Here are the three gay men who want to get married and have kids together

Here are the three gay men who want to get married and have kids together

A trio of Canadian men who are in a three-way relationship have caused a storm by saying they plan to have kids together.

27-year-old Adam Grant was married to Shayne Curran, 29, since 2011 – but the pair decided to divorce last year.

It wasn’t because they had grown apart however, but because a third man, Sebastian Tran, had joined their relationship. The Nova Scotia threesome has been living together since 2012, but they didn’t feel right with just two of them being married.

Adam told the Daily Mail: “We didn’t want Sebastian to be excluded or feel like the third wheel in our relationship. So Shayne and I decided to get a divorce so that we could make a renewed commitment between the three of us instead. We want to make sure that we’re all equally bound and obligated to each other in marriage.”

Shayne added: “We’re the happiest we’ve ever been – all our dynamics and personalities work so well in a relationship. The three of us bring out the best in each other. We all sleep in a king size bed together – it’s necessary when there’s three people in a relationship as well as two dogs who end up getting into your bed!”

(L-R) Male throuple Shayne Curran, 29, Sebastian Tran, 29, and Adam Grant, 27

(L-R) Male throuple Shayne Curran, 29, Sebastian Tran, 29, and Adam Grant, 27

The throuple have also spoken about their plans to have children.

Shayne explained: “We want to mix our genes enough so that our kids are as genetically close to us as possible. But, we are open to adoption too. Children are a huge part of our future plans.

“I have two sisters who have both offered to carry our children for us as surrogates and are willing to donate their eggs as well. My sisters actually argue over which one of them will carry our baby first. I feel very lucky! Meanwhile Sebastian’s sister will probably donate her eggs too so we can keep it in the family.

Predictably, Daily Mail commenters didn’t take the story well.

One highly-rated comment ranted: “I don’t understand how this is considered acceptable for SO many reasons including all the psychological studies stating children need both a male AND a female role model parent. Whatever happened to those studies? Were they just bonkers?”

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  1. ken
    November 09, 05:03 Reply

    This is just weird on so many levels..but I guess to each his own. Goodmorning KDians

    In other news, Yusaf Mack just changed his story for the fourth time. This time he is certain he is actually an alien cow that floated in from outer space. Details later….

    • KryxxX
      November 09, 08:09 Reply




      Had to come out of hibernation for this! Totally worth it!


      I won’t be surprised shaa, Dude sounds nd looks super retarded! The video and his follow up statements says it all.

  2. Francis
    November 09, 05:37 Reply

    Normal stuff. Polygamy dey for straight folks so why not gay people too. I wonder why the West frowns on polygamy when the Bible is full of it

    • Dennis Macaulay
      November 09, 07:23 Reply

      My sentiments exactly and straight people have been doing it for ages

  3. Mandy
    November 09, 05:49 Reply

    Ah yes, that thing called Polyamory. I was beginning to wonder when it would ever become a topic here on KD.

  4. phil
    November 09, 06:22 Reply

    Still dont get. Is it not enough that they subjected themselves to traditional companionship, they had to poach polygamy too.

  5. Rapum
    November 09, 06:53 Reply

    I don’t find this cool at all. Very soon every body partipating in a gangbang will want to get married and raise kids together. Isn’t there a law against this kind of thing? Can three people actually get married, gay or straight?

    • Pink Panther
      November 09, 07:03 Reply

      Uh, Rapum, aren’t three straight people already getting married since time immemorial?

      • Rapum
        November 09, 07:32 Reply

        Of course. I was quick to comment. On a second thought, to each his own, although I’m slightly uncomfortable with always compring ourselves with straight people or judging ourselves by their standards, something I am often guilty of. It’s the same thing that so many blacks and Africans do.But is polygamy allowed in their country?

  6. Zage
    November 09, 07:23 Reply

    Of the hianest hian

  7. bruno
    November 09, 07:37 Reply

    this is the kind of story idiotic slippery-slope debaters think backs their anti-same sex marriage argument… like there isn’t polyamory in the straight community or their grandfather didn’t have 25334 wives.

  8. john
    November 09, 08:00 Reply

    just making homophobes scoring points. This is weird. Threesome all days. They shouldn’t be allowed to have kids

    • Marc Francis of Chelsea
      November 09, 22:49 Reply

      Why shouldn’t “they” be allowed to have kids? You’re making the fundamental error in judgement homophobes make. It’s not just about dirty anal sex. There is love and companionship. Will three men not be able to love the children as two would? It’s even on a different level than polygamy as it is polyamory. Polygamy is one entity in two separate relationships as one while polyamory is the same relationship shared by multiple partners. No juju-ing husband #2 here because your husband loves him more.

      To each his own though.

  9. Sinnex
    November 09, 08:21 Reply

    I still don’t understand how one’s sister is willing to be a surrogate… isn’t that like incest or something close.

  10. Delle
    November 09, 08:26 Reply

    I seriously don’t know why some of you would kick against their relationship. In as much as it looks weird or feels awkward, what doesn’t? To me I totally support them, after all support is all we need in our lives, good ole support!
    My only fear is the third guy to be recruited may one day be turned to a third wheel…’may be’. Scrapping that fear, they are three guys (nd guys are totally more understanding of the two human species)…it would work out for them…even if it doesn’t, who cares?

    How would they procreate? By mixing the semen of the three together or what? Hmmm

    • Regal Sweetheart
      November 09, 11:32 Reply

      My thoughts, exactly. I was thinking about how it’d work, the entire read. I understand that it’s supposed to be a sperm cell breaking through an ovum to create a single zygote. However rare the triploid split is, it doesn’t last long enough to become a fully functional human being. I wonder how they want to inseminate three sperm cells into one ovum

      But what do I know? I’m just a talker….*continues sipping mojito*

  11. Ruby
    November 09, 08:29 Reply

    Wish Ɣ ‘all the best

  12. bobby
    November 09, 08:34 Reply

    nna eh..this one heavy for mouth..the world is jus getting more complex by the day…

  13. sensei
    November 09, 08:35 Reply

    I keep saying it, “marriage” as we know it is doomed.
    As Sweetchild (Andrevn) would say it, “watch this space, people!”


  14. #Chestnut
    November 09, 08:41 Reply

    Lol…ok, I know I’m too messy for this,but who else mentally tried to assign roles in d first pix up there?(Bottom; Verse; Mostly-top)…hehehe *flees very very fast*

    • Peak
      November 09, 09:24 Reply

      I did!
      The buy with bottle, mostly top/verse.
      Skinny dude in black, bottom.
      Guy in green verse.
      **Yeah! I know, we (pretend) hate labels on KD.

  15. Peak
    November 09, 09:29 Reply

    All 3 of them have been together since 2012.
    That’s longer than most of “us” who can like to get baed-up every 2-3 months, yet “we” are recoiling at what we “don’t understand”.

    • Pink Panther
      November 09, 09:52 Reply

      Look at Peak being all open-minded. *staring in surprised admiration*

  16. Max
    November 09, 10:10 Reply

    The sisters agreed to carry the kids? Haven’t they been informed of the medical dangers of incest?
    Three people in a relationship just seems like an excuse to be tapping more than one ass in a marriage, which is what straight men use to do in the past(hello polygamy). But then again I thought the whole point of being gay is to be able to see stupid laws laid down by heterosexuals for what it is(pure selfishness laced with satisfaction of flesh). Congrats to them, they just handed a loaded gun to homophbes; who knows how long the bullets will last…

  17. Chizzie
    November 09, 10:23 Reply

    This is wrong. It seems more like a sexual fetish, than anything. And raising children in such a setting, what morals do you hope to instill in them?

    And the bit about mixing semen up and fighting over who to donate eggs, almost gave me a headache. I think what differentiates us from animals is restraint. Just because you have the liberty to do something doesn’t mean you should go ahead to do it. Sometimes u need to exhibit some self control, this is what these westerners do not understand, and set your limits

    And the faux liberalists comparing this to polygamy. Polygamy is a legit form of marriage, this is just three young horny people fucking

    • Marc Francis of Chelsea
      November 09, 22:55 Reply

      Word for word, this is an argument homophobes use against homosexual relationships as a whole. Equating someone’s love to a “sexual fetish” is completely incensed and even worse is assuming they have no morals because you don’t understand how they love.

      Polygamy is one person deciding to share their love among two people who don’t love each other. This is three people who love each other equally. Yet you see polygamy as “legit.” Why and how?

  18. Peak
    November 09, 11:30 Reply

    What baffles me, is the same LGBT people clamouring for “equality” with straight folks, are always the 1st to shout foul when we do some of the same things straight folks do we reckless abandon.

    Ppl come here when we are having “thirsy slut” post days, drool and brag how they can “burst it open, drop it like its hot, ride it into the sunset, choke on it, pound it, twerk on it, smash it, tear it up (albet with a minimum of 3 guys year in year out). I wonder where and how they work up the nerve to slut shame 3 ppl who have been in a…wait for it…COMMITTED relationship for almost 3 years now. I just can’t with all the “Judginas” on KD. I have no qualms calling ppl out, but let it be based on fairness. The ugly truth is that some of “us” have an array of fuck buddies, with time table, schedules and everything, but we are not having 3 ppl play house. The stench of hypocrisy and double standard is too nauseating for comfort right now.

    Straight ppl cohabit all the time, why can’t gay/Bi ppl do the same?
    Straight ppl (Christians, Muslims, Native Traditional believers etc) practice polygamy, so why should gay ppl who the same adjectives applies to, be exempted from this rule? Equal rights anyone?

    While we are pondering on the above, can someone wheel in a medical practitioner to explain to “us” all, that one’s sister volunteering or being a surrogate has nothing nor is remotely related to incest?
    FYI, straight ppl have family members who sign up to be surrogates.

    The only thing that I found creepy about this story is the “mixing of Semen”.
    It’s usually a bitter battle when 2 ppl invest in bring a child to the world and wake up one day to decide they want 2 end the partnership. Now 3 people? With mixed semen? Lol, that’s just drama overload, when the train goes off it’s track.

    • Dennis Macaulay
      November 09, 11:45 Reply

      There is such a thing as a gestational surrogate! Someone who carries the baby but did not donate the eggs and is therefore not related to the baby!

      • Peak
        November 09, 11:53 Reply

        Fair enough, but does having ur family member providing the egg and carrying the baby qualify as incest? Cos last I checked, incest involves sexual activities (genuinely interested in getting educated)

        • keredim
          November 09, 12:23 Reply

          Peak, the resultant embryo, whether conceived in utero or in vitro is still not right, as the biological cells are from siblings.

          The embryo is highly susceptible to all sorts of deformities and diseases. That is why in normal societies brothers and sisters don’t marry each other

        • Francis
          November 09, 12:27 Reply

          No stress yourself biko. She’s providing the oven that’s all. Even if she was providing the raw material I have a problem calling it incest as incest as we know it involves sexual intercourse. Na genetic issues fit come up if she donates eggs

        • keredim
          November 09, 12:28 Reply

          …and “mixing semen” doesn’t mean the 3 different sperm cells will join together and become one sperm cell and fertilize the egg cell.
          It means the semen from the 3 guys will be mixed together in a petri-dish (or whatever container) with the egg cell and ONE of the them sperm cells will fertilise the egg.

        • Tiercel de Claron.
          November 09, 12:38 Reply

          Broadly speaking,yes it qualifies.
          Unless the guy in question is going to keep his semen away from his sister’s eggs.You know,that pesky little detail of inbreeding n genetics.
          Then again,what do I know.

    • Chizzie
      November 09, 12:31 Reply

      Peak just because we are clamoring for equality doesn’t mean we should lower our morals, or does it? This is clearly an abuse of privilege and sets the LGBT movement a few steps back. How do you convince the average bible trumper that we aren’t all perverts when they come across a story like this? .

      if we want the average straight person to see us as equals, then we must also show them that we can be just as morally upright and frown and at what is generally regarded as absurd, as in this case

      • Francis
        November 09, 12:56 Reply

        All these hide and seek games so that homophobes wouldn’t increase their towards us.

        @Chizzie Muslims and Christians that practice polygamy are perverts abi?

        • Chizzie
          November 09, 13:12 Reply

          There’s polygamy, the central aim of which is marriage. This is sex, lets just call it what It is. its trying to build up something out of a sexual arrangement between 3 people, and then trying to masquerade it under marriage. Its a completely different thing and lets not even go into how problematic and archaic polygamy is. The more reason why that should’nt be a valid point to bring up, only backward and religious societies practice polygamy, and in most cases these societies are also extremely homophobic.

          So its funny how we homosexuals, are defending this kind of thing using polygamy as a standard

          • Francis
            November 09, 13:28 Reply

            Polygamy is marriage and this one is sex ?! #ImExhausted.

            Some of us for KD get the thought process of homophobes unfortunately.

          • Pink Panther
            November 09, 13:59 Reply

            This is sex? Really, Chizzie? In one comment, you reduced a gay relationship that uncannily echoes the homophobe’s view that gay people are incapable of loving relationships. Why do polygamists get a pass under the umbrella of marriage, and gay throuples are labelled as only in it for sex? This throuple has been together since 2012 o. Much older than Kim Kardashian’s infamous wedding. And yet you denigrated what they have to sex simply because they’re one person too many for your taste.

            • Marc Francis of Chelsea
              November 09, 22:58 Reply

              Completely weakened that a gay man can boldly make these arguments and not mirror them against his own life and relationships.

      • Rapum
        November 09, 13:04 Reply

        That is exactly what we must NOT do. We have nothing to prove to them. Living your life to PROVE your equality whereas you could have taken it for granted means that you are indeed not equal. *Say no to the ‘Straight Gaze’*

      • Peak
        November 09, 13:24 Reply

        @Chizzie – “Morals” you say, need I remind you that men getting intimate with men is wildly considered immortal? Having sex b4 marriage, having multiple sex partners etc.

        I completely understand why a lot of people here have reservations about the situation, but we keep forgetting that we “all” live in a city made of glass. Whatever compass you use to judge someone today, affects you indirectly, u just dont know it. How? Bcos we are all linked/connected. You don’t use ur moral compass to judge others. We sometimes sound like the homophobes that we spend a lot of energy crucifying. Just because we “can’t do/understand it” doesn’t make it wrong. I am not a 100% sold on the arrangement, but if they are “Happy”, then that’s all that matters. I just have a problem with the idea of bring children into the equation.
        BTW lets give this “arming the homophobes” argument a rest. We will always be outlaws, the inferior breeds. That’s the ugly truth. We win one argument, they would pick up another nonsensical issue to stand on.

        • Francis
          November 09, 13:31 Reply

          @Peak you stay making plenty sense today ??

  19. Keredim
    November 09, 11:59 Reply

    Ok, this is the deal. One of them (A) is into orientals, and introduced Kran into the mix. Kran needs stay and has pussy (or dick whipped) A

    The other one (B) is so in love and besotted with (A) he will do anything for him….for now.

    Mr Kran will get his stay and edge B out of the mix.

    This will end as quickly as you can say “I like you for long time”

    And it will all be played out on social media as per normal..?

    • Lothario
      November 11, 10:20 Reply

      Lol….. I felt this way too….. The Oriental bitch is there for a reason…. Oh gosh! That’s not too nice ?????

  20. Khaleesi
    November 09, 12:19 Reply

    **Wipes brow**** This is like throwing open the doors of fort Knox with its rich array of ammunition to the homophobes, the homophobes will unleash their fury on gays using this. Am not narrow minded but mehn, this doesnt sit too well with me … oh well, wetin concern me?

  21. sensei
    November 09, 23:27 Reply

    It titillates me beyond imagination to see members of the LGBT community point at any sexual practice or relationship between consenting adults and say “WRONG!”.

    What are we “fighting” for again?

    Clap for yasef!

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