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The Minority Report Is Two Years Old And Still Talking

In February 2020, The Minority Report Nigeria marked its second anniversary. And so, by responding to such questions like the lesson learned from doing TMR, the most memorable aspects of

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Facebook Post Of The Day X

Loud it, Grandpa! Lol. By now, y’all must have heard of Irvin randle, the local grandfather is now an internet sensation, and all he did was look good. Irvin Randle

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Morning Humour XXVII: Andy Cohen’s answer to Mariah Carey’s question

During Mariah Carey’s appearance on Andy Cohen’s WWHL – you know, that interview where she collectively shaded Jennifer Lopez and Nicki Minaj – she was granted the chance to ask


  1. Mandy
    March 25, 06:41 Reply

    He should use black. It’d be appropriate for his gay-hating soul.

  2. Kenny
    March 25, 07:54 Reply

    LMAO!!!! Even the man in glasses behind him couldn’t help it, he had to laugh.

  3. Mitch
    March 25, 08:15 Reply

    ROOTFLMAO! That babe wicked gan

  4. Delle
    March 26, 09:09 Reply

    With that guy in front? *walks on*

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