The Proposal: A Queer Woman Is Looking For A Gay Man Interested In Having A Family

The Proposal: A Queer Woman Is Looking For A Gay Man Interested In Having A Family


Are you a lover of kids? Are you someone willing to put in effort to raise a family in a drama-free arrangement?

My name is SB and I am a 30+ female looking for a very responsible gay guy who will love to have a kid for co-parenting purposes. Interest in an arranged marriage will be an added advantage, as this will help to create a good foundation, home and sense of belonging for the child.

It will be preferable if you are ready for this arrangement ASAP, as time is of essence. Also, because I reside abroad, if you stay in Canada or environs, it will be an added advantage as this will be great for ease of meeting and making arrangements if things work out (for our sakes and the child). We won’t have to live together 100%; a flexible arrangement to accommodate each other’s partners will be good, as long as the child’s life and upbringing is taken seriously and respected.

Please no drama or hidden secrets or any complicated situations.

If you are responsible, ready to have a kid or interested in an arranged marriage, do kindly reach out via email at



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  1. Iyke
    June 27, 22:58 Reply

    Hi SB,

    I tried to email you but it seems the email address isn’t correct unless you deactivated it.

    I would love to connect with you..if you read this, can you ease dm me..


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