst thing u can do, I dont care the quarrel between you two. Bcos outing smone is no longer just about the person, you are destroying others in the process.

    On the other hand, Yul ought to have known better than hooking up with such a person. Eventually this will blow over, but I cringe to know how pete edochie will react to all this. That man seems like the dad that will woop yo ass, he dont even care about how old u are! Lol

    • chestnut
      April 20, 07:01 Reply

      But we aren’t sure Yul even hooked up with him in d first place. Judging from his psychotic rants (” u’re the only guy who still sticks to pussy…99.5% of guys are bi…u dick is good for ass but ur stubborness won’t let u…I will do juju and send u strok…u will die in an accident…I will jerk off with ur dick pics b4 going to bed…JohnPaul bikonu…”), I’m very reluctant to believe anything this sicko is claiming. (And that grammar is just atrocious!*sigh*)

      • pinkpanthertb
        April 20, 07:03 Reply

        Simply atrocious. *delicate shudder* Will some Grammar Nazi read him his rights already?

      • kendigin
        April 20, 09:26 Reply

        Sista puhleeese! There’s no smoke without fire. Its clear that this ugo is mentally deranged, but y did he suddenly pick Yul out of all the celebrities in nollywood.
        And I didn’t hear Yul denying that he doesn’t know, or hasn’t met him. Infact we first get to hear about u steven from Yul. Which only means someone was trying desperately to get in front of the situation.

        To me the scenario is simple. Yul met the guy online and happy that the guy is based abroad (so there wont be any likelihood of anyone finding out), they begin their rocky sweaty dirty affair. Unfortunately for Yul (who likely has made hundreds of promises to the guy, including marriage, which he doesn’t intend to keep), Steven is a nutcase. He begins to imagine something more serious and permanent with Yul. When Yul rejects, all hell breaks loose!

    • Gad
      April 20, 08:25 Reply

      Hahaha. How I love that man. I don’t mind weekend travels just to sit with him and gist over fresh palmwine and bush meat pepper soup. #teamoldschool#

      • wondabuoy
        April 22, 08:32 Reply

        I’ve asked you before for this palm wine and meat, but you have refused. I will soon act like this Steve o. lol. You know it’s always the NO that triggers events.

        • Gad
          April 22, 23:44 Reply

          Nna what was your question about palmwine? Forgive me but I didn’t see your 1st question. As for acting like Steve, I’m the wrongest guy to consider. I have iron-strong immunity

  14. #TeamKizito
    April 20, 06:45 Reply

    I can imagine Yul groaning and moaning ‘take that D..’sha. :s ohw!

    But who would hook up with this Steven na? The shape n’ size of his head is a huge turn off. Tsk.

    • Gad
      April 20, 08:35 Reply

      Lol. So you saw the head too. That’s an indictment on his granny

  15. Ruby
    April 20, 06:45 Reply

    Someone please take this guy to a psychiatric hospital preferably 123 Calabar road.
    Because he needs serious help to save him from himself.
    Yeah its alright to fantasize bout these stars buh creating profiles on manjam, that’s a whole new level of wrong and crazy.

  16. Sinnex
    April 20, 06:48 Reply

    Now this is extremely creepy. If a gay guy stalks me like this, I’d do everything to treat his fuckup. I sabi stalk, but not to this extent. There is no harm trying your luck, but when you get turned down, you should know when to stop.

    OAN-Who is the guy in the background? I just hope he is not the said Actor. The guy looks gay na…see the lip stick and posture…

    • Lothario
      April 20, 17:11 Reply

      That’s JohnPaul Nwadike… he’s the one claiming that the Ugo dude had sent him a message before. So, this is all in a bid to defend Yul, I guess.

      • wondabuoy
        April 22, 08:34 Reply

        And he purposely set his WhatsApp background to his picture before screen-copying. Another advert? A third eye’s perspective? No?

  17. Max
    April 20, 06:49 Reply

    What a hot mess.. Really hot mess..
    Covering your tracks and tying up lose ends is very important in this country.

  18. zinnat
    April 20, 07:56 Reply

    This steven guy is a big time psycho, dude is suffering frm OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) he really needs help.

  19. Absalom
    April 20, 08:01 Reply

    I guess I’m the only one who will never be impressed by this “case” nor understand it… (In what order are the screen-grabs sef?) Mtschew.

    Abeg. Anyone trying to make a point by first bashing gay people can miss me with that level of stupidity.

    *moving on to Mehcad Brooks*

  20. Mercury
    April 20, 08:42 Reply

    Really messy, psychos like this come after me, I will shave off epidermis before giving you a hot oil bath. Ewwwwww, I can’t believe the trash I just read. By the way John Paul should rest, his hands ain’t clean either.

  21. Ringlana
    April 20, 09:30 Reply

    Awoooo That Guy is too Ugly to be Gay.

  22. Diablo
    April 20, 09:46 Reply

    wow this dude is a raging psychopath and should be institutionalized, he’s giving gays over here a bad name; ignorant Nigerian homophobes would have yet another reason to slam tyres around our necks and set us ablaze. Im so pissed…Someone needs to have him euthanized already!

    And the part abt his mum being a lesbian…like w.t.f lol

  23. Khaleesi
    April 20, 10:17 Reply

    smh … what a steaming putrid mess, the stench of it all roils and heaves to the heavens!!! What kind of a sicko is this?? One more weapon in the richly stocked arsenal that homophobes use in their assault on gays … smh …

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