Tonto Dikeh is in love, is angry and is threatening the gays. And vlogger Joyce Boakye claims to know why

Tonto Dikeh is in love, is angry and is threatening the gays. And vlogger Joyce Boakye claims to know why

Tonto Dikeh took to her social media to make a post that had people scratching their heads with bewilderment and asking questions. The actress who’d been making the news recently over the ongoing feud between her and her ex-husband, Olakunle Churchill, announced – specifically to the entertainment industry – that she had found love.

“Dear Nollywood and music industry, I am in a new relationship,” the post read.

But then, Tonto, turned rabid, issuing a stern warning that she would a problem with anyone who would dare approach her new man for any form of assistance. She also threatened to expose Nigerian entertainers who engage in homosexual activities, shockingly naming a few celebrities in the process.

In the caption of the post, she said: “I will [disgrace] your future. IK Ogbonna, Annie, Tuface (I am sure you understand why you are dragged into this dirt??), Eniola, Praise, Juju, Toyin and co. Be warned, I truly don’t want problem!! But I will beat you up, if you can beat me, get ready!!”

Expectedly, the post caused quite a stir with people speculating many things, like who the mystery lover is, why Tonto is angry and oddly specific with her anger, and why she is naming and shaming celebrities.

And so of course, the instagram vlogger, Joyce Boakye who goes with the handle @Bold_Pink (Remember her? She was the one who went swinging at IK Ogbonna with claims about his homosexuality), claims to know the reason behind Tonto Dikeh’s social media rant.

According to her, celebrity stylist, Swanky Jerry, who she referred to as a ‘gay man hiding in the closet’ and Tonto Dikeh were formerly best of friends, until Swanky Jerry slept with Tonto Dikeh’s ex-husband, Churchill. Check out her video.

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  1. Black Dynasty
    May 24, 07:07 Reply

    Lol… hell really hath no fury like a woman scorned o.

    Very likely overkill from her end, but i can understand where the anger is coming from.

  2. Malik
    May 24, 08:36 Reply

    I really think she should sit down and stop embarrassing herself.

  3. Mitch
    May 24, 09:13 Reply

    Can we move her attention seeking ass and her equally brainless bestie to some remote corner of the Earth without electricity or internet?

    We’re suffering enough!
    We don’t need their idiocy clogging up our space.

  4. Mitch
    May 24, 09:15 Reply

    As for the fat pig that keeps coming for gay men, I ask:

    Hanty piggy, what is your problem with gay men? Closeted or not! Are they the cause of your ugliness, your prolonged singleness or your brokeness and brainlessness?

  5. Higwe
    May 24, 12:08 Reply

    This bold pig on the building …that is back like she never snorted ….I really wish someone will give her the beating of her life.

    Very useless , shameless , hopeless , jobless sow.

    How can someone make a career of constantly tearing and castigating other people with false , unverified ,unproven and misleading informations.

    If this is how she intends to become a celebrity then I pity her generation.

    Look at Linda Ikeji still battling her Karma -linda was even smart ,she allegedly made billions from hers –

    But this shapless ignoramus will only attract enemies and curses .

    She thinks being overseas gives her sanctuary …let’s wait and see .

    Foolish dastard !

  6. Omiete
    May 24, 16:30 Reply

    I am still on the part of where she said Music industry ????

  7. Mandy
    May 24, 17:26 Reply

    Tonto Dikeh, please rest and enjoy your relationship na. That’s if it exists. Haba. If people choose to approach your new man for sex — sorry, help, shouldn’t the prerogative lie with your man to decide? The fact that you felt the need to safeguard his assets is a strong indication that, I don’t know, this relationship is already problematic???

  8. Eddie
    May 25, 01:08 Reply

    There’s something about this Bold Pink that makes me want to reach into the phone and pull out her weave from her scalp… She’s riding on Nigeria’s gay obsession to get to fame.
    What a piece of shit!

  9. Yazz
    May 25, 13:36 Reply

    Are we going to ignore the LGBT representation Bobrisky is giving in nollywood as we speak..
    Asaba season film Bobrisky in Love..
    And how the censorship board are trying to ban it..

    • J
      May 25, 21:52 Reply

      Don’t mind them! It’s a very innocent movie aimed at educating the sheeps, but they won’t reason with it. I will try my best to leave this country come rain come sunshine, there’s no hope. I can’t be bothered with madness, Nigerians are so stiff! Before you know you’ll be 80 years old and all you’ll have in your memory is had I know.

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