Nicki Minaj comes out as Straight, raps that she “Used to Be Bi but Now I’m Hetero”

Nicki Minaj comes out as Straight, raps that she “Used to Be Bi but Now I’m Hetero”

Nicki Minaj, queen of rap and a recently married woman, decided to come out as straight for some reason on a remix of Doja Cat’s hit song, Say So.

The song, which grew in popularity on TikTok through a viral dance, currently sits at #5 on Billboard’s Hot 100. Minaj’s remix of the song dropped on May 1, and has a line in it that leaves no doubts about what her sexuality is.

“Tell Mike Jordan send me my Retros/Used to be bi, but now I’m just hetero,” she raps.

And Barbs are…confused.

According to Out, Minaj has before come out as bisexual, and then did an about-face in a 2012 Rolling Stone interview, where she was on the record saying, “I think girls are sexy. But I’m not going to lie and say that I date girls.”


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  1. Ken
    May 05, 08:36 Reply

    She lieing. Bitch gay!

  2. Higwe
    May 05, 08:54 Reply

    She really ruined Doja’s say so remix .
    Can’t believe that for the first time in my life I’m rooting for Beyonce .
    2020 is a weird year.

      • Mr robot
        May 05, 10:43 Reply

        Well the song isn’t hitting no 1 on the billboard hot 100 with Nicki on board

        • Fesi
          May 05, 12:17 Reply

          Yeah, its because of new releases, from Travis Scott, drake…….

          • Mr robot
            May 05, 13:36 Reply

            I honestly see a US no 1 single and Grammy as things that will continuously elude Nicki no shade,she’s past her peak and honestly it doesn’t undermine her success
            It is such a kii that lil nas x who stanned her hard acquired those things before her even if he doesn’t acknowledge her existence any longer

        • Higwe
          May 05, 17:16 Reply

          It might though .
          Currently there are three songs in contention.
          Toosie slide , savage ( remix ) and say so .

          Drake got a boost from his EP and he’s leading in apple.
          Beyonce has iTunes and Spotify.

          Say so has a better airplay .

          At this moment nothing is a given .

          Though Beyonce isn’t really my favorite artist …out of the three options she’s my least evil ?

          I love Doja, but the whole remix and everything she’s done so far reeks of desperation.
          Nicki even telling her fans to get say so to number 1 or she’ll sell her Twitter account even makes me more irritated.

          Drake has gotten his own number 1 on his song’s debut week … anything further from now is simply greed.
          He should let the ladies have their chance too .?

          • Mr robot
            May 05, 20:38 Reply

            The competition is just too stiff I don’t see say so topping the chart with drake,Travis Scott and kid cudi and meg outstreaming it by a considerable margin and Ariana and Justin bieber are releasing a collaboration next week and though not a guaranteed hit could be a threat,for some weird reason Nick I is always so close to topping the chart but it always thaws out poor her.

  3. Mr robot
    May 05, 09:39 Reply

    According to atrl she ain’t one of the ‘main pop girls’ no more,anything to keep her name in the press

    • Higwe
      May 05, 17:17 Reply

      You’re a member of ATRL ?????‍♂️

      Tell me your username ??????

      • Mr robot
        May 05, 20:14 Reply

        Lol *screaming* you’re are an atrler?,I stopped using it a while back lol I was there from adele’s 21 domination (we were shook at her decimating the other pop girls week after week with minimal effort) to Katy Perry matching Michael Jackson’s 5 no 1 singles from an album to is Ariana grande finally a main pop girl threads lol but for personal reasons I left both it and Stan twitter but I am very familiar with the lingo that the general public won’t get
        Anyways I use popheads on reddit to still get pop music news not as crazy nor as expansive as atrl but if you by any chance use reddit and want my username then sure and are Shawn Mendes threads still as messy as they used to be?,I would never forget the threads of Shawn Mendes naming Beyonce as his favorite superhero lol and the arguments about Beyonce and Taylor swift being global lol

        • Higwe
          May 05, 21:39 Reply

          Of course nah ???
          I used to be pretty active though but age don increase and responsibilities don plenty so I pop in once in a while now .

          It was a wild time …I remember when Nas Maraj used to troll Taylor , Cardi etc …now he’s a global superstar. ?

          Nice to have you here .

          ATRL isn’t what it used to be though.
          Too many kids have infested the place .
          And the pop girls we used to Stan don dey fade small small , hip Pop don dey take over and the boys are dominating the charts.

          In the golden era of ATRL , we had the likes of Katy , Gaga , Taylor , Rihanna , Beyonce etc battling it out .
          The Stan war , disses and comebacks were epic .

          I honestly don’t think Nicki is not a main pop girl anymore .
          She’s still the most successful female rapper of all time .
          Now the most streamed woman on YouTube ( with feats)

          She’s merely a victim of an ageist industry .
          But she’s still a superstar and can still make hit records .
          That assertion is a fallacy.

          Please don’t stay away …I actually enjoyed interacting with someone updated with music news.
          Not the ones that look for headlines on Instagram posts and come here to counter my credible information ??

          Nothing as distasteful as an ignorance that is extremely loud .???

        • Higwe
          May 05, 21:47 Reply

          I use Reddit but not for music news though.
          I use it to learn new words/ poems and quotes.
          They send it to my mail everyday ” word of the day ” I’m still cramming the new ones I’ve learnt and looking for sentences to use them in ?.

          My go to music site will always be ATRL.
          I’m never affected even when they lock up because I’m a registered member.

          You can also follow chart data and pop crave on Twitter.
          They’re both wonderful places to get music news, but ATRL is far more detailed because they break down the likely chart positions of songs , instead of merely reporting it when it happens .

          You can also follow Simon Falk .
          Even though he’s been off a lot of times lately , he does get it right sometimes .

          But why I love ATRL is that there are threads for almost everything .
          iTunes result.
          Radio airplay .
          Spotify etc

          And to answer your question ,it’s still pretty crazy …but a lot watered down now.

  4. Francis
    May 05, 14:01 Reply

    Dry remix ?? Ruined the song for me

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