Pamela Adie Gets Comedic With Nigerian Lesbian Stereotypes on Lesbian Visibility Week

Pamela Adie Gets Comedic With Nigerian Lesbian Stereotypes on Lesbian Visibility Week

It is Lesbian Visibility Week, and activist Pamela Adie is serving us some laughs.

In the beginning of creation, God made man and woman. And while He made some women to love the men, He made some other women to love other women. And these women, He called mankind the knowledge to call Lesbians.

And from these lesbians, God created those who would multiply into a nation of Nigerians. They would be called Nigerian Lesbians.

Ever wondered how God created this special sub-group of lesbians?

Well, wonder no more, because Pamela has the answers. Check on her spoofs below on how God created studs and femmes:



Next To All The Boys I’ve Loved (Entry 3)

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  1. Delle
    April 23, 09:26 Reply

    Pillow Princesses? Warrizdah?

    • Pink Panther
      April 23, 09:37 Reply

      Lol. Trying to decipher whether it means they hog the pillows all the time or they just love plenty of pillows on their beds.

  2. Mandy
    April 23, 10:34 Reply

    The expressions on Pamela’s face though… ????? I didn’t know she had in her to be such a comedian.

  3. Ikenga
    April 23, 18:17 Reply

    Pillow princess means someone who doesn’t put any effort into sex. Lays there, moans and does the bare minimum.

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