My 1000 Forms Of Fear

My 1000 Forms Of Fear

Writer’s Note: I love Sia. I love her work, and it is because of this admiration that her album title inspired the title of this work. The rest of the work was inspired by the movie, Brokeback Mountain. I’d only just seen the film, and it affected me in ways I couldn’t begin to fathom, except by putting them down in words of poetry.


They kissed, lightly at first, hesitant,

They were uncertain

They were on an unfamiliar hill, in an unfamiliar kiss, with feelings unfamiliar.

Their foreheads were pressed tightly together, their eyes closed,

They stroked each other’s faces as the passion grew.

They kissed again, deeper and for longer

They shook with fervor as new feelings burned within

I watched them

As they played, fought and fell in love on Brokeback Mountain

The hills, the kiss, the emotions were no longer unfamiliar

They were certain: of whom they were and what they wanted.

They were certain they were in love.

As I watched, I felt a longing so deep that I shook

A longing for certainty, for I was uncertain

Uncertain as to who I was, as to what I wanted

Uncertain as to if I was in love

And even as I kissed him

I remained uncertain

And too afraid to search for certainty

For fear of what I just might find

Written by Chandler Bing

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  1. Mandy
    November 12, 06:55 Reply

    ‘And even as I kissed him
    I remained uncertain
    And too afraid to search for certainty
    For fear of what I just might find.’

    This is a word of advice for this ‘him’ being kissed by Chandler Bing. RUN! RUN for your life! Do not get emotionally entangled with this one, because he sounds like an emotional train wreck waiting to happen.

    • Peak
      November 12, 09:12 Reply

      Mandy! Really?? Like seriously??

      All I have for your comment is … “IT’S TIME TO REACH OUT!”

      • Mandy
        November 12, 10:32 Reply

        What are you talking about, Peak? What has cautioning someone against getting involved emotionally with someone else who’s clearly not ready to do with the activism of LGBT communism?

  2. Andrevn
    November 12, 09:41 Reply

    That moment when love stares you hard in the face, but you’re so uncertain you ignore all the signs… And when it’s coming from a supposed straight guy, it just becomes Dilemma of days.

    I love this poem. Sincerely I do

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