Not a Top. Not a Bottom. What about the Side?

Not a Top. Not a Bottom. What about the Side?

A few days ago, I encountered a tweet posted by the adult film star, Phoenix Fellington, made controversial because he was deriding gay men who play the sexual role of Side. Of course, Queer Twitter didn’t waste time taking him to task over the tweet’s shocking insensitivity.

Incidentally, a friend screenshot the tweet and sent to me, wanting to know why the porn star was getting dragged over what he (my friend) perceived to be a harmless opinion. Ultimately, he didn’t understand what the fuss was about because he didn’t understand what it means to be a Side.

We have talked about Sides here on Kito Diaries, such as the opinion piece about “guys on the side”, this advice column piece of a KDian who’s Side and has a boyfriend insisting on anal sex, and this nonfiction story about a sexual experience with a Side.

In addition to sending the friend these to read, I found something else I thought would be good to share here as well: the YouTube content creator Michael Henry, who often puts out comedic pieces to educate the gay community posted something on this subject too. Check it out below:

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