Did I find you

Or simply thought that I did?

Our impassioned craze

Was it love or was it chemistry?

Numb we were, shorn to the feel

Of pain, of past, and scars of melted wounds


Because we found something,

Or rather, because we thought we did,

 When we closed our eyes, exchanging vows

At the boulevards of Buenos Aires


Was it our mind’s musings

When we saw us hand-in-hand

On the streets of Montreal

With kids bearing weird names

Till we were rudely woken

 By the clouts of a brute reality


Where there was chemistry,

I found pain, just as I found you

Where there was a scar,

I found two more, just as I found you


Yet I wear a painted smile

Because we found something

Even if it lasted for a second

 And you found me too

Though it was ephemeral,

 I know for sure, that I once found you.

Written by Adrian

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  1. obatala
    January 20, 06:54 Reply

    awesome poetry

    didn’t read it though

    I have always had a poetrophobia since jss3

    when they brought this smashing dude to teach literature

    with nice white teeth and lips like a Greek god

    I could almost always trace the outline of his tighty whiteys

    I must have raped him a million ways in a million places at least in my mind

    it went without saying

    I never understood a word in class

    always staring with my mouth agape

    he noticed me once

    and when I couldn’t answer with the
    name of the poem we were supposed to be treating

    he barred me from classes ad infinitum

    I rebelled against the arts that took my first crush from me

    well, maybe not my first

    but a crush nevertheless

    • chestnut
      January 20, 07:17 Reply

      Lol…obatal, do u know u kinda actually just wrote a poem? And it turned out nice!

      • obatala
        January 20, 07:32 Reply

        well, I remember someone saying u just put spaces between your lines and …bam…poetry

  2. KryxxX
    January 20, 07:29 Reply

    Poetry! Poetry! Poetry!
    If only a deep, nice nd sultry voice was reading it out loud to me…………

    • Max
      January 20, 08:37 Reply

      It wouldn’t be much of a poem now, would it??

  3. Mr Kassy
    January 20, 09:33 Reply

    I so much love poetry cos I am also a poet.Nice one Adrian*hugs u in Deeper Live’s style”virtual hugging,1kilometre away”*

  4. Vhar.
    January 20, 09:52 Reply

    Where there was chemistry,
    I found pain, just as I found you
    Where there was a scar,
    I found two more, just as I found you


  5. Absalom
    January 20, 10:29 Reply

    Favourite line: “Though it was ephemeral/
    I know for sure, that I once found you.”

    Nice one, Adrian.

    Now. Who did you write it for? (Just for my peace of mind, of course.) 😀

    • Andrevn
      January 20, 16:44 Reply

      yu pipu be throwing shade up
      and down KD avenue asif yu be sharing ‘Sara!!!

  6. Adrian
    January 20, 11:41 Reply

    I once loved a poet, tho it didn’t work out… He inspired me to write and for that am greatful. We are good friends tho, awesome friends if I might add!

  7. Andrevn
    January 20, 16:40 Reply


    Dats all i’m saying…

    Thank you Adrian

  8. Brian Collins
    January 21, 20:53 Reply

    So is this one of those things james talked about taking full sentences and break them?

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