Facebook Gets Messy With Olumide Glowville’s Hypocrisy

Every now and then, a person with social media influence of Facebook – i.e., a Facebook celebrity, defined as someone with many followers, many likes with each post he makes, and lots of commenters who mostly agree with him – comes online with something to sell. In Nigeria, that something is usually one form of prejudice or another. Anti-feminism, homophobia – the kind of biases that gives you credit with the general Nigerian public.

The man named Olumide Glowville tried that when he stepped up on his soapbox to trot out the tired disparagement that equates homosexuality with pedophilia.

Unfortunately for this very married man with such a self-righteous, uninformed opinion of a marginalized people, he isn’t so righteous himself. It quickly began to emerge, from his comments section to subliminal posts all over Facebook, that he stinks with hypocrisy. And a good dose of extramarital fetish.

Then the posts, especially this made by Ijeoma Chinonyerem. (She penned something for Kito Diaries last year during Ally Week.)



There were also the butthurt posts made by the odd man who can’t stand women having the power to put stupid men in their place.

And then, even more shockingly, came to light the fact that this Olumide Glowville, of the Legend of Rimming-Women-Who-Are-Not-His-Wife, in January, took a stand against (you won’t believe this!) rimming! Just like LGBT issues apparently, rimming is a trend he can never get onboard with.

When hypocrisy stinks like this, you have to wonder what else he falsely represents in the public eye.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    June 27, 06:49 Reply

    Lol ah but are we not aware that hypocrites make the loudest noise all in an attempt to deflect??

    It really does make my day when they get called out and pulled down from the stupid high horse.

  2. trystham
    June 27, 07:13 Reply

    The one that cannot spell ordinary ‘woe’. Is that one a person?

    June 27, 09:17 Reply

    But really though. When the “dragger” gets dragged. Why can’t people just live and let live? And then there’s the part where even the ignorant want to say something. All the blattant fallacies and misrepresentations all in an attempt to form wokeness. I hope he gets dragged right off that table he’s shaking. Let him fall and break his neck. Nonsense and ingredient.

  4. Mitch
    June 27, 09:35 Reply

    Facebook has been life giving for the past 2 days. ?????

    This is the perfect example of what happens when misfortune calls a man’s name and he starts dancing the igbangwu dance to answer the call.

    Umu uchu!

  5. mike
    June 27, 12:53 Reply

    Biko, who is that girl. Think this is love at first read. Someone tell that idiot, the trick is in the word phila. If he knows what phila actually means, he won’t use it in the same context with homosexuality as an educated person.
    Let us blame the educational system, abit sha. Because the notion he is presenting is like centuries old, homosexuality was once thought of to be a phila, but was removed by the same psychologists would put it there.

    Biko that girl should post the receipt, I need to laff.

  6. MGMPhobic
    June 28, 06:20 Reply

    Olumide should quit SM for a while. Same way people fought on his wedding day. I dunno what to feel about this, used to be part of people I follow their post on facebook

  7. David
    June 28, 14:33 Reply

    Who is this Ijeoma Chinonyerem? I wanna marry her or him lol… kindly link us up abeg

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