Pamela Adie claps back at Reno Omokri with a teachable moment

Pamela Adie claps back at Reno Omokri with a teachable moment

“Reno Omokri subscribes to an outdated, ignorant, intellectually lazy and simplistic notion that HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease.” This is basically how LGBT activist, Pamela Adie summed up the education she gave Reno Omokri on Twitter, following his shockingly ignorant claims that Binyavanga Wainaina’s death is a teachable moment on how the “LGBT lifestyle” is not only risky but leaves one “susceptible to HIV/AIDS”.

Adie took to the social media and broke down the knowledge that Reno Omokri didn’t even need to have to know that the things he said shouldn’t exist in 2019.

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  1. That Ghana Boy Rudy
    May 24, 07:44 Reply

    And that comrades, that’s how to read a b*tch. A mix of eloquence compressed with shade and jiggled up into a tall list of wisdom and facts given for free to the insensitive, incognizant and the crass society ends up churning out day in and day out.

  2. No
    May 24, 09:42 Reply

    And that’s how I started following @biwomdz

  3. James Negi
    May 24, 10:55 Reply

    Did she just school Reno “omokress” the insensitive DL gurl?

  4. Mandy
    May 24, 17:21 Reply

    This schooling is so sound, even I was educated.
    Thank you, Pamela. ????

  5. Rex
    May 24, 17:27 Reply

    One he-goat said to me, he really loves me but I am too fat, Na em I ask am “Was I slim when you fell in love bikini?!” What are doing all hung up on my fat ass that you can’t go look for slim fit size 6 waisted guys eeerrhhhh………I guess he tried to respond but he was blocked and deleted before he could.
    call me petty, I am as petty as Fuck.

  6. Higwe
    May 24, 19:17 Reply

    Damn !
    The girl read him for filth ??? .

    I wonder how anyone still subscribes to this dated theory .

    How many gay people do we actually have ?

    Don’t let the internet and the media fool you ……the world is full of straight people.

    How can a noticably smaller part of the society be the ones responsible for the brobdingnagian number of people living with HIV ?

    There is no denying the high prevalence of HIV amongst gay men (especially in Africa ) …but that is because we are so small that hyperbolically – everyone is sleeping with everyone .

    Straight people have a lot of options …we on the other hand don’t .

    What is the likelihood that you’ve hooked up with someone one of your friends haven’t hooked up with or knows someone that has ?

    Irregardless of this , the number of heterosexuals living with HIV far outweigh that of homosexuals.

    Not to forget that lesbians- female on female (a huge part of the LGBTQ community ) have one of the lowest risks of getting HIV through sexual intercourse.

    People like Reno Omokri are what you call -educated illiterates.

    Using the platform they ought to use to sensitise people to spread ignorance ,falsehood and delusion.

    Who knows the number of heterosexuals that had unprotected sex after reading the asinine’s tweet … thinking they’re immune …since HIV is a “gay disease ” ??‍♂️

    May the Lord deliver us from stupid people .

  7. mike
    May 25, 17:16 Reply

    Well said, well said.
    I have found myself in those situations where I have to be like “biko, straight sex is even more dangerous than gay sex self, blood is not even the major agent, in hiv transmission as far as sex is concerned”.

    Think imma join twitter because of her, I love her brain.

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