As my work for Greene Interiors end, I been think say my life don finish. My oga die few months before e suppose settle me. The one wey come pain pass be say him wife discharge us without settlement, talk say she no sabi our arrangement with her dead husband. Six years and nine months wey I dey the man hand learn work, no settlement.

Na so suffer carry me go meet Bartho, my kinsman for Port Harcourt. I believe say as e go bad reach, make I dey near person wey I sabi die there. The week wey I come, Bartho tell me say him just get work as butler for one big man wey just carry him family to come settle for G.R.A, say the house near former Senator Douglas Wangala house. I remember when we small, we dey go that area go play. Whenever him convoy dey land, we go run carry broom dey sweep front of him gate. The man go come give person money to share give us. I remember the brother way be him body-guard, wey been black like say na Satan born am. Him no dey share the money give us finish; him give us small, come pocket the remaining. We small that time; wetin we fit do?

This man wey Bartho dey work for, him papa and Senator be friends – na the gist wey Bartho yarn give me. I even ask am make him help me find work for the mansion. Him promise say him go try.

One morning wey don dey near afternoon, him ring me for phone tell me say him oga say make I run reach house, say work dey. Na im I prepare, pay transport reach the house. The compound use small thing big pass my village. The oga na fresh man, e resemble person wey dey 35 years even though say him go fit don reach 49 years. Money come make am yellow like oyibo, come fresh ghan. Him ask me some kind small, small questions. He come say I go do medicals. Him driver carry me go hospital, tell the doctor something. The doctor come carry me run tests, then come give me some kind small medicine, come carry the file for my medicals give the driver to give oga. Oga look the file, come smile, tell me say I go dey clean the compound, dey tidy the flower. As I hear the salary, belle sweet me; na so I gree for the work.

Suffer no be good thing. I no lazy, but e be like say my papa vex God, wey make me come follow dey suffer him punishment. After my former work stop, I enter transport business, dey help person drive passengers go Owerri or Umuahia. But police run me street, and I nearly go prison if no be Bartho. Then I been wan run hire purchase, use bus run public transport, but the oga no dey trust person. Na so every day, I dey answer query like say I be thief.

Na the bus public transport I leave before this work come. As the new oga gree say him go pay me 80 thousand only to dey clean compound, dey arrange grass, I gree.

Oga Madam na fine woman wey no get wahala. Bartho tell me say na three pikin she get; two dey America dey read book. And the one wey dey house dey senior secondary. Him name na Edward. As e big like man already, dem still dey pet am like pikin, like say him never even sabi woman before.

Oga get two driver; the one wey dey carry only Oga na Victor. I no even understand him way. Him dey talk plenty English like say no be common driver him be. Ukato na the other driver, and him be Deeper Life man; na him dey drive Madam or Edward. The day I see Oga vex na the day wey Ukato go bash motor where Edward dey for front seat. Oga don already call police, but Madam beg taya before dem finally gree say make Ukato pack leave driver’s quarters. Dem sack am.

Madam greet me one fine morning as I dey tidy compound. She just return from Edward school where she go drop am. She follow me laugh small, tell me say she dey find driver, say if I get person wey sabi drive, make I call am. I relate the matter give Bartho, but I no tell am say Madam been dey look me one kind, the kind way those girls wey dey come our shop for my old work to buy decoration materials been dey look me. I no tell am say e be like Madam sabi away-match. Bartho him tell me say Oga no dey give work to anyhow person, say him dey choose special able-bodied people. I reason am, come go tell Madam say I fit drive. She say okay, come talk give Oga.

To test me, Oga say make I drive am one evening for the Prado. Him just sidan for back dey observe me as I dey drive. E be like say I pass the test, because na so I take upgrade from compound cleaner to assistant driver. Oga tell me say I fit drive any other motor for the compound, but make I no touch him Rolls Royce jeep wey him dey call “Cullinan”. I dey use the Bentley carry Madam, the Buick or Range Rover to carry Edward from school, and the Jaguar na for church and Sunday runs. Madam dey carry the Buick comot sometimes, if Victor no carry am go drop Oga.

One day, I dey carry Edward dey come house, him tell me say him want make I help am do homework after. I nod head. I no sabi the kind homework wey him want make I teach am. E don tay wey I sidan carry book. If na maths, I fit help am; I no too dull for that side. But if na English, I go send am give him mama; she na dictionary with the supré-supré wey she dey speak.

That night, the boy come my room. Me sef just dey comot from bathroom when him knock. As e enter, him sidan for my bed, dey observe my room. I sidan for chair face am. Him begin ask me traditional question wey concern masquerade. As I dey answer, him no dey write. Him just dey look me dey bite him mouth. I no too reason wetin him been dey do until him come kneedan for my front, put him hand inside my towel, touch my Thomas. Na him I wooze am slap for him yellow face, push am comot from my room. That night, na so-so vex I just dey vex. I been wan tell Bartho, but him no come work early the next day.

Oga come call me say na me go carry am go airport that day. Since I start the driver work one month ago, na only that test-drive wey I carry Oga do. Victor na Oga driver, and him dey around. So e surprise me say Oga want make I drive am, and that Victor too dey do plenty shakara, like say na God him dey drive. I carry the Buick carry Oga go airport. I been carry wetin happen for mind, say I go tell Oga wetin him pikin dey do. But the man come dey ask me if I get family, and the things wey him go do to protect him own. Him come talk say if I behave well, keep things to myself like matured person, him go increase my pay. My ear stand as I hear ‘increase’; me wey dey feel say dem dey over-pay me, them wan come add more on top? Na groove I dey!

As I reach house, I begin find Edward to beg am. Because if e tell him papa or mama say I slap am, with wetin Oga tell me for motor, dem fit sack me. The boy no gree see me; if him sight me, e go disappear. Him even tell him mama say e want make she drive am go school by herself. Madam come dey ask me if I know wetin make the boy dey get bad mood. Me, I say I no sabi.

Luck come land for my lap when Madam call me say make I go pick Edward from school because she dey meeting, say she no fit. I buy chocolate carry go the school. As e open door see me, him just stand, look me bad eye.

“Edward, you too vex,” I talk with small laugh and plenty smile. “Enter motor, you hear? I wan tell you something.”

As I beg am finish, give am the chocolate, tell am say him papa promise me say if I behave, say him go increase my pay, e come gree, come smile. Come dey romance my lap and chest as I dey drive. The thing strange me o, but I just dey laugh. This boy na small 15-year-old boy, come be big man pikin. If to say na girl, I for don shift her alignment. But how I wan take allow this small pikin enter my nyash? Abi na me go enter him nyash? I no just know.

Him come my room again that night, na me gree make him come. Wetin I plan to do na to use code tell am wetin him dey do no good. But Madam send me message earlier, so I no come get chance to go my girl house to fuck. The Tiger Nut wey I been drink come dey work. My Thomas come strong like rod. As Edward enter, lock door, him begin kiss me, dey romance me. I use force push am the first time, him come dey sweat, dey beg me, come talk say, “Nobody will know or talk, and you will get your raise.”

As e talk like that, me I come reason am. If person no go hear am come call me homo, or talk say I rape pikin, e no go bad to use am hold body, pretend say na woman I dey fuck. The pikin be like person wey don dey do this kind thing tay-tay.

My girl dey always cry say my Thomas too big; even other girls dem sef dey cry, “Thaddeus, you go wound me.” But this boy suck the prick sotay e come do me like say na inside toto e dey. E come swallow my thing put inside him throat, e come sweet me enter brain. I come begin moan, dey cover mouth make them no hear. Thank God say door and window na soundproof.

The pikin push me for bed, remove my boxers, sidan on top my thing, dey fuck me. E sweet pass wetin my girl or any girl don give me. Soft. Wet. Na so my toes dem fold finish. I cum inside the condom. E come lie down for the bed, dey look me, dey rub him small prick. Me, I carry my hand put inside him hole. E warm, come neat. I been think say shit dey rub person prick if e fuck homo. But shit no dey the hole, shit no dey my prick. The thing come hungry me to do again. I lie Edward for him back, raise him leg put for my shoulder, begin fire am, sotay him leg begin shake.

“Uncle Thaddeus, it’s okay… I can’t feel my pussy…” E begin cry like woman, e come dey sweet me wella.

This time, I cum on top him belle. The boy look like say him don taya. I raise him leg, crosscheck the hole wey dey sweet so. E red, wan come put me for mood again, but I pity the pikin. Him say him wan follow me sleep till early morning, I allow am. We come hold ourself sleep, as AC dey blow us.

After that night, fear catch me for wetin happen, especially as the boy no come go school the following day. Him mama say him get fever. But that one later pass and him come dey go school again.

E reach one week before she ask me say make I go carry Edward from school. As him enter motor, him kiss me for cheek. I shock, wipe the place wey him kiss with my hand, come warn am say make him no try this thing for public next time, say I no be homo. Him come vex, dey look outside him window, fold hand put for chest.

I no mind am. After all, as I talk tell am: I no be homo! In fact, since after I fuck am that night, I come dey use small opportunity dey go see my girl. Her shakara come dey plenty; today, she go say she dey her period, another time na her toto still dey pain her from fuck wey we do last week. If she gree me fuck, she go just lie down, dey push my waist, so that na only my prick head go dey enter the thing.

Na im I vex. One day, I beg Edward say make him come my room, say I buy am something, as e no dey gree talk to me. When him come, I bring out Lacoste boxers wey I buy for am, tell am say make him test am. As him remove cloth dey wear am, my prick stand. I just dey look him nyash, him lips, him legs, dey imagine things.

Me and Edward come dey fuck steady. Sometimes sef, I go ignore my girl call because him don tell me say him go give me “good pussy”. I don even fuck am inside him mama Bentley. That one happen as I go carry am from school one Friday. Him tell me say e don ready for me since wey him dey school. The thing sweet me die, and the way wey him dey look me as him talk am give my Thomas electric shock. I come find secure location, lock door, recline front passenger’s seat, turn him nyash face up. Then I fuck am for straight forty minutes I no remove prick, till I cum inside am.

I still no be homo, but I don dey love the boy already.


One day, Madam come my room to come ask me wetin if I know wey make Edward dey get fever since e return from school. Fear catch me. I been dey find wetin I go lie give am, when she push me enter inside, lock door, begin rub my chest, dey press my prick. She carry my hand put for her breast; e firm, be like virgin breast. I begin press am small-small, dey fear say make e no come soft. As Madam begin romance me, my body stand, but I no rush am. I don already fuck her pikin belleful;  I no get that kind strength to fuck him mama join. But na Madam she be. She fit change mind tomorrow tell her husband to sack me.

We no do anything that day. After the romance, she go back mansion. Another day, she call me, tell me say make I carry one cupboard go arrange for inside her boudoir with Bartho. As we arrange finish, she discharge Bartho come dey ask me how I dey, dey rub my Thomas area, dey pinch my breast. I no look her for eye. I just stand, until she later release me.

The day I knack Madam, na for inside the Bentley. Heavy rain beat us for road, traffic come dey very slow. Madam say make I find quiet place go park. As we sidan dey wait inside motor, she tell me say make I come meet her for the back seat. Na there she begin suck my thing; e no reach the one Edward suck reach, but anything wey dem do for my Thomas dey sweet. She come raise gown, remove pant. As I sight her holies, my mouth open, I wan shout. She wear me the pant for head, sidan onto my dick, begin dey fuck me. I no touch am. I just allow am to collect my Thomas as she want. I know wetin do Joseph for bible. I no want make e be my portion. So I no fuck am, na she fuck me.

My work for that house come sweet. If Madam no give me, Edward go give me. Fear dey catch me for Madam own, abi I no just dey enjoy am as I dey enjoy Edward. The boy dey collect my prick and e dey sweet me join. Madam come dey give me gift – cream, perfume, cloth, watch, chain, Samsung phone, money. In turn, I dey use some of the money dey buy perfume, chocolate and pant for Edward.

Then Oga come return from travel. As him return, na so Victor return from leave. Things come dey as e be before e travel. Edward no come dey too come my room again for night, because Oga dey like to patrol for night, see say everything dey okay before e enter house. Madam no dey even look my side at all.

Then Victor come travel; dem say him sister dey sick. Na me come dey drive Oga, Madam and Edward. If I drive Madam, e get where we go reach, she go say make I find location clear, make she fuck me. I go park, enter back. She go wear me her pant for head, climb my Thomas, do her thing. If Edward dey hungry for the thing when school close, I go clear for somewhere, knack am till e no fit shout again. To fuck sef come dey taya me.

One night, Oga call me for phone, say make I come inside mansion come see am. My mind begin drum, I come dey wonder wetin happen. As I enter inside, na so them all of them dey inside small parlour; Oga, Madam and Edward sidan, whereas Victor, Bartho and Nneka wey be housemaid dey stand. The other housemaid, Vivian, wey dey work shift and dey assist Nneka for housework, no dey stay the house, and so, she no dey the gathering; the gateman, Adamu, also no dey the parlour.

Na so my leg begin shake as I see everybody, but I maintain, make dem use their mouth accuse me first.

Madam tell us make we sidan. Then she come give Nneka paper make she share give us, give us pen. Oga tell us say make me fill our name, read the terms and conditions for the thing wey him call “nondisclosure”, come sign.

As we begin read, Oga tell us say anybody wey no like him house and him rules, say make the person no sign, make him pay that person make e go. I look Bartho, Bartho look Nneka, Nneka look Victor. Nobody wan go. I know say Nneka children dey good school, and she don leave her husband. I dey often hear her talk say she dey try build house. Bartho dey live fine, even if say him wife sabi worry, but him tell me say him open big business for am, make her attention dey there. Me sef, my girl don carry her wahala go; I dey save money wey I go use buy land, as my papa no get, talk less to give me to take build. Na Victor business wey I no sabi.

The paper wey they share give us – the one wey Oga call “nondisclosure” – talk say anything wey happen for the house, we no go talk am outside. Anybody wey go do anyhow, na lawsuit them go use finish the person. Me come dey reason, wetin fit bad pass the one wey me I dey do this house? If dem know say na my secret big pass, dem no go dey wan do like say na their own bad pass. But I sign the paper give Nneka; everybody sign their own, then Nneka gather all of them give Madam.

I look Bartho, the guy dey look me. I no come understand; e come dey do me like say him sabi something wey I no sabi.

Oga bring out cheque book, begin write. Him tear give Nneka first. She begin jump, dey talk “Thank you, thank you.” Oga Tear give Bartho next; him happy, dey talk “Thank you, thank you.” Oga come tear give Victor, him smile talk “Thank you, thank you.”

When him tear give me, na so my eye see the 500k wey dey the cheque. My head knack! Me too begin jolly, dey talk, “Thank you, thank you.” I still no understand wetin make Oga dey give us this plenty money, but the thing sweet me die.

Then, everybody begin vamoose. Na so Edward look me one kind, begin go upstairs. Nneka dey go kitchen. Bartho follow Madam for back; I no know where him dey go. As I wan waka go back my room, Oga call me, say make I follow am. We waka go down some stairs wey I no even know say dey the house. Him come use key open one door enter.

As I enter, fear catch me. Na my first time to see round bed. They arrange am with red bed sheet. In fact, everything for the room red; red candles dem don light, rope dem, iron things dem wey get red or black handle wey hang for rack. One statue wey black come dey one corner. E come do me like say Oga dey all these secret cult like Ogboni. I be wan shout, but then, I turn look Oga. Him don remove the robe wey him been dey wear, come naked for my back. I look am for him face wey be like person wey carry something for mind, look him yellow hairy chest, him belle wey don dey shoot out small, come see him prick wey long, big pass my own small.

Him come hold rope wey get handcuff. I jump. Him tell me say make I relax, waka come meet me, grab me from the back of my head, come kiss me.

Osalogbua! Oga too?!!!

I never even recover from the shock, when e begin put hand inside my trouser, dey touch my Thomas. I come dey wonder wetin dey happen. As we still dey kiss, dey romance, him whisper put for my ear, “Go and empty your bowels, Thaddeus. I want to fuck you.”

Written by Peaches

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  1. Fred
    January 02, 08:07 Reply

    Your pidgin needs some tweaking but THE STORY WAS GREAT! I can’t wait for subsequent episodes!

  2. Lonz
    January 02, 08:10 Reply

    Hehehe. This has been an amazing read. I want to know more

  3. Bubu
    January 02, 08:18 Reply

    Hehehehe!….This is the real house of freddah.

  4. Mitch
    January 02, 08:19 Reply

    You, my friend, are a very very very mad person!
    What is this!???? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    You and Delle cannot speak pidgin to save your lives, yet here you are, writing in pidgin. God airpus!

    Love the story.
    Just hated the part of the statutory rape. Stuff like that always triggers me, as you well know.

  5. Hausdorff Space El
    January 02, 08:24 Reply

    Mogbe oooooooooooo.

    So I started the new year yesterday morning so alive and thankful until someone sapped my happiness at night. Because I have made an effort to safeguard my mental health this new year. I shrugged it off. Guess what, this story just gave me the vibes. Like, I’m laughing on top of my lungs this morning and I wouldn’t have asked for anything more. Thanks Peaches for your story.

  6. Realme
    January 02, 10:36 Reply

    When we getting episode 2

    Ahbeg I no fit shout!!!!!!

  7. Peaches
    January 02, 11:30 Reply

    Thanks everyone.
    @Mitch, you damn well know i cannot speak pidgin, and this story came to me in pidgin, every attempt to put it in English was futile; I’d have been discouraged, but PP said do it, it’ll turn out good and voila!
    Pardon my pidgin, @Fred.
    Thankyou all❤️.
    Happy New Year.

  8. T-man
    January 02, 11:37 Reply

    Lmao. This na the real Fuji House. Wetyn dey occur 😂😂

  9. Wiffey
    January 02, 12:36 Reply

    Rape Rape Rape RapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRapeRape

    • Delle
      January 02, 16:19 Reply

      Yes, but do these things happen? Of course. On that note, they deserve to be told

    • Danté
      January 05, 21:54 Reply

      Yes darling, It’s clear as the Noonday sun but it’s also a work of fiction. No need to get all riled up.

      Amazing read Peaches. A little ruggedness now and then never hurt anyone, no!? *Sit and waits for part two*

  10. Bad bitch
    January 02, 12:52 Reply

    The story portrayed underage sex. I don’t see why y’all are rejoicing over that. It is disgusting

  11. Ken
    January 02, 13:27 Reply

    Not funny. I’m actually disgusted.

    But good overly imaginative skills.

  12. Phoenix
    January 02, 15:24 Reply

    Good story. Deserves a televised version.

  13. Tristan
    January 04, 10:08 Reply

    I find BDSM stories fascinating. Gives me the 50-shades-of-grey vibe. Keep it coming Peaches.

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