Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 3)

Deola’s Corner: Another Week Of TV (Edition 3)

DISCLAIMER: The following article contains spoilers from TV Shows of the past week, so if you haven’t SEEN the episodes of the week, and you detest spoilers, then I suggest you leave while you can. If you haven’t and you don’t mind spoilers, feel free to enjoy. If you have seen the episodes, then by all means read on and lets ki-ki.


So following three brilliantly written and fast paced episodes, this episode slowed down a whole lot, so much so that I began to get bored, something that has never happened with this show. But I guess this episode was sorta like The Hunger Games Mocking-jay Part 1 or literally every YA series that has been split into two. It’s that way in that it’s mostly setup – setup for what I presume is going to be more action/drama to come.

So last week, we got the reveal that the murderous siblings were low-key boinking, only for them to take that away (sort of) this week. Let me just say that despite whatever virginity test (I’m curious as to how this works by the way) that Murderous Sibling Number 2 passed, there are other things those two could be doing. Trust me, I know. *wink-wink* I still think they are LUVAHHHHSSSS!

The case of the week involved a girl who was part of some mean girl gang at her school, and like all mean girls, they did mean things. The accused and the mean girl gang basically stabbed her best friend, Rachel, not once but FIFTY TWO TIMES! Because, well #SKANKSgetSHANKED. So here’s the T; apparently Rachel was going after one of the head mean girls’ boyfriend and so, #SKANKhadTOgetSHANKED.jpeg

This all looked bad, but Annalise has always got a way and her play in court was that her client was a shy newbie who was pressured into going along with the plan of the mean girls to shank the skank. I didn’t buy it because I could see that her client was guilty as fuck! I mean, did you see her eyes? That girl was one lose screw away from killing everyone everywhere. I mean, I wasn’t there and even I was scared of her! Connor seemed to think so too, and so he leaked footage to the opposing council. Footage that basically signed, sealed and delivered Annalise’s client’s guilty status.

Oh, and did I mention Laurel was the one that got the footage by stealing the client’s phone? I swear I am both scared and intrigued by Laurel. She is constantly surprising me. Anyways, Annalise – being the witch that she is – knew of Connor’s betrayal and so she called him aside and gave him the VIOLA DAVIS DEATH GLARE! And by the glory and the power of finally getting laid last week, Connor escaped that confrontation alive. Back to said footage, so Annalise is working her magic in courtroom, and she looks to be winning by making it look like head mean girl was the one guilty and then BAM! Crazy girl loses her shit! And she starts yelling, “You’re a liar! You were nothing until you met me! You were some stuck up bitch until I made you interesting! You think that you’re anything without me? You’re nothing! You’re just some basic bitch who better watch her back! That’s right! YOU’RE NEXT, WHORE!”

Phew! *swiping at forehead*

I don’t know who that actress is, but boy, does she play crazy well. DAMN! Well, way to sign your death warrant, crazy chick. Twas nice knowing ya!

Wes and Nate and Levi are still digging (lol) to find out what really happened to Rebecca, and they seemed to make some headway in that front – finding out what cemetery Rebecca was supposedly buried in.

Asher is making some deal with soon-to-be-dead Prosecutor Lady, and he is acting all suspicious, and he isn’t good at hiding it, the poor thing. So of course, the greatest assassin that ever liveth AKA Bonnie gets suspicious and drops a bomb on Asher. She tells douche-face that she was the one that went all murder-ey on Sam. Way to “protect” Annalise (and the kids, but mostly Annalise) again, Bonnie. Nicely played!

Oh, and Mrs Nate – you know, Officer Nate’s wife – well, she wants to check out of life. Yap, and she wants Annalise to do it. I mean, surely it’s the least she can do, after screwing her husband and then framing him. Annalise suddenly gains a conscience and a sense of morality to boot, and spends a huge part of the hour debating Mrs Nate’s request. She finally decides not to do it. (Sigh) The one thing she asks you to do, eh Annalise… These hoes truly ain’t loyal!

Flash-forward time! So unlike the last three episodes, we got a whole lot of footage in the flash-forward this week. And we see Annalise being attended to by the EMTs, while Prosecutor Lady is still pretty much dead. And then, Annalise flat-lines on the way to the ER. So we have that to look forward to.

Like I said last week, but was even expanded this week, Nate’s not just helping these kids get away with whatever they have done; he looks to be a part of the team. So Murderous 4 are now 5? They drive up to some unknown location, Michaela gets out of the car and goes in, and opens the door with A KEY! And who do we have there but Murderous Sibling Number 1. And he asks, “How is she?” And Michaela says, “Good.”

Hmmm. Curiouser and curiouser.

Favourite Character in Episode: Umm, this obviously goes to Crazy Mean Girl, Zoe. The actress played her role well, and she was creepy as fuck. She also made an otherwise basic case a tad interesting. And that blow-up in court… *shudders*

Favourite Quote in Episode: “I told you to use your boobs, not your heart.” – Annalise (to Michaela)

“Spank me, daddy.” – Michaela (to Levi)

Favourite Scene in Episode: The Annalise-Connor showdown. I thought for sure she was gonna eat him alive. Connor doesn’t want any more blood on his hands, which is ironic, because well, that’s exactly what he ends up with it the flash-forward.

Rating: 6/10. A slower-paced episode than we are used to; the Nate’s wife storyline also seemed weirdly placed in this episode. Hopefully, things will pick up again next week.

RANDOM TV RANT OF THE WEEK: The Curious Case Of Empire Vs Power

This is one feud I have never understood.seroes3

So, right around the time that Empire was to premiere early this year, I hadn’t actually seen Power, and all I knew of Empire was that it was Taraji P. Henson’s new TV show, after she left the TV show, Person Of Interest, to “pursue roles in Movies”. I remember thinking that well, it looks like the movie roles weren’t coming and so she went back to TV. So I was curious about the show. And when it premiered, I watched it and I was quite impressed with her turn as Cookie Lyon. A lot of people must have been impressed too, because the show blew up and the ratings climbed each week, and it quickly acquired a mammoth presence on social media.

50 Cent then started making comments, and from what I got, he and fans of Power seemed to imply that Empire was some sort of rip-off of the show, Power (50 Cent produces and stars in it in a recurring role). Now I hadn’t seen Power then, but even the social media was split, and there was suddenly this Empire versus Power thing going on. And so, when I got the chance, way after Empire’s debut season had aired completely, I decided to finally see what the fuss 50 was making about Power.

And I was shocked. I was also surprised. Power stars Omari Hardwick and Naturi Naughton; I was expecting a drama based on a musical family, you know, kinda like Empire, because that was what the social media and 50 Cent had implied. Instead, Power was about a drug dealer running a night club business as a front for his drug operations, and his struggles with balancing the “power” plays in both worlds. The more I watched Power, the more confused I was as to what exactly was drawing comparisons with Empire. The truth is Power is a far superior show. It’s a legitimate drama, with brilliant characters plotting intricately against one another. The writing was very good in the first season, but it was brilliant in the show’s second season. Omari Hardwick does a wonderful job in portraying the struggles of James St Patrick aka Ghost. His struggles with his drug business, his struggles with his night club front business, his personal struggles (he falls in love with an old flame, who just so happens to be an FBI agent investigating the drug dealer named Ghost; obviously she doesn’t know that he is Ghost). That situation creates a lot of the show’s intensity, but it’s not the sole plot thread that carries the show. All the storylines are woven masterfully, and there is always a payoff for the viewer.

Now of course Power isn’t perfect; it has its issues too, like any other show. Apart from the lead actor and actress (Omari Hardwick as James St Patrick, Joseph Sikora as Tommy, Naturi Naughton as Tasha St Patrick and Lela Loren as Angela Valdez) who more than carry their own weights, the same cannot be said for both supporting characters and actors. The weakness in Power lies in the supporting cast. They aren’t as well written or portrayed as the lead characters, and it shows. 50 Cent’s acting in particular leaves a lot to be desired. It’s not Hakeem-Lyon-terrible, but it’s still weak. That being said, the show more than makes up for it.

So I was left wondering what the fuss was about. 50 cent should know that he is part of a really awesome show that just so happens to be a critical darling. So except the purpose of him mouthing off about Empire was to ride its popularity to give his own show some visibility, in which case I would say well done and well played; other than that, it would be just silly. Power is superior in every regard to Empire. Sure it might never be as popular, but he should be assured that as long as his show keeps going in the direction that it’s going, they’ll be more than fine. Empire on the other hand is already shooting itself in the foot and you can smell the inevitable downfall. Glee anyone?

PS: The shade that Cookie threw at 50 Cent in the Season 2 premiere though… Still makes me laugh!


  1. LUCCA QUINN (THE GOOD WIFE): I was impressed by her character in the season premiere and she somehow managed to impress me more this week. The show realizes they have a Kalinda-shaped hole that needed replacing, and I am glad they didn’t go for a Kalinda 2.0, but went for a new and completely different character who is hungry, and she’s breathed new life into the show in just two episodes. More of her please!
  2. THE CARY-AGOS SITUATION (THE GOOD WIFE): So last week’s episode, there was this junior MALE associate who hit on Cary, and Cary basically brushed off his advance. This week, said junior associate says, “I am not gay” to Cary Agos. So I’m left a lil bit confused, Are the writers trying to do something with Cary’s sexuality or what? Whatever it is, colour me intrigued.
  3. NEW LEAD SINGER? (EMPIRE ): Empire was a bore this week, but in the closing moments of the episode, we are introduced to this Latin beauty whose voice blew me away, She wasn’t singing in English either, but she somehow still had an effect on me. If Hakeem does sign her, it would be fun to watch him rub her in his father’s face (not literally of course).
  4. MAY KICKING ASS (AGENTS OF SHIELD): She was on the sidelines in the season premiere, and the second episode, but boy, was it awesome to see her kick some much needed ass in this episode. This show should never leave her on the sidelines. Never!
  5. STEPHANIE’S BACKSTORY (GREYS ANATOMY): The Stephanie character has always been my favourite of the interns that were introduced in the ninth season (right behind cute lil Mousey, may her little electrocuted heart rest in peace). Stephanie reminds me of a young Christina Yang, she’s good and she knows it, and she’s gonna let you know it too. She’s also got layers about her, emotional layers. So it was interesting to get a peek into a little bit of her back-story. It was also awesome to see her and Amelia Sheppard grow even closer. Dr Jo Wilson needs to get that green eye checked; not a good colour on anyone.

Honourable Mention: NEW GLADIATOR (SCANDAL): It was quite nice to see Marcus from last season in this episode. Dude was awesome last season and the scene where Quinn pitches the Pope and Associates Job to him was a nice call-back to the series premiere, when Harrison (*sniffs*) did the same to her. His reply was also funny, but it was about time we got a new gladiator, and Jake doesn’t count, because Jake is just meh. Thankfully, the actor was upgraded to a series regular, so we should see more of Marcus in the coming episodes.

IN CANCELLATION NEWS: A couple of shows have faced the dreaded cancellation axe in the past few weeks. The victims include Graceland, America’s Next Top Model (series finale airs in December), Chasing Life, Defiance, Rookie Blue, and Extant.

And of course there are the shows that are still on air that are facing cancellation; the bet of most people is that the first new show of fall season to get cancelled will be Minority Report. The ratings are abysmal and Fox has decided to reduce the series order (AKA cancellation is imminent). Another show doing poorly in the ratings is Scream Queens; so Scream fans, enjoy this while you can, because it might not last. Also the Morris Chestnut drama, Rosewood, is also dwindling and has barely any life left.

Other previous cancellations from the last couple of months include Under The Dome and Hannibal.

TV SHOWS I THINK YOU SHOULD CHECK OUT: This is technically not a TV show. It’s a web show. It’s called Coffee House Chronicles, and there are four episodes out there on their YouTube channel. They remind me of the DL Chronicles. And it is quite decent. Each episode deals with a different issue that is prevalent in the LGBT community and it’s quite worth the watch.

Quote Of The Week: “Skanks get shanked.” – Zoe (HTGAWM). This one has been playing in a loop in my head all weekend.

Your turn! Sound off in the comments…

Written by Deola

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  1. Francis
    October 18, 07:29 Reply

    That court scene was mean girls gold. I kept rewinding it. Like WTF! She was mighty scary. Annalise can like to develop a useless conscience when she pleases. That woman sef. #CantDeal.

    I plan on ripping that Lago Azul song from that episode of Empire. It was BEAUTIFUL so was the singer. That voice is built for tearjerkers.

    I’m surprised they haven’t announced the cancellation of Scream Queens. *sighs* Those hot twins could have done with some acting lessons.

    • Deola
      October 18, 13:47 Reply

      The twins really were horrible. They also brought Abigail Breslin’s ( who I happen to like and who is an Oscar nominee) game down. She looked like an amateur.
      They are pretty to look at but cant act for shi!

      • Francis
        October 18, 14:03 Reply

        They need to hire new writers fast or bring the ones that wrote the first episode back to life. You’re right about Abigail. This show just isn’t right for a actress of her calibre.

        P.S: wish I can get pass my dislike for 50cents to watch that Power show.

        • Deola
          October 18, 16:22 Reply

          That was one of the things that initially made me reluctant to check the show out. I thought the show was gonna be very heavy on featuring 50 cent, but it actually isnt. He is barely there is the first season and even though his appearances in the second season increased it flowed with the storyline and i had no qualms with it.

          If you can get past the 50cent thing, trust me its a splendid show.

  2. sinnex
    October 18, 07:57 Reply

    I never knew ‘Power’ was that good. I have the first 2 seasons which I left to watch ‘Banshee’. I guess I would check it out.

  3. Mandy
    October 18, 08:12 Reply

    You know what’s got me unnerved? The fact that the Keating Five appears to be unravelling around Annalise. The males anyway – Wes, Connor, Asher. Them sumfabitches aint loyal no more. And that chilling moment when Annalise faced down Connor, and dropped a titillating bit of blackmail? Damn! I could almost see Connor’s balls shriveling. lol

  4. Saude
    October 18, 09:17 Reply

    I just have to say this, I feel you are downplaying empire too much. I mean the show is as still as entertaining as ever. Might not be as great as HTGAWM but the labels rivalry is astonishing, the brothers feuding, cookie helping the prosecutor against luscious to save herself and her sons. Don’t get me started on cookie’s several dramas(we all know nobody bitch better than that bitch), the great songs. All these wrapped into one with luscious and his lawyer’s impending battle against the prospector as the ribbon on it all make for a good and entertaining show I think.

  5. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    October 18, 12:04 Reply

    First. Empire isn’t as bad as u make it seem Deola… It’s a musical drama and the drama is there as well as the music (oh I love the music part).

    Scandal and what they are doing with fitz-olivia *rolls eyes* … Marcus I love so much.

    Now HTGAWM, that mean girl scene in court was everything! … The intrigue is murder keeps getting interesting for me… And haba who wouldn’t use ‘heart’ instead of ‘boobs’ for that murderous sibling number one????? *he’s HOT!!!*

    • Deola
      October 18, 16:28 Reply

      When Empire wowed me in the first few episodes of last season I was championing it, but sadly the writing and acting has gotten quite horrible as this season has progressed. I know its a musical “soap opera”, but that doesnt excuse the sloppy writing that has been all over the place this season.
      And can someone please get Jussie Smollet and especially Bryshere Y. Gray acting lessons cause they really need it.

      When empire impresses me again, i’ll be the first the give it that praise, for now…uh uh.

  6. Max
    October 18, 14:21 Reply

    HtGaWM always finds a way to keep me thrilled week after week. This week’s episode was an 8/10 for me. I’m sorry but you downplayed the moments in it a lot. Any moving picture than can make me feel emotion is damn good (I don’t normally feel most of the time) and HTgawm made me feel again this week.
    From the hospital scene where Nate’s wife begged for her life, to the confrontation with Connor and Bonnie/Ashur’s ending scene + the thrilling/highly entertaining/unnerving mean girl scene.

    Please please please, you have to include originals and vamp diaries in your review.

    • Deola
      October 18, 16:32 Reply

      If you rate this episode an 8/10 then what do you rate the first three that were really brilliant? The episode wasnt bad, there were high points in the episode but the pacing was way off and that has never been a problem with the show.

      As for TheOriginals and TheVampireDiaries, i’ll try to incorporate them somehow.

  7. Francis
    October 18, 14:44 Reply

    Coffee House Chronicles is cool. I actually saw the first episode months back but wasn’t subscribed so i didn’t get any alert on the other 3 episodes that followed.

    It’s for romantics sha. Lol

  8. Hema
    October 18, 14:46 Reply

    Deola, please I need to know, is DL CHRONICLES still airing at all?
    Is it possible for me to get a couple of seasons?
    I really need to catch up.

    • Deola
      October 18, 16:36 Reply

      The DL Chronicles was actually pulled off the air, The first season ( 4 episodes) aired in 2007 but then it got cancelled. They revived it in 2011 or 2012 not sure, and one more episode was released, making 5 episodes in total. You can download them from any decent torrent site.

  9. Somebody
    October 19, 12:40 Reply

    First of all..pls try to incorporate The Vampire Dairies and The Originals (especially) in ur reviews pls.. Secondly I’ll give the latest empire episode an 8/10 truly the pace of the show picked up and I was really loving the background music. As for HTGAW it was obvious there were trying to put a lot into one episode but still as breath taking as ever. Scream Queens isn’t that bad tho.. I really love Zayday and that female security guard. The show is meant to be bad..that’s the satire. I guess its because I’m just 17 and I’m in the genre they are going for and i’m a fan of slasher horror movies (so I get their parodies). BTW Ryan Murphy is already giving hints of a season 2(he says only 4 people will survive from s1)

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