I read EJ’s story about his first bottoming experience as a Top, and it stayed with me.

Because I too have a story: about my first topping experience as a Bottom.

Sometimes, you just know that there are some things you just won’t accommodate in your life. Other times, prevailing circumstances make you have to try those things in order for you to know beyond a shadow of doubt that you just won’t accommodate them in your life.

The latter was the case for me.

Sexually, I’d always only ever known to bottom. In fact, because of my…er, hefty preferences and healthy appetites during sex, I am what one would call a Power Bottom.

And that day, as I installed Grindr, I was simply looking for somebody’s son who would ravage my ass.

I have a love-hate relationship with Grindr. The yellow app is never constantly installed on my phone. I am that type of gay man who’d install it today, check out the action, and whether I meet someone there or not, uninstall it the next day. And even when I do meet someone, I usually do not spend time chatting with them on the app. If they show promise, I tend to move the conversation quickly over to WhatsApp so I can uninstall the app. I don’t know… I have this restlessness about Grindr. I think of it as a god’s shrine, where I go to steal the sacrifice and flee before the high priest will catch me.

So, on that calm day of the weekend, as I chatted with a few people, only one guy was responding in a timely manner. The energy he was giving me felt like he was on Grindr for the same reason I was: to find sex pronto!

An exchange of pictures and quick getting-to-know-you chatversation later, and we were fixing a date. Less than a couple of hours later, I was walking into an eatery where we’d scheduled to meet. He was an attractive guy, just as he looked in his pictures, if not better: tall, coffee-complexioned, slimly-built and bearded.

The conversation in the eatery was not as stimulating as I wanted. He talked with a stiffness that discouraged any back-and-forth, and he kept veering from English to Pidgin as though he wasn’t sure which dialect to use.

I intuited into the source of his discomfort and switched to Igbo, and that was when he appeared to relax. He responded very well in Igbo and there was a flow in our conversation. He said he was from Anambra, and I’d always found Anambra men to be sexy. So I found him sexier now that he was both attractive and from Anambra.

As we talked, we discovered that we were friends on Facebook. He also sounded well-traveled. So, when he suggested we go over to his place, I was totally cool with that.

For some inexplicable reason, throughout our acquaintanceship from Grindr to the fastfood, we never once asked each other our sex roles. On my part, it is something I’m uncomfortable with, asking anyone or getting asked “what’s your role”. I believe in the right chemistry setting the tone for things to fall into place during sex.

But we did talk about sex at the eatery. And when I asked him what he likes during sex, he brightened up as he said he loves rimming. The way he talked about eating my ass had my hole twitching with anticipation. I simply couldn’t wait to spread my legs for this sexy Anambra man.

We got to his place in Surulere. It was a lovely apartment. We talked some more. He offered me a drink and I declined. As he walked about in his apartment, I gave him a once-over, taking note yet again of how he was tall and slim with no ass. And legend had it that men who are built this way make up for the lack of a posterior with a generous dick. I co0uld already imagine the strength of what he was carrying, and that was partly why I declined the drink offer. I’d already eaten at the fastfood, and I didn’t want to tempt my alimentary canal any further.

Then, without much ado, we came together in passion. He’d pulled off his pants, and I saw that stretching between his slim thighs was a nice dick. It wasn’t as big as I’d imagined (I was even bigger), but it would do.

Besides, what…Oh my god, I haven’t even named this person yet. Well, okay, let’s call him Toju. So, what Toju lacked in an impressive dick, he more than made up for in skill. This guy was good! He was a good kisser. He was good at sucking my dick. And ohmaigod, he was FANTASTIC at eating my ass. I lay there, on my stomach, legs spread apart, rump cradled by his hands, while his tongue and mouth searched for and unearthed hidden pleasures in my pussy. Lord, I was moaning as though my life depended on him never taking his mouth out of my asshole. I was in heaven, singing Davido’s Assurance, because I was getting assured that if his tongue could do this to me, then his dick just must be better.

However, I dropped very fast down to earth when the time came for the main event.

He had pulled away from me long enough to fetch the condom, which he dropped on the bed beside me. Then he picked up the lube and began squirting it on his open palm. I was going to ask if he wasn’t going to put the condom on first before applying the lube to his dick, when I saw his hand move to his lower back.

I was astonished.

What is happening here?

I watched with mounting incredulity as he applied the lube on his asshole.

Chukwu aju! This cannot be happening!

I lay there, speechless, watching him. My boner was still erect, but basically in reaction to his nakedness. In my head however, I was already getting turned off by the slow realisation of what was unfolding.

Then, without a word, he laid down on his front next to me and thrust out his ass, assuming the doggy position.

Chineke meh! Tori dizika plaza!

I felt shattered.

I could not do this. I simply could not. Like how? Where? When?

“I’m sorry,” I finally said in a small voice, “but are you Bottom?”

“Yes,” he said, looking at me with mild surprise, as though he couldn’t believe the question.

“I am Bottom too,” I said. “Are you sure you’re not verse?”

His face began to fall. “No, I’m not.”

Jisoxkraist! How does a Bottom know how to rim that well? I wanted to cry out in frustration. All that ass-eating gone to naught! How could he possibly clean out my asshole like that and not go inside?

I heaved a sigh. “Let’s just make out.”

“No!” he burst out, and then grabbed my dick, which was still miraculously hard. “Look at your dick. It’s so big and still hard. Please, I want to have it.”

I felt internally tired. “I want you inside me” is not something a Power Bottom gets told every day. What have I done to deserve this? Who did I offend? What is all this? I just lay there, watching my life flash past in front of me.

“Please…” he pleaded. “Let’s just try it. I have to have your dick please…”

I reluctantly picked up a condom and began to put it on. The action felt so alien. As a Gold Star Gay that I am, I’ve never had sex with a woman. So, I’d never had any reason to put on a condom. As I lubed his ass, I felt the muscles of my asshole protest the injustice: my hole was the one that deserved to be getting lubed.

Then I slipped inside where I’d never been before: a man’s asshole. I remembered all the times my lovers had let out a sigh of pleasure as my inside wrapped its warmth around their dicks. And I didn’t feel it. Instead, this guy’s warmth was threatening to shrink my erection. So, I quickly switched my mind to the scenes of me getting fucked by my best lovers. That strengthened my erection, and I started going at it. In, out, in, out. I was doing the best I could, maintaining my stamina by picturing how one of my past lovers fucked me and made my ass quake.

I didn’t last very long.

My orgasm came rushing headlong in a very welcome release and I quickly pulled out of Toju.

I expected to see him look disappointed, but that wasn’t the case. In fact, he seemed very grateful, even encouraged me to play verse because I was “so good at topping.”

“We should do this again sometime soon,” he said, beaming at me.

But I was in my mind, going: NO! NEVER!

He tried to get me to stay on awhile, but I just wanted to pack my disappointed pussy home. I couldn’t believe that the only thing that went inside me that evening was a tongue.

I got home, uninstalled Grindr and mulled over the lesson I’d learned: that the question “what is your role” is a very necessary thing to ask.

Written by JBoy

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  1. Kiwi
    July 16, 10:18 Reply

    OMG, it’s hilarious.

    I can imagine how the writer felt about the experience.

  2. Precious Oraz
    July 16, 10:22 Reply

    Momma!!! 🙆
    Which of the Orishas did you offend to have inflicted this kind of punishment on you?

    I swear, I’m laughing so hard that I’m crying right now😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    See ehn, as much as I hate the “what is your role” question, I always find a way to to sneak it into our conversations long before we meet. If I don’t talk about how my bussy is quivering at the thought of what you’d do to it, it’s something like that. That way, I let you know, beyond any iota of doubt, that what I’m expecting is to be pounded like ụtara ji😂

    Makana this kain dicksappointment can cause physical breakdown😩

  3. Mandy
    July 16, 11:42 Reply

    🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Chai. JBoy, you are fucken hilarious. True true, this tori dika plaza. It really is important to ask the role question. I’ve never understood why some gay men are averse to it.

  4. Yusuf
    July 16, 12:48 Reply

    Disappointed pussy😂😂😂 I gotta drop my experience too.

  5. Abdul_kn
    July 16, 15:30 Reply

    Lol 😀😅. Of course it is very important to ask of roles especially if you are meeting to have fun. I also had my experience at topping for the 1st time. It was not that bad but my waist pained for some days 😅. These two stories have reinstated my will to stay in my boundaries. I used to fantasize bottoming but not anymore thanks to your stories.

  6. Danté
    July 16, 16:20 Reply

    Show of hands if you’re a Gold Star Gay🖐️🙌🏾

    And yeah sweetie, there’re bottoms who rim better than tops. And in the same vein there are tops that like to be rimmed, they just can’t deal with the penetration aspect.

    God knows how many of these situations I’ve been in, “but you look like a top na”, “I thought you were top or at least vers” Loike…!? Heaven has been so faithful that none of them were so horny to have me do the unthinkable. *shudder*😖

    And as for our brethren that keep asking “You’ve never topped before?” Or say “you should try it at least once na”… Hehe…. No Tainzzzza!

  7. trystham
    July 16, 21:29 Reply

    😂😂😂😂 That my first wanted me to have a taste for both worlds. After my disastrous attempt at bottoming, he was then trying to make me top him. All I remember is being less than gentle as I penetrated him, a couple of jerks later, I telling him I wasn’t interested in the sex again he shu come and be going

  8. ChubbyLover
    July 20, 08:38 Reply

    Must there be a penetration? People should learn to adjust….safer, same pleasure and massive fun too.

      • ChubbyLover
        July 20, 14:52 Reply

        Well when you are with a chubby guy, the options are just plenty…you gerrit,
        Team Chubby biko…..

    • FATTIE
      July 21, 10:48 Reply

      Chubbylover let’s link up. I am chubby myself. Xoxo

      • ChubbyLover
        July 24, 05:42 Reply

        Your email is bouncing back. Contact Pinky ASAP!!!

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