Man Contemplates Having Sex With Cheating Ex’s Brother In An Act Of Revenge

Man Contemplates Having Sex With Cheating Ex’s Brother In An Act Of Revenge

They say revenge is a dish best served cold. But how cold is too cold? That’s what one UK man wants to know as he contemplates hooking up with his cheating ex-boyfriend’s brother.

“I’ve been flirting with my ex’s brother for a few weeks via Grindr after my ex and I broke up about a month ago,” Tom writes to advice columnist and author of Journey to Fatherhood Simon Hill. “I caught him cheating on me with some guys. We were together for two years and were about to move in with each other.”

Tom says he was left “heartbroken” and “infuriated” over his boyfriend’s string of infidelities, and he now feels the man “needs to be taught a lesson.”

“I’ve been chatting with his brother who is also gay and he seems to be fairly up for a meet and muck about,” he continues. “He knows that we’ve split. So I’m wondering if it’s okay to have a bit of fun?”

In his response, Hill writes, “In a word ‘No’.” He continues, “Not because it’s the right or wrong thing to do, but because you’re not thinking about what’s best for yourself. The saying goes ‘all’s fair in love and war,’ and sleeping with your brother’s ex would be just as fair as everything that has gone before. You don’t want anything more to do with either of them.”

Hill’s solution to Tom’s problem is pretty straight-forward: “You need to accept your pain, release it through crying, getting drunk with friends and maybe a one night stand with a stranger–anyone but your ex and his brother–then to rebuild yourself over time,” he advises.

What do you think? Should Tom go ahead and sleep with his ex’s brother as an act of revenge, or should he engage in some other form of self-destructive behavior instead? Sound off in the comments section below.

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  1. Delle
    April 09, 09:00 Reply

    No No No! It makes no sense sleeping with your ex’s brother in the name of revenge…for all I know, it would make you both at par. He cheated on you is one thing, you going ahead to cheat on him with his brother just makes you evil and doesn’t send the right message I’m sure you would want your ex to get. He’d have more over you than you over him. You may just be justifying his cheating on you without knowing it. It’s good you both are no longer together, let him go. Good riddance hunnay, good riddance.

    OAN, I’m very single. *winks*

    • Mandy
      April 09, 09:02 Reply

      You do realize he’s the guy’s EX, right? So how would him sleeping with the brother constitute him cheating on the EX?

      • Delle
        April 09, 09:41 Reply

        I don’t think I approve of that. Sleeping with your ex’s brother especially when the circumstances surrounding the break-up wasn’t pretty.

  2. Mandy
    April 09, 09:04 Reply

    My own is: don’t sleep with the brother becos you wanna have revenge. That’s just not healthy. Sleep with the brother becos he’s hot and you’re hot and boys just wanna have fun.

  3. Kenny
    April 09, 09:22 Reply

    Simon already gave him a very good advice in my opinion. He should move on from his ex and the brother. All that heartbreak and anger will do him no good. What if he sleeps with the brother and his ex isn’t even moved by it?

  4. Masked Man
    April 09, 10:01 Reply

    I don’t know what Y’all yapping about. The guy is he’s ex na. Whether it’s for revenge or for pleasure, what difference does it make? A fuck is a fuck. And he owes his ex no explanation. And the ex’s brother even wants to hook up.

    Una never see where brother dey marry him brother ex girlfriend?
    Una never see where two brothers date the same girl at different times?

    • Delle
      April 09, 10:13 Reply

      But is it right? Yes, it happens doesn’t make it right. Wouldn’t it hurt you just a little more knowing it’s your brother/sister involved? #justasking

      • Masked Man
        April 09, 10:53 Reply

        Why aren’t you questioning the ex’s brother who willing to hook up?

        • jamie
          April 09, 17:18 Reply

          I won’t talk abt d ex bro or relate any reference to him coz he obviously has no idea what he is doing and if he does then its easy to guess he is either a low life whore with no self respect or a lame brain who clearly doesn’t know how to respect others. if he can’t show self value, at least he should give his brother a little respect…

      • Delle
        April 09, 10:18 Reply

        PP, just so we’re clear. I’d dice you in tiny bits if I get you with my ex…don’t ask why. Be very afraid. *cycling away*

  5. DI-NAVY
    April 09, 10:05 Reply

    Trying to have sex wit your ex’s brother simply means one thing, “you’re still hung” and u’re not over him cos if you were, u wouldn’t even wanna flirt with the brother.

  6. lluvmua
    April 09, 10:07 Reply

    lol, why don’t you sleep with his brother, his father, his male cousins , their boyfriends , his nephews , his grand dad and all the males in his family just because u wanna get revenge?? …lol…. durling I know it hurts but u don’t need to reduce your self to his level OK……just move on with your life dear , he doesn’t deserve someone amazing like you……aiit leave him to continue being the two timing hoe he is……. in time, u would find an amazing person who loves and adores u…. aiit cheers *in Nene voice*

    • Peak
      April 09, 11:07 Reply

      Funny how the one who gets cheated on, always automatically earns the title of “amazing” and a sash that says “he doesn’t deserve you”. No one ever stops to wonder why any one would cheat on “amazing” or what led up to it. *deep sigh*

  7. Kenny
    April 09, 10:27 Reply

    Sex with the brother will even be awkward sef. Hian???

    • ambivalentone
      April 09, 11:34 Reply

      Will it? If its a revenge mission, what better way to scatter the family? Then afters, let it slip one is a better performance in bed than the other and watch how the family disintegrates. #sigh #bliss

  8. Peak
    April 09, 11:10 Reply

    “Hill’s solution to Tom’s problem is pretty straight-forward: “You need to accept your pain, release it through crying, getting drunk with friends and maybe a one night stand with a stranger–anyone but your ex and his brother–then to rebuild yourself over time,” he advises.”
    Its as simole as the above please. No need to speak plenty grammar over the matter.

  9. Santa Diaba
    April 09, 14:13 Reply

    This is the type of revenge I love. Sleep with himmm!!! Whether it’s revenge or not, you’re both single and ready to mingle. I don’t see the problem.

  10. JustJames
    April 09, 14:56 Reply

    I’d sleep with the brother if he was hot.. revenge would be an added bonus.

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