Olumide Glowville “apologizes” to the LGBT Community following his online scandalization

Olumide Glowville “apologizes” to the LGBT Community following his online scandalization

A day after he climbed his soapbox to basically spout his ignorance and disparage the LGBT community, which led to the decimation of his character and baring of his hypocrisy, Olumide Glowville is saying he is sorry.

Well, if you can call what he updated under Friends (as opposed to the initial post which he made Public) an apology.

Check on it.

And after it was decoded by a KD specialist, here is what this “apology” really looks like:

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  1. Mandy
    June 28, 08:30 Reply

    So he did full disclosure with his wife BEFORE they got married. Why then did he have to apologise to her? Oh that’s right. It was AFTER they got married that h went chasing other women in their DMs. This guy needs a PR company to help him with a good public apology.
    And all this cheeriness that he’s injecting into the apology seems forced. As though he is trying to make us believe by fire by force that he’s all fine and dandy and living the life in spite of all the dragging. Rrrrrrrright.

  2. mike
    June 28, 11:07 Reply

    That’s not a apology, that’s a scale through, he did not apologize to the lgbtq community, by recanting his statement. He only said insensitive to your struggles, like he was supposed to pity but didn’t, meaning his earlier statements and standard is still very valid.

    This is not even damage control, this I am the victim control.

  3. Gabby
    June 28, 11:11 Reply

    This reply won’t go well with some of us here but then still has to be said… He made a mistake, we dragged him, he came out and apologized. Forever or not, it doesn’t take away the fact that he did the apology thingy.

    98% of guys who make homophobic comments won’t even apologize even at the point of death.. the fight was fought and it was a success. For him to tender a publicly apology, it means alot to the fight we are fighting. Let’s not drag it toomuch Biko.

  4. Angry man
    June 28, 13:03 Reply

    Yea, he did apologise, that’s a plus. Whether it was fake or not, the fact is that we have a proof that he did..

    My worry now is some of his friends who Still carry that matter for their head..

    Abeg, who read that funny post Onyeka Chiemelie wrote, there he was supporting Olumide?

    The first one that that his nudes was made public before on social media never do am…

    Make e continue, his second bashing is the next..

    We have screen shots already.. We Are waiting for him to misyarn.

    What that dude does via inbox is something else..

    After he will say he is straight..

    Make e no push us o.. If not we go open our yansh for this facebook and instagram here


    • Pink Panther
      June 28, 17:11 Reply

      Onyeka Chiemelie is talking?
      Lol. OK. Let him talk with reason o, before we will turn our attention to him.

      • Angry man
        June 29, 08:51 Reply

        That one wey get bags full of luggages…

        Those his nudes wey dem share one time for shucia midia still dey our archives o and if he talk again, we unleash on his head..

        Igbo monger…

        We dey watch am closely…

        Nonsense and ingredients.

    • Cocent
      June 29, 15:57 Reply

      How do all of you know these things? How?? I’m just in a bubble! So the guy is gay?

  5. Delle
    June 28, 14:14 Reply

    Sorry excuse of an apology from a sorry excuse of a man.

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