I was already quite a sojourner before my thirteenth birthday, not by any design of mine; my dad was a police officer and also a very devote family man, which meant that for every transfer to a new station he got, he took his family along.

My father isn’t a practicing Christian, even though he claims to be a Catholic. However, his family ideals are without any doubt. My mother, on the other hand, is a typical Nigerian mother; a Christian firebrand and Deeper-lifer to the core. While my father was an officer of the law, my mother was the enforcer of the law of God. So, as you’d expect, my growing up was regimented.

My name is Denzy, and I am gay.

Like most prepubescent boys, I was already sexually aware from a tender age, albeit in a different way from the other boys my age. I was sexually molested by a very close relative (it didn’t influence my sexuality). I had always preferred the company of other boys. These feelings though had led to many internal battles, as many queer men in Nigeria would attest to. Our stories may be different but the struggle is real and the same.

Like I said earlier, I experienced my first sexual activity in Finnima Police Barracks in Rivers State, when I was ten years old, with this very close relative who I will call Edet for the purpose of this story. Edet was fifteen years old when he started sexually molesting me.  Even though what he did was sexual abuse, I remember loving it and sometimes even looking forward to our tryst. There was no penetration though, just dry humping, dicks rubbing and nipple play. Sometimes, he would fuck my thighs till he came. This phase of my life, I have put behind me.

Our trysts would continue for about two years till my father was transferred to Ughelli, Delta State, in 2004, and the family moved to join him almost immediately after he secured accommodation at Ughelli barracks.

It was here, in Ughelli, that I met this boy who I would fall hopelessly in love with. I am very good looking, as I’ve often been complimented on how very much I have my mother’s looks. But this boy completely redefined pulchritude. His name: Precious.

Precious was the second son of my mother’s friend. I remember how, the first time we met, I couldn’t take my eyes off him. He was just so beautifully formed and light-skinned (I love light-skinned guys), that I kept wondering how a boy could be so perfect. His aura was enthralling. I found myself desiring so much to do with him the things Edet did with me.

We hit off a friendship very quickly, but sadly, there was a limit to how often we saw each other because of distance. He lived in Ekiugbo suburb of the town, so we only got to see when our mothers decided to visit each other, which wasn’t frequent.

Our friendship, though sweet, remained largely mediocre over the next two years, until an unexpected event happened in 2006; a conflict had begun between the youths of two neighboring towns (Afisiere and Ekiugbo), and a DPO and an inspector were killed in the violence that ensued.

Reprisal from the police was both swift and terrible; armoured vehicles and combat police officers were drafted from Ogwashi Uku Mobile Police Camp to invade the Ekiugbo and Afisiere communities. Infuriated officers went from door to door in search of youths, while torching houses, and beating, killing and maiming people as they went. The full account of casualties from that pogrom remains obscure and unreported to this day.

My father, being privy to information, had asked my mother to ask Precious and his older brother, Godspower, over to our house before the police invasion. So, that was how I found joy in the carnage that was unfolding.

I’m not an only child; I have two older brothers and a kid sister. In our three-bedroom apartment, my little sister had one room and the three boys shared the second room; I shared a bed with my immediate older brother, James, while my eldest brother, Emmanuel, had a king-size bed that could comfortably accommodate three people all to himself.

However, with Godspower and Precious now living temporarily with us, our sleeping arrangements had to change. Emmanuel gave up the larger mattress to me, James and Precious, which we slept on in the living room, while the two seniors, Emmanuel and Godspower, shared the smaller bed in the boys’ room.

I couldn’t explain my joy over not only having Precious live with us, but sleeping on the same bed with him every night. I was ecstatic. Spending more time together made us almost inseparable; we did virtually everything together – well, everything except anything that involved me seeing him naked. I really thought this odd as I couldn’t understand why he was so conscious of his nudity. However, this added to his appeal, as it heightened my curiosity about and craving for him.

One evening, Mother had gone to a church women’s meeting with my sister while our brothers went out to play soccer. Precious and I were home alone and decided to watch this new cartoon I bought – Shrek, I think it was. We were a few minutes into it when he excused himself to use the bathroom. He seemed to be gone for a long time, because after he left, I paused the cartoon and waited for him to return, so we could continue watching it together. Ten minutes had passed and he still wasn’t back. So, feeling a little peeved, I decided to go find him.

As I approached the bathroom door, I heard discernable sounds of moaning coming from inside the bathroom. I quickly tiptoed over to the side of the door that had a tiny hole by the keyhole. Stooping low, I peeped in through the hole. It was a bit dark inside, but there was no mistaking what I was seeing. Precious was really packing some good meat for his age; I am proud of my size, but the schlong I saw was much bigger than mine and it was looking really angry with how its owner’s hand was mercilessly whacking away at it.

A few minutes later, Precious’ chest started heaving heavier. His hand pumped faster. His moan grew louder. And then, it was over.

I ran back to the living room, less quietly than I came, with a raging boner for all my trouble. Sinking into a couch, I crossed my legs and used a throw pillow to cover my bulge. He came in a while later, wearing an awkward look (maybe he’d heard me running) and avoiding my eyes.

Upon seeing that I’d paused the cartoon, he exclaimed, “Ah, you been dey wait for me?”

“Before nko,” I replied, feigning anger.

He apologized, saying he’d had to take a quick bath because he was feeling hot. I hit the Play button, and as the movie rolled on, my mind was working overtime. I kept sliding quick looks at his profile, unable to get the image of his dick out of my head. It didn’t help that my brick was still raging on.

Later that night, while we were in the bed, with my brother fast asleep on the other end of the bed, Precious and I were gisting late into the night. We were talking in whispers so as not to wake anybody (we did that often). This time though, there appeared to be something charged and palpable in the air between us. I could sense a need in his voice.

Maybe, he sensed it in mine too, because he suddenly said to me, “Denzy, you no wan wise.”

Confused, I merely responded that I was wise, to which he replied, “If you wise, you suppose know wetin boys dey do.”

I wasn’t sure of what he meant, so I asked him, “Wetin boys dey do?”

But he repeated the first line, and thereafter, he went mute, feigning sleep.

I knew he wasn’t asleep, as he was still breathing pretty fast. But he was lying still anyway, pretending. Nothing had prepared me for this type of scenario.

How do I approach this? I thought to myself, my heart pounding very hard from anxiety. “Wetin boys dey do” kept resonating in my head. I remembered Edet – what we did. We were boys. Was that the “do” he meant?

Several minutes had passed with me still locked in my turmoil. Then I glanced at the clock, whose face was illuminated by the security light outside. It was 1 AM. Then I turned an umpteenth look at Precious. This time, he seemed to truly be asleep. He looked so beautiful and peaceful in his slumber.

The image of his dick crept back into my head and I started feeling a strain in my groin. And without thinking, my hand acted. I felt it move and come down on his groin. Then it was slightly cupping his crotch, stopping short when I felt his hardness.

He had a boner!

Do people who are asleep have boners?

As though sensing my hesitation, he turned slightly, facing upwards – maybe to give me more room?

I hoped so. I reached for his crotch again, growing bolder. This time, my fingers slid through his boxers and I encountered the heat of his member. I shot a quick glance at his face. He didn’t even flinch. But his dick was definitely harder now. Kicking even. As I pulled it out, I got up slowly to get a better view.

It was glorious!

It was around 6 inches, maybe more, kinda hard to define at that age. But it looked sturdy and delicious and impressive for a 14-year-old.

I felt like I had just sprinted a 200 meter race, as streams of sweat were flowing freely down my face and I was literally out of breath.

Instinctively, I opened my mouth and its head was inside. I heard him gasp, and suddenly, his hands were on my head. In that microsecond that I felt his hands on my head, I almost died from terror. I never knew a million things could go through one’s mind in a split second, but that was what happened to me. Despite his vague statements earlier on, he hadn’t expressly said to me, “Suck my dick.” So, I didn’t know what to expect from him waking up to finding his dick in my mouth.

But then, that split second passed, and his hands on my head weren’t to push me roughly away from his dick. Instead, they were caressing my head, encouraging me to continue my oral ministration. This would be my very first blow job, and it was apparent I didn’t know what I was doing. I was basically slobbering all over his dick, but he didn’t seem to mind the streams of saliva dribbling all over his thighs. In fact, he seemed too far lost in the bliss of the blow job, enjoying whatever it was he was getting.

I continued sucking him for about five minutes, when he pulled me up by my shoulders toward him. It was there, lying next to him, that I had my first kiss. It was magical when our lips met. I think time stopped. I remember how all I wanted was to freeze that moment and time that we were lost in our own world.

I felt our hard-ons collide; with one hand, he held both our dicks and rubbed them together while maintaining our kiss. My dick was so hard, it needed release. I reluctantly broke our kiss, stood up and ghosted into the boys’ room. I returned almost immediately with Vaseline. He had tucked his dick back inside by the time I came back, but he was still hard. I brought the dick out again, hungrily, and smeared some Vaseline on it.

My brother, James, chose that moment to snort in his sleep. We froze. Then we got up from the bed and moved away to one of the sofas. I knelt down, resting my arms on the couch and he knelt behind me, guiding his dick into my back door. I didn’t expect it in my ass. I thought he’d do what Edet used to do, sticking it in between my thighs. But Precious aimed for my ass, and gawd, did it hurt. It felt bigger than it looked, but he was very gentle. Even to my inexperienced mind, I could tell that he knew what he was doing. He kept pinching my nipples with his hand, while planting kisses on my back. I was soon enjoying the feeling of having him inside me. I even regained my erection as his strokes sent waves of electricity flooding through my body. It was all we could do to keep our moans stifled, so lost was I in him.

Some thrusts later, I felt his cum rush through my innards. He collapsed on my back, breathing heavily for a while, and then pulled out his dick, before urging a switch in position.

I couldn’t believe my luck. I hadn’t thought he would be willing to give up his keister, but there he was, kneeling before me, awaiting my entry. I grabbed at the chance without hesitation. His hole was quite tight, too tight in fact. It took great effort for me to push through into his backdoor. I was certain that this was equally his first time receiving. I didn’t of course know how to control my desire, so the tightness of his hole facilitated my very quick climax. Looking back, I think it was merciful to him that I came quickly, as he was muffling his grunts and wincing the whole time I was fucking him.

And my brother slept through the whole thing.

We cleaned up our dicks and asses, and went back to sleep without a word.

Daybreak wasn’t what I expected. I mean, I wasn’t sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t Precious acting up and actively avoided me. It was very awkward, but I was okay with that, as long as our little midnight affair remained a secret.

He and his brother didn’t stay with us much longer after that. The crisis had ended long before then actually, but they stayed on in our house as the adults monitored the situation until it was safe enough for them to return to their home.

And eventually, they did. We didn’t see each other again for some months after they moved back to their place, but when we eventually met, we didn’t talk about that night. It was as if that night of our crazed pleasure at midnight never happened.

Many years have passed now. Much has changed. We’re still friends. But not once have we ever broached the subject of what we did that night. And I don’t think we ever will.

Written by Denzy

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