Man Crush Monday: Thomas Q. Jones

Man Crush Monday: Thomas Q. Jones

Yes, yes, I know I’m happily married to Idris Elba and happily boo-ed with Tyson Beckford and happily cheating with David McIntosh, but *sigh* when I started watching Being Mary Jane, and set my eyes on that hunky piece of eye candy she’s doing the whole uncomplicated friends-with-benefits thing with… Chai! How does one get to sleep with that and not become attached, the way Mary Jane was doing with him? I mean, look at the pictures below and tell me I’m not crazy for wanting to squeeze Thomas Q. Jones in somewhere in my harem of beautiful men.Thomas Q. Jones in Being Mary JaneThomas Q. Jones 03Thomas Q. Jones 04Thomas Q. Jones 05Thomas Q. Jones 07Thomas Q. Jones 06

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??? I have no words.

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Where the straight guys at? More of them should live by this credo. Break my heart, lady, and I’ll sleep with your new man. Don’t you think so, guys? 🙂


  1. tarter
    November 09, 05:24 Reply

    just wanna put my face in that muscular firm ass and eat it! yum yum! omari hardwick too..lord! black men are fiooooooonnnnnnnnneeeee **grabs lube**

  2. Mandy
    November 09, 05:50 Reply

    Mary Jane is not normal nah. You didn’t know, eh PP? For her to be sleeping with this piece of hunk, and then pass him over for that Sheldon guy who’s advanced in age and obsessive compulsive… Eish!

    • tarter
      November 09, 06:52 Reply

      mary jane is the ‘successful black woman’,she can’t be seen with a guy who has nothing going on for him,just muscles, big cock,and gives her multiple orgasms…

      • Pink Panther
        November 09, 07:03 Reply

        You realize Thomas’s character is a football player, right?

    • Eros
      November 09, 11:39 Reply

      Lookat you! My fren go and chill inside freezer

      • Masked Man
        November 09, 15:02 Reply

        You will spread your legs for anything. Even mosquito.

  3. #TeamKizito
    November 09, 06:48 Reply

    Something about him reminds me of Bulldogs. Tsk.

  4. Enigmous
    November 09, 07:03 Reply

    PP, no eggplant? Am I going to eat fine face?

    • Pink Panther
      November 09, 07:04 Reply

      And the fine body, Enigmous. Let’s not forget that mouth-watering fine body. 😀

  5. Zage
    November 09, 07:18 Reply

    Nwoke oma he should just fuck me silly.

      • Dennis Macaulay
        November 09, 07:46 Reply

        Those one that offload Mama Africa Rice from the truck abi, and stack it in the warehouse.

        Biko I will pass, I cannot operate in this kind of environment!

  6. john
    November 09, 07:55 Reply

    Monday morning pizza. Come to baby. He shouldn’t be straight

  7. Delle
    November 09, 08:14 Reply

    Nehh…he’s too beefy. I like my guys Liam Hemsworth like. PP thanks for showing your kinda guy.
    *dialling uncle Ken’s number*

  8. Zage
    November 09, 08:27 Reply

    Lol @ rice pusher at daleko

  9. bobby
    November 09, 08:46 Reply

    lol..i saw this post coming. no wonder mary jane broke his penis in that episode…

  10. Max
    November 09, 09:59 Reply

    I’m getting barrow pusher/upper Iweka/ Ladipo mkt Agbero vibes from him..


  11. Eros
    November 09, 11:42 Reply

    Yaaaasss!!! Take me!! I am lawless for you!! Render me useless for my generation!!!

    Kabosha shadanrebos kabadsaa

    *falls under the annointing*

  12. Ruby
    November 09, 12:06 Reply


  13. Chizzie
    November 09, 12:54 Reply

    Too hard, muscular and ape like.

    I want a soft fleshy Top, with small ass I can squeeze. Not this stone of a man

    November 10, 19:51 Reply

    pls come fuck me till rapture……………

    • posh6666
      November 10, 19:55 Reply

      You know you will be proceeding to hell after the rapture right?lmao

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