This is not your regular kito. He didn’t rob or set up anybody. In fact, when the first victim came to me with the story of what this guy (named Prince Steve Samuel on Facebook) did to him, I wasn’t going to bring this up here. It was an unfortunate incident. But perhaps a one-time thing.

But more claims have established that this is in fact this guy’s M.O.

Apparently, he chats with people interested in him. But instead of letting them know he is not interested and ending the communication, he leads them on. To the point of encouraging them to come visit him in whatever far away city he supposedly is residing. And once these guys hit the road to go see him, he switches off communication and stays MIA, while the victim is in the place he’s been invited to, frantic and/or stranded.

This is very cruel. To get somebody to take a trip to see you when you have no intention of honouring that meet is scummy behaviour. It is despicable when the person merely takes a bike ride or a short transport to see you in the same town or city, let alone a completely different area code.

Well, here is what this monster looks like. In case anyone here finds himself in his DM tomorrow.

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  1. Sim
    May 26, 05:31 Reply

    Mad people everywhere.

    His madness is not linked to his sexual orientation, he is just simply mad and frustrated. It’s good you shared his pix to avoid thirsty brothers wasting their time.

  2. McDuke
    May 26, 06:31 Reply

    I beg to differ. In as much as the dude is a “scum bag”, this is not a kito story nor a kito alert and therefore admin has no moral standing to post his pics here and out the guy in the process. I mean the reason given is not enough to put him out there…a simple advice cautioning readers about people like that without his pic and details is enough. I suggest admin takes down this post ASAP…we should learn to be objective in issues like this.
    PS: Pls I’m not in anyway supporting nor endorsing the guy’s behaviour.

    • trystham
      May 26, 07:10 Reply

      You apparently saw ‘Kito’ and the picture and said “Wow!!! Must be a kito. Let me pen a comment”

      You know Pinky, there should be some sort of penalty for paraphrased plagiarism

    • Pink Panther
      May 26, 07:27 Reply


      Can someone please furnish this guy with the link to the post where I gave clarification on what I do regarding scumbags?

      No, McDuke. Your suggestion is noted but the post will NOT be taken down. Perhaps, if you’re a victim who risks road travel from one city to another, and gets there to blackout communication with the person who brought you there, you might feel differently. Until then, excuse me while I disregard your objections.

    • Mitch
      May 26, 10:11 Reply

      You suggest?
      Pray tell, what makes you think anyone gives a rat’s ass what your suggestion is?
      You think you’re not supporting the idiot’s misbehaviour by this comment?

      Think again!

    • Higwe
      May 26, 10:51 Reply

      Loool ?…

      I understand where you’re coming from …but did you think of the people who were victims of this – expensive prank ?

      The quagmire .
      The risk .
      The danger .
      The financial toil .

      While he’s not actually robbing them of their hard earned money , he’s providing favorable situations for that to occur .

      I find the intellect of the victims questionable too …but that doesn’t negate the limpid sooth ….that his action is cruel and inhumane …and he does deserve to be called out for it .

      If not for anything …for the sake of potential victims .

  3. Absalom
    May 26, 08:01 Reply

    Every day we’re subjected to an upgrade of this kito madness. What shall we call this one now?

    • J
      May 26, 08:59 Reply

      We call it ‘You travel travel and boo you’re stranded’ ? Shebi you like fair and fine boys okay na, fine boy don carry you play shege.

      To be gay is stressful sha, some people dey waka dey travel as if they are looking for a life time partner, but after sex na bye bye

      • Mitch
        May 26, 10:12 Reply

        In as much as I’m not a fan of people travelling for hook-ups, your reply to Absalom is the worst load of self-serving hogwash I’ve seen in a very long while.

        You have a brain, use it!

        • Higwe
          May 26, 11:30 Reply

          Mr Mitch or whatever you’re called …

          I’ve been noticing your unnecessary and uncalled for rudeness and I’m here to remind you that you’re not the only one here that has a foul temper and fouler vocabularies .

          The fact others sparingly choose to use theirs doesn’t give you a monopoly of madness .

          I don’t know where you get off always calling out other users intellectual capacity…it’s not like your life so far has been a paradise of astute living .

          Be guided Mr Man ….you’re an adult .You don’t really have to reply to every comment and if you must, try not insult people while at it .
          You can very well make your point without insulting a fellow user .

          The applause for your so called “savagery ” has eaten way deep into your skull – now you’re garnishing mad !

          And just for the records … I never thought you were savage …just an angry, bitter person .

          Do well to sort out whatever issues you’re battling with ,without taking it out on innocent users .?

          And just a warning …don’t try to come for me because I can be very lethal with words .
          And when I start , I don’t know when or how to stop .
          Just putting it out there so no one will accuse me of cruelty when it begins.
          Be guided .?

          • Black Dynasty
            May 26, 15:35 Reply

            @Higwe, It’s frankly a bit amusing that you cannot see the hypocrisy of your response.

            “Every time you judge someone, you reveal a part of you that needs healing”.

            • Higwe
              May 26, 19:02 Reply

              @Higwe, It’s frankly a bit amusing that you cannot see the hypocrisy of your response.

              Frankly speaking ,the only thing that should be amusing to you is your level of reading and comprehension .

              My comment would definitely be hypocritical if I have DIRECTLY attacked pseudonyms on this blog for their opinions ….which I absolutely have never done .

              Giving my INDEPENDENT insight on a story or article that was posted here, is very different from going under other pseudonyms ‘ comments to attack them using vile and condescending words just because I don’t necessarily agree with their inputs.

              Stories posted here are meant for :
              Entertainment .
              Education .
              Application .
              And just like every literary work – Criticism (if need be )

              I do realize I can be very blunt and sometimes a little insensitive (which I’ve been trying to tone down lately)
              One thing you dare not accuse me of though is attacking other pseudonyms just because their opinions are different from mine.

              The next time you jump to your keypad in haste to score cheap points …please make sure you clearly understand the bone of contention .

              And know this sir , I’m totally aware of every inch of me that needs healing .
              You don’t know me better than I know myself.
              I’ve never claimed to be perfect.
              You’d do well to focus on your own healing as well ….I’m sure there are gazillion things about you that also need healing.

              • Black Dynasty
                May 26, 20:27 Reply

                Thankfully, I neither have the time to read your long winded paragraphs nor bring myself down to trade words with you.

                Simply telling you that calling out someone and then proceeding to do the same thing is hypocritical. If that got you in your feelings, well… ??‍♂️.

                Do have a nice evening and hopefully heal whatever is causing all that hurt and pain.

                • Higwe
                  May 26, 23:55 Reply

                  You read it just enough to drop two replies in a conversation that had absolutely nothing to do with you .
                  Seems to me you’re really not that busy .

                  Trade words with you ? ????
                  Either you’re kind of intoxicated or you’re a little bit delusional .

                  What gives you the impression that I have that time or energy to spare, especially on you ? – who in every ramification contributes literally nothing to my life .???

                  You’re so ebullient to see me admit I’m in pain ??
                  Sorry to break your heart sir …I’m literally the happiest guy you’ll never get to know .
                  A few hiccups here and there just like everyone else but overall I’ll say I’ve had a happy life .

                  Stop going with the hackneyed and redundant cliche that every opinionated person is in pain .

                  Life is not all black and white …there are gray matters too .
                  Enlighten yourself and get acquainted with reality.
                  Calling out a bully is not hypocritical …someone had to do it …and I’m glad I could.

                  An LGBTQ blog is the last place anyone should be made to feel out of place ,simply because their comments don’t have the sesquipedalian ring to it .

                  I find bullies loathsome and I’ll never stand to see anyone get bullied unjustly .

                  And finally typing epistles comes easy for me ….I literally workout to earn a living .
                  I have a lot of energy to spare …just not on you .?

                  • Mitch
                    May 27, 01:14 Reply

                    Let me just drop this here!

                    adjective: ebullient

                    1. cheerful and full of energy.
                    “she sounded ebullient and happy”
                    Synonyms: exuberant, buoyant, cheerful, joyful, cheery, merry, sunny, breezy, jaunty, light-hearted, in high spirits, high-spirited, exhilarated, elated, euphoric, jubilant, animated, sparkling, effervescent, vivacious, enthusiastic, irrepressible;
                    More informal: bubbly, bouncy, peppy, zingy, upbeat, chipper, chirpy, smiley, sparky, full of beans;
                    Informal: peart;
                    Literary: gladsome, blithe, blithesome;
                    Dated: gay;
                    Archaic: as merry as a grig, of good cheer
                    “the superb weather put him in an ebullient mood”
                    antonyms: depressed

                    2. ARCHAIC
                    (of liquid or matter) boiling or agitated as if boiling.
                    “misted and ebullient seas”

                    Higwe, it’s not by superfluous words!
                    You think you’re smart?
                    Nigga, you’re dumber than a rock named Dumbo!

                    • Higwe
                      May 27, 01:40

                      I thought you only had a reply for me ????
                      You can’t even keep to your own words .
                      I hit you so hard you had to go scurrying for a dictionary .
                      Stupid fool .

                      Let me give you another definition of ebullient ….excited and enthusiastic .

                      Add enthusiastic to that sentence your dumb head will finally see how it fits .

                      Let me reiterate this ….

                      You can’t shame with English .
                      I was born and raised in a French speaking country , I only started learning English when we moved back to Nigeria .

                      The fact I’ve come this far in so little a time should tell you a lot about my IQ .
                      So far I’m fluent in four different languages and I’m hoping to add more with time.

                      So listen here white Walker …you cannot absolutely shame me with English .
                      I know I make errors but the difference between you and I , Is that I never stop aiming for perfection.
                      I have a bit of atelophobia and it always keeps me on the edge.

                      The fact you had to resort to the tired ,dated English shade tells me you’re out of content .
                      Very disappointing coming from the self acclaimed “KD king of shade ” ???

                      If I knew I was wrestling with a rabbit , I would have dropped the knife and came with a broom stick .

                      Do better .???

                  • Black Dynasty
                    May 27, 06:25 Reply

                    Again, I won’t read your words. I choose not to ingest negativity, but I am happy to partake in civil discourse. My words will always be objective and neither insulting nor name calling…

                    You should go heal from what’s (or the things) causing all this pain and anger that you’re seemingly refusing to deal with, which is making you lash out @ people constantly. There’s also the trying so hard to be noticed as someone who can insult as well as putting in a lot of effort and time to try to prove this.
                    All of these are clear indications of numbing and not dealing with what’s hurting. “A jug full of water cannot pour wine” (lol barring Jesus level miracles) i.e. you can only give out what you have inside.

                    I hope you find some peace and I’m happy to recommend some epic books which can get you through what you’re dealing with. You’re welcome to get my details from PP for those as I’ll have nothing else to add after this ?

                    • Higwe
                      May 27, 10:12

                      Oh shut it already ….you don’t read ,yet you have your comments always ready …GTFO .

                      This had nothing to do with you , but somehow you inserted yourself into it and I’m the attention seeker ? ???

                      I don’t need to show myself as anything , I know what I’m capable of.
                      I’ve never begged for your attention …you gave it to me .
                      I really don’t care if you exist …but apparently I’m important in your world .

                      Saying you don’t use harsh words doesn’t make you superior , it actually makes you more annoying and cringe … considering the fact you shouldn’t even be involved in this in the first instance .

                      Nigga take your low budget mother Teresa’s act somewhere else , it’s not selling here .
                      Stop looking for people in pain ?…if you’re in pain , deal with it . They say misery loves company … sorry to break your heart , but you can’t find a solace here in another ” “pained” companion .

                      The fact you’re focusing squarely on me and not the thingamajig that started this whole hullabaloo – unlike everyone else with a good working brain – tells me this is personal and you’ve been dying to play this scripted maturity card ….try it with a more susceptible idiot … certainly not me .
                      Learn to mind your business and stay out of issues that has nothing to do with you .

                      Now that’s the real maturity .

                      with. You’re welcome to get my details from PP for those as I’ll have nothing else to add after this ?

                      Lmfao ?? ?? ?? ?? ?…try harder .

          • J
            May 26, 17:14 Reply

            Higwe dear, all I see here are good comments about you so please don’t subject yourself to the stress of confronting Mitch. I noticed most of them are so young and may be going through a lot in life…

            And I’m so sorry that my comment brought about this painful disagreement. I joke a lot and take things for granted most times, but I realized some people are very sensitive and take things to heart. I really apologize for my insensitive comments and I promise to be very careful with what I say from now henceforth. Thank you and please forgive me.

            • Higwe
              May 27, 01:28 Reply

              You don’t have to apologise for being yourself.

              And don’t blame yourself …the disagreement has been brewing …you were merely a cat’s paw .

          • Mitch
            May 26, 18:18 Reply


            The ratchet ass skank thinks he can come for me? You think I have a filter?

            See eh, don’t allow yourself to be unfortunate, Higwe. If you try it, I will personally push you off that precipice and watch you fall to your death, all while enjoying a cup of good black coffee.

            You think I’m angry and bitter?
            Child please!
            Was that the best you could come up with?
            What then do we say about you?
            You that your only claim to fame is the fact that you’re a musclehead, much like every other loser tout in a bus park; the fact that you’re an unabashed whore who’d fuck anything for paper and the idiotic butt kissing you’ve been receiving from mediocre brained individuals on this blog.

            Even if I’m no good, I’m a lot better than you.
            And, just so you know, this would be the only time I’d ever reply your nasty ass self. You’re not worth my time, my data or the stress of throwing shade at your sorry person.

            Remain blessed!

            • Delle
              May 26, 18:52 Reply

              Amen, Mitch. Amen.

              The part that was totally unappealing to read was the very unnecessary and highly sad caveat: Don’t come for me, I’m lethal with words.

              Inukwa! We should run to an NGO for protection at that? ?????

              Love and light, Nwanne mmadu ?

              • Mitch
                May 26, 18:59 Reply

                Ezigbote love and light oh, Delle!

            • Higwe
              May 27, 00:35 Reply


              Look at the walking kiss of death …
              An ugly despicable creature inside and out .

              I’m proud of my muscles …it will take you an eternity to look half as good as I do.

              Big headed, empty headed ugly scallywag .
              Useless , stupid , hopeless ,aimless , worthless , useless excuse of a human being .

              My only claim to fame is being a musclehead ?????
              You’re even more stupid and vacuous than I thought .

              I fuck everything that walks for money ?
              But I haven’t been as careless as you have been ,so more points to me .

              Online hype doesn’t move me ….I get a lot of hype in reality from people that matters to me .
              Unlike you ,my only source of accomplishment is not living out an illusion on the pages of an anonymous blog .

              Get a life and get it fast .

              Your life is sad and pathetic and you make it even more sadder by being a bellicose , belligerent and nasty individual .

              People hype your lack of manners while you dig further into the pit of your own woes .

              I wonder how your family put up with you ?
              I’m sure they’re punching the air , regretting why you weren’t aborted .
              Because you’ve been an abysmal and total failure !

              Look at the low brained idiotic element …a flibbertigibbet and dirty looking washed out slubberdegullion thinking he’ll push me into the precipice of where ? ????

              Your ugliness and lack of intellect must have come with a complete package of delusion .

              Don’t go and search for happiness in your life and invest your energy into something worthwhile…keep keeping people that cheer your mad dance and push you further down ….the worst kind of friends are those who can’t even be honest with you .

              I had bigger words planned out for you …but your situation is honestly just so sad that I had to tone it out .
              I might be many things but being responsible for pushing someone to suicide , isn’t one of them .

              As I leave your pitiful shrivelled ass …I only have a message of hope
              ” Do better …and live better ”

              This ain’t it .
              Learn to forgive yourself and you’ll find out that there’s a lot of love out there waiting for you to stretch out your hands and embrace it .
              The path you’re going down only leads to destruction .
              Savegery is not being bitter and cynical…
              Even though you have nothing to offer to the community , I’d still hate to lose a brother .
              So get help and by all means get it fast .

              Peace and love ???

            • Higwe
              May 27, 01:00 Reply

              Even if I’m no good, I’m a lot better than you*

              Hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

              It’s one thing to be delusional ,it’s another thing to be entirely mad .
              Nigga I don’t want to be thrasonical….but have you seen me ?

              With your big head , hollow empty eyes and bean pole like stature …you think you’re better than me ?
              Bitch where …??
              Do you even have a mirror or is it lying to you too like everything around you?

              Nigga , I have a hustle …I’ve never been a sex worker .
              I have way too many potentials to make a legit living without lying on my back .

              So what if people find me appealing enough to part with their monies sporadically… in other to have a good time with me ?
              Should I be a ashamed of that just because your insecure shrivelled ass can’t comprehend that someone can want you enough to wanna pay for it.

              Let me tell you the cold hard truth …you’re not even better than my dog … because even she knows when and who to bark at and when not to .

              You’re a ticking time bomb and soon you’ll explode …for your own sake ,I hope you start diffusing your wires .?

        • Kayeze
          May 26, 21:29 Reply

          And you happen be an advocate for Absalom ..

          Mitch why do always like to show ur immaturity … The guy only cracked a joke … And u are all up in his case … Bitch get a life and leave ur sorry bitter state

          • Mitch
            May 27, 00:39 Reply

            You want to know what immaturity is?
            It’s coming to a very sensitive issue to crack idiotic, asinine joke and pass them off as harmless. No can do, sir.
            I call bullshit! And I’d drag you for all you’re worth.

            Get an education, please.
            You don’t have to show off your distasteful ideas, especially in forums like this.
            You have a phone and internet access.
            Use them!

            • Higwe
              May 27, 00:44 Reply

              Oh shut up and stop justifying your gauche personality.
              Everyone who followed your series knows it doesn’t take much to get you shrieking like a deranged psycho .
              To think other men your age are out there breaking barriers and the only thing that makes you think you belong is being foul and nasty.
              You’re sad and pathetic .

            • Higwe
              May 27, 01:06 Reply

              May thunder ,amadioha and Shango strike you there.
              Oleburuku …

              You think you have a bad mouth ,I’ll show you I insult for a living .

              Wimp .

            • Kayeze
              May 27, 06:34 Reply

              I would have love to reply you …. But Higwe is dishing it to you , in proper balanced diet ..
              Bruh rather than fight it or with him ..
              Read his words with deep insight (though it might be hard for you) and you will see overwhelming Wisdom that will last your life time.

              It doesn’t pay to be bitter

          • Higwe
            May 27, 00:39 Reply

            Don’t mind the pig !
            See his equally useless and stupid friend cheering him on .
            Someone even my excrement looks better than thinking he can push me to the precipice ?????

            The delusion.

            • Kayeze
              May 27, 06:37 Reply

              Oooo Higwe …. Why are u so Liberal …
              Giving so much Wisdom to them ..
              When they haven’t even given you an iota of gratitude
              But anyways what can we do for those less privileged rather than give from our abundance …

              Keep it up ..
              We hope they measure up soon enough

              • Temi
                May 27, 19:42 Reply

                Oh! No tori Olorun
                What do we stand to gain from hurting each other with this bogus words? Please let all parties involved forget this ever happened we shouldn’t now hate each other the hate in the society is enough. Ejo

  4. Mitch
    May 26, 10:08 Reply

    This one’s madness is just genetic.
    What kind of rubbish misbehaviour is this one kwanu? And he even had the guts to be spilling the nonsense he was spilling in those screenshots we saw.

    Some people should be taken to the edge if a really high cliff and pushed to their death on the rocks below.


  5. Persimmon
    May 26, 13:22 Reply

    Although I wouldn’t necessarily describe it as “Kito,” shit like this is very common in the gay community here in the US. If they see you from afar, and you are not their spec, they zoom off, leaving the person hanging.

    This not to say it is right or should be encouraged. It is in fact a cruel thing to do, but not necessarily a scam or crime.

  6. Uzor
    May 26, 14:25 Reply

    ???you keyboard warriors that OD on sugar, ha ba

  7. RichieMichie
    May 26, 22:51 Reply

    Don’t I just love kd. Such vitriol on a Sunday. Maybe Christians somewhere are praying for disharmony among the LGBT members , and it’s working ???

  8. Delle
    May 27, 01:47 Reply

    As I read through these pitiful excuses called clapbacks by the only person on earth who thinks it’s smart to add an ‘H’ to an Igbo title, I literally was scared.

    Littered all over is someone with a huge case of mental imbalance and psychological issues. Like WTF!!!

    Firstly, how do you sit behind a phone as cheap as your social status and ASSUME people’s physical dispositions? You assume it so much so that you actually think you’re right to the extent of using it in a spat? And you have the temerity to talk about delusion!? You do not know half of what that word is about!

    Oh but just like I discovered, you’re only a feral dog with an access to a dictionary. Only that you underrate the people here. You probably think we are people ensconced in that village with you; those you throw ambiguous words at and they fall under the anointing (of stupidity and an extreme case of daftness), irrespective of what (horrible) context it was used in? You’re a chronic case of stupid.

    Your syntax is jaundiced. Please, give the readers more credit. If you’re going to force yourself to appear smart, do it well. Your use of concord is a horrid case of sorry.

    You are unintelligent.
    Quick to unsheathe blunt claws just to pacify yourself and the gazillion insecurities swimming inside of you.
    Pitifully attention-seeking and yet, horribly empty. Like what are you bringing to anyone’s table except repeated, exhausted large words that only destroy semantics and the exasperating use of ellipses? What else do you have to offer, Mr Higwe?

    You’re an excuse of a person and a mistake of a pseudonym. I see the way you carry yourself about like we are one of those skinned sheep that fawn over your pseudo-muscles? No. We do not take kindly to Johnny Bravos especially when they come in just that package – muscles and no brains.

    You know what’s baffling? The fact that you always feel the need to appear this way is fishy. Who knows? You just might be a slob of decaying flesh seeking validation and unfortunately, no thanks to this space called the internet, you’re getting it.

    Your very caustic remarks only shows you are a product of defeat and it’s enough to recommend you go for therapy. Honestly. No tee, no shade here.

    KD is not a forum where you come to vent your bitterness and then make it seem as though people are the ones responsible for your redundancy. This is supposed to be a safe haven for a lot of people regardless. So the next time you think you can snatch on a moniker just to feel relevant and good about your nonexistent life, think again.
    No one is about that BS. You do not matter. Really, you do not. You could drop dead this minute and no one will know, not to talk of giving a flying fuck.

    So just keep seeking relevance where it’s going to be tolerated but we see through your gibberish. And this will be the last time I will call your BS out because in truth, you are just another gay man with a lot of deep-seated issues who thinks some gay people (he feels threatened by, that’s the hard truth) are the reason he’s a piece of offal.

    I’d have said you’ll be fine but I’m seriously beginning to doubt it.
    However, I’m not going to be bothered by your mental health again and I certainly will not be giving you any more relevance.


  9. Mitch
    May 27, 01:48 Reply


    Oh Higwe, I see I struck blood!
    Well, I’m sorry but your pathetic self flaunting around this blog to not only be a beacon of intelligence but also a standard (like you’re even qualified to be a standard for a slimy slug) for others to live up to, is you pushing too hard to be something you’d never be.

    You claim you don’t come for monikers or personas on the blog? You’re just a pathological liar. You think we have amnesia? You think we don’t remember?

    You think calling me ugly and a big headed string-bean will make me cry? Ha! I thought you could do better. Wait, who am I kidding? I know you can’t do any better. After all, all you’re good at is being an airhead “muscleboy”.

    And you seriously justify people treating you like chattel as you being valuable. Wow! It just shows how skewered your thought process is.

    Get this:
    You are worthless, without value, an absolute nonentity. You’re not something I would want to see within a league of myself. You’re a little dog that isn’t even worth licking mud off my jungle boots!

    I’d promised myself I wouldn’t reply you but sometimes, senile mongrels need a good beating to teach them who not to yap at. Consider this me beating the madness out of you. And stay in the irrelevant deadzone life’s relegated you to!

    Peace! ✌️✌️

    • Higwe
      May 27, 02:17 Reply

      Oh shut it ????

      How can anyone take you seriously at this point.
      You’ve bidded goodbye for the uptempth time ,yet here you are …like the indecisive , worthless failure you are and sadly will always be .

      I still repeat I don’t come for pseudonyms…word is cheap …my comments are littered all over this blog , please find a comment I directly attacked any moniker (unprovoked ) and please point me towards there .

      I’m not a pathological liar like you and your aimless , useless , worthless best friend .

      Birds of a feather they say ???

      Rehearsing everything I said to you and saying it back to me only makes you look more pathetic … considering I prepared for this clash thinking I was meeting a giant only to be underwhelmed.


      I’ve never presented myself as intelligent anything .
      I joined this blog hoping to learn and boy have I !
      There are so many pseudonyms worth emulating from this blog and I tapped into their knowledge .
      I learnt from their wins , losses and everything they encompassed .
      I’m not ashamed to say that this blog taught me a lot and if people think me intelligent because of everything I’ve learnt that means my journey here was not in vain.

      I hate to break it to you nigga , but having sex for free doesn’t make you virtuos – I mean look where it got you – ?

      Everyone in my life knows how valuable I am .
      Everyone I’ve cared about can attest to the impact I’ve made in their lives and frankly that’s all that matters to me .

      The opinion of a sad , angry , pathetic , ugly , despicable troll …who is one breakdown away from popping a pill …has no relevance to me.

      Your dissing skills is as poor and sad as your life.
      The only thing you’ve had to hold on to has failed you when you needed it the most .??? Boy , it sucks to be you right now .

      I would say goodnight but I know you’ll be back because honestly you can’t help yourself.
      You’ve never been able to and it looks like you’ll never be able to .

      Unfortunately for you , my notification is on.
      I’m here for the long run …bring it on ! ?

    • Higwe
      May 27, 02:28 Reply

      ’d promised myself I wouldn’t reply you but sometimes, senile mongrels need a good beating to teach them who not to yap at.

      If that is what you need to tell yourself to feel better ??????

      Who am I to take it away from you .

      Everyone with half a brain knows who delivered a flawless victory here .
      Even with the help of your out of control , yapping loser best friend …I still floored you effortlessly .

      I honestly thought you were better than this …now I know the so called touted dissing skills was all smokes and mirrors .

      You’ve never met anyone that could match your madness …. well until you found me.

      I warned you earlier that when I start , I don’t really know when or how to stop .
      You thought it was puffery …well here we are .
      Look at you still up at 2am , striving to have the last word ?????.

      What a waste of human specimen .
      Corper sure ????

    • Higwe
      May 27, 03:05 Reply

      You think calling me ugly and a big headed string-bean will make me cry….

      I called you a lot more than that ???… certainly your visions aren’t blurry like your fogged up brain .

      Read up bro , you’re skipping important lines . Unless you purposely do not want to acknowledge them because they hit too close to HOME ????

      What is your fascination and obsession with muscles ….it’s no one’s fault you look like a skeleton in a cheap laboratory .

      Eat a candy bar , have some protein shake …I’m sure you’ll be fine .

      …or maybe it’s not the genetics …maybe it’s the bitterness inhabiting in your heart that is eating you out .

      Freee yaself ….in Bold Pink’s voice ??????

  10. Mario
    May 27, 05:31 Reply

    Thank you Higwe, for calling out Mitch. That was needed. I’ve not appreciated Mitch’s unkind and uncivil comments on this blog. I hope Mitch understands that this isn’t about having the last word, but having the humility to accept his wrong so that we can all move on. Peace to you all.

    • Kayeze
      May 27, 06:45 Reply

      I dey tell you

      It was getting too much…
      Say ur own and let others speak

      Someone made a joke and you are telling him to Get a Brain ….
      That’s just harsh…

      Thanks Higwe once again

    • Higwe
      May 27, 09:55 Reply

      Trust me , it was my absolute pleasure .??

    • Sloan
      May 27, 18:55 Reply

      “To be gay is stressful sha, some people dey waka dey travel as if they are looking for a life time partner, but after sex na bye bye”

      This is sadly true tho. That’s why it’s a good joke. Learn to laugh and move on. What are you trying to prove, really? You can be the most infamous bitch here, but that’s it. That’s really it! Lol! Who are you trying to score points for? You’re typing like some hormonal, whiny child. We came here to read sense. We’re only replying you because we feel bad for you. Take the mature route. If your online personality is anything like your real life self, you will suffer o. But you will still hide the suffering from us and come here to start drumming your keyboard. Our fleeting irritation is not worth your self inflicted toxicity. You suffer more at the end.

  11. mike
    May 27, 06:15 Reply

    Dear pink panther
    Would it be possible to have a timestamp attached to each comment ?.
    I just think all this drama would be more fun to read, if one could just an idea of the time difference between each jab. By timestamp , something in hh:mm:ss format.
    Thank you.

    • Kayeze
      May 27, 06:42 Reply

      Uncle eh be like say quarrel dey sweet you Wella… Anyways I second ur motion hehehehehe

    • Kayeze
      May 27, 06:48 Reply

      Oooo I just saw it now ….. There is timestamp if you view it in a desktop mode

    May 27, 06:51 Reply

    Are all these back and forth really necessary? Everyone is entitled to an opinion here but it should be done without disrespect. You know this place should be a safe haven for us right?. PEACE

    • Higwe
      May 27, 10:29 Reply

      That’s actually the bedrock of the whole back and forth.

      J made a joke and the stupid , useless , venomous Mitch lashed out on him .

      Completely unprovoked …

      I had to give it to him ….. people like him can only learn when they’re paid back with their own coin.
      I’m sure after today , he’ll watch how he talks to people .

      The funniest shit is that this Mitch looks like a low budget Shrek in brown color.
      Where he gets the nerve and effrontery to constantly undermine and insult people is what leaves me perplexed .

      I can’t stand bullies , especially the one that looks like it came out from a cheap comics .???

  13. Francis
    May 27, 08:53 Reply

    Drama and I’m not interested?! ??? Malaria loading be that ??

  14. Share
    May 27, 22:54 Reply

    This bastard of a human being called Higwe needs to be banned from this blog. Gosh! I detest him with every single ounce of my being.

    Like seriously you have a notification for comments? Guy you really have issues. You’re a very useless goat I swear.

    • Higwe
      May 28, 01:49 Reply

      Of course you do ????
      Because you’re Mitch or his sidekick .
      It’s always easy to spot a vermin .

      A chameleon may change Its colour or in this case its pseudonym …but its instincts remains the same .

      How lower can you honestly go ???

      Lobbying for me to get banned won’t give you the peace that life has denied you .

      It won’t cure your ugliness which is inward and outward .

      It won’t make your underwhelming life a success .

      It will only be one person less , calling you out for the despicable homo erectus you are.

      So by all means knock yourself out …I’ll take any verdict with happiness , knowing my words are forever etched in your brain (if you have any)

      Create more fake accounts and support yourself …that’s what you’re good for anyways – living in illusions and fantasies .

      The last resort of a depressed , broken ,half dead entity ??????

      Do what you must ….just know this though …

      I’m not the problem .
      I have never been the problem .
      Your problem is your reflection in the mirror and until you decide to do something about it….your life will forever be eclipsed by darkness , misery and lamentations .

      Imagine hating someone who doesn’t even remember you exist (once he logs out of KD ) with every ounce of your being .

      What a sad, pathetic parody of living .?????
      Hahaha hahahaha hahahaha

      • Share
        May 28, 14:22 Reply

        Oh noooooo! Oohhh…If not for the useless Dick that entered into a dirty vagina to manufacture such a sorry piece of an animal like you, you wouldn’t be here disgracing your lineage.

        Just look at you, piece of trash. I’m so disgusted, ah ah…

      • J
        May 28, 22:28 Reply

        Higwe thank you for calling out Mitch, Karma wanted his ass to be called out and I’m glad you’ve served him hot. ‘Madam Swan the ballerina (Mitch), no mercy for you’ in Appolonia’s voice ?

        Higwe, you’re a very intelligent person, the most intelligent on Kitodiaries if I must say. I believe these other guys are jealous of you, so please pay no mind to them. To Mitch and Delle, stop being jealous and conceited. Higwe is not trying to take your shine pumpkins. Life’s turn by turn, every dog has his day. His wisdom is quite intimidating I know, but I believe we all can learn from him.

        Higwe, always remember that no one can give you the pain they don’t have. Happy people don’t share bitterness and ‘Tolerance is the highest reward of education.’ I don’t expect you to reply Mitch again. I would like to know more about you and if possible learn English from you LOL. Can you please be a gentleman and collect my email from Pinky? I will be waiting for your message then, thank you. I remain J of House Moralista and Practicallia ???

      • WillzWay
        June 02, 09:16 Reply

        For some weird reason I love you!

        I don’t know the Mitch guy and I don’t even know you either but I saw where this started and it was uncalled for.

        I detest bullies and ‘savages’ and you calling one out ever so gracefully is a rare beauty.

        I could have just waka passed but your efforts are worth being applauded.

        I can tell you’re intelligent and would only use these measures only if provoked.

        Thanks for calling out and standing up to a bully; That’s what all our fights are about in the first place.

        Like I said. I love you!

  15. Avidfan
    May 28, 21:13 Reply

    ‘THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE A SAFE HAVEN FOR A LOT OF PEOPLE REGARDLESS. So the next time you think you can snatch on a moniker just to feel relevant and good about your nonexistent life, think again.

    The total irony in all of this though. Maybe it’s just me but I’ve never been excited about all these unnecessary bitterness and shade usually littered in the comments of a few posts shared here. Dear PP, i won’t lie i’ve often wondered why comments aren’t regulated for a ‘safe space’ blog like this tori oloun. Every form of snide, offensive, degrading, crude and even suicide suggesting comments should naturally not make it to publication. Some of them are triggering for godssake! And to be honest, at a point I actually stopped reading. I understand it’s a lot of hardwork to moderate comments and a few people might have issues with censorship but pls I think you should seriously reconsider.

  16. Audrey
    May 29, 02:29 Reply

    I’ve always said it and I reiterate ‘We are our own Problem’….

    I feel so ashamed coming to see the drama that unfolded between all the parties involved and until we address the bitterness we have going amongst ourselves (especially On a faceless blog) the Lgbtq community will never be taken seriously.

    Higwe,Mitch and Delle(Only God knows where that one that calls itself Share crept out from) I’d say I’m highly disappointed.

    Please I beg of us all this is not a place to show off our intellectual capacity and neither is it a place to practice partisan politics.Lets all learn to call out what’s wrong and move one with Love(I wonder if the Principal players worked together in an office what would come out of it).

    For some of us this is our Haven of rest but with the amount of derrigatory words flying back and forth I think it’s high time I stuck to my regular blogs.Please let Love lead

    PS:Higwe I loved your blog persona so much that I always looked forward to your opinions on every issue and I kinda loved The dramatic persona Mitch brought to the table but with all this up there I think I concluded too soon about you both. I’m really hurt trust me

    • Share
      May 29, 09:33 Reply

      Eh shut up there… You call yourself a human being… Bloody fool! I crept out of Mars. Idiot!!!

      • Audrey
        May 29, 18:44 Reply

        I think I now understand what Ik Ogbonna meant when he talked about throwing bones to a barking dog the only problem I have here is that this dog here is a ratchet one so instead of bones I think I’d direct you to where you’d get enough Poo.

        Oga me I’m not Higwe and in as much as I try to play the peace maker I don’t believe in keypad battles I’ll just give you a place and time to meet up with me so we’ll settle whatever it is you feel we have going on like MEN

        • Share
          May 29, 20:56 Reply

          See this street tout; I should leave my life of comfort on the island to meet a classless goat like you on the streets? For what now? You can’t even stand my presence. I’ll grind your ego to dust and feed you with your urine.

          • Audrey
            May 29, 23:12 Reply

            Very impressive then you are closer than I thought sef.
            So Mr Comfortable Life where on the island are you cos I’m also on the Island.We can meet up anywhere that’s not beyond Ajah(abraham Adesanya sef is a no no)So anything from VI to Ajah is a welcomed venue.
            Hope to see you soon

            • Share
              May 30, 08:28 Reply

              Hey pauper, snap out of illusion! My boyfriend is white and American. I’m not interested in your classless ass… Bye!

  17. Obiora
    May 29, 10:37 Reply

    Looking at the drama up there, all I can do is laugh. I’m not impressed by words, because words aren’t an indicator of intelligence, or maybe they are to some people, but not to me. Anyway, I’m not even gonna call out anyone, and having said that, I think we can all move on, peacefully.

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