‘Supreme Court justices were ‘blackmailed’ by their secret gay lovers. – Preacher Manning

‘Supreme Court justices were ‘blackmailed’ by their secret gay lovers. – Preacher Manning

A New York preacher has claimed that the US Supreme Court only voted in favour of same-sex marriage because the justices were “blackmailed” by their supposed gay lovers.

The highest court in the US ruled last month that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right, helping to bring equal marriage to all 50 states.

However, Pastor James David Manning of the ATLAH Worldwide Missionary Church in New York has a theory for why the five pro-gay justices voted in favour of equality.

Manning claims: “The devil himself has written this opinion, and has gotten into the lives of people. I suspect that Kennedy and many of those who are on the Supreme Court have had sodomite relations themselves.”

He continued: “I suspect that many of these justices are having things done where they have got to support this sodomy, they’ve got to say it or otherwise they get exposed.”

Though it would be extreme from anybody else, it is actually comparatively lucid compared to many of Manning’s comments in the past. Whether he is predicting that Vladimir Putin will ‘out’ Barack Obama, or claiming that homosexuals are putting semen into Starbucks lattes, Pastor Manning has a strange fixation on homosexuality.

He has also urged parents to take their children out of schools to avoid the “demonic homosexual mafia” making them gay, and claimed that out NFL player Michael Sam could marry a 9-year-old boy.

Listen to his remarks below.

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  1. Max
    July 21, 06:10 Reply

    Don’t need to listen to the lunatic.
    His church will soon fall if he continues like this.

  2. Dennis Macaulay
    July 21, 06:40 Reply

    I won’t waste precious data on idiots! We have seen his type before, we will all be here when his nyash will open one day

  3. kacee
    July 21, 07:02 Reply

    This guy is possessed, he sounds like a confused lunatic.

  4. Django
    July 21, 07:26 Reply

    Every pastor is doing what they can to get popular off the US marriage equality law, irrespective of the preposterously bewildering blatherings they concoct… Issorait.

  5. McGray
    July 21, 07:43 Reply

    U guys shld get sumfin clear. Pastors and Judges are two parallel heads: One judge based on the book of law to his understanding; The other judges based on the book of the scripture to his understanding. I see no reason tearing him apart. He just said the best thing his brain could make out based on the Bible. And since that’s his conclusion concerning sumfin he doesn’t know, den it is his business.

  6. ambivalentone
    July 21, 08:04 Reply

    THIS was lucid??? I hope he has his PIs ready and the judges their lawsuits prepared. The wattle-neck will soon be a matyr by the time I were done with him

  7. Khaleesi
    July 21, 08:14 Reply

    The depth of stupidity and hypocrisy that abounds is mind boggling especially when you remember that this man ‘leads’ thousands of impressionable people who swallow his crap hook, line and sinker …. smh

  8. McGray
    July 21, 08:35 Reply

    Khaleesi ok be truthful. Had it bn u were a pastor and a gay will u openly say gay is good or would u rather nt say anything abt it at all? If u tell me u expect pastors to give Us Supreme Court a medal for legalising gay marriage in d US den i wil hv to luk u one kind. D only and d best thing dat some of dem (whom if closely checked r either gay or bi or hv sum1 very close to dem dat is gay) can do is just to keep shut. Dnt be surprise dat many of dem if u meet dem privately dey wil be kind to u and offer u a great advice. They hv sumtin to protect while on d pulpit. Let us do well to understand their own plight. Just like i cant imagine a Priest on the pulpit saying, ”Hey brethren, u guys are now encouraged to be gay (like they thought)”.

    • JustJames
      July 21, 08:46 Reply

      Unfortunately being a pastor isn’t about protecting anything while in the pulpit but speaking the truth and God’s word. I dunno if God revealed these things to him (I really doubt it though.. Semen in Starbucks.. LMAO) but it sounds more like he’s letting some deep personal fear cloud his judgement.

      • McGray
        July 21, 09:03 Reply

        James he is just protecting d ‘truth’ based on wat he ‘understands’ best. The truth as long as Pastors are concerned is all that is in the Holy Book. U wouldnt expect him to go contrary to ‘faith’, would u?

        • Pink Panther
          July 21, 09:08 Reply

          And speculating that the justices were blackmailed by gay lovers is properly written in the Bible, right?

        • JustJames
          July 21, 09:27 Reply

          McGray… What truth has he protected so far? Sure the bible is against same sex relations but it’s also against lying and bearing false witness which is something he seems to be doing a lot of.

    • Pink Panther
      July 21, 09:04 Reply

      McGray, i’m sorry but what exactly is your point? As a pastor, your duty is to preach love. God is love, not judgment. And certainly, it’s not your duty as a pastor to opine that the justice system is corrupt when you don’t know jack-shit.

      • McGray
        July 21, 09:51 Reply

        Now u guys shld read back. The ‘Truth’ based on wat he ‘Understands’ ‘Best’. If that is wat he understands best concerning d Bible den it is his bzns. Pinky dat is also wat u understand best abt d scriptures, and u did dat bcos u r a brother. Had it bn u were nt a brother dat part would neva cross ur mind. M nt saying wat he said ws d best, nevertheless, it doesnt call for calling him ” a confused lunatic” and all dat.

    • Khaleesi
      July 21, 12:49 Reply

      @McGray, you’re so thoroughly enslaved by your environment as well as your copious indulgence in opium. Firstly, you know my views about religion by now, so the issue of me being a pulpit dwelling bible thumper doesnt arise and then, assuming in one of your wildest dreams, that I was a preacher and knew that i was gay, I’d zip my fucking mouth and steer clear of the topic entirely rather than try to appear homophobic in order to look righteous ***pukes***

  9. Tiercel de Claron
    July 21, 12:01 Reply

    He’s not even worth given the time of the day.Of the 5 USC justices that ruled in favour,only two (Justices Anthony Kennedy and Stephen Breyer) are male as to be called sodomites.Both are in their 70’s.Anthony Kennedy has always been known to be for equal rights,a legacy of his Catholic upbringing,right from his days in California to his stint on the Court of Appeal before his appointment to the Supreme Court.Stephen Breyer is a Jew,one need not say much about Jews and rights.A little bit of research on both men by this nodcock of a preacher ought to have set him right.
    And James is right,this is lying and bearing false witness,a grievous sin according to the Bible.

  10. Rev; Hot
    July 21, 13:58 Reply

    its simply not fair….

    the truth of the matter is that many people especially ignorant Nigerians will believe this crap…

    I chose to believe that the God I worship is shaking his head at somebody right now; and its not ‘the gays’…

  11. Chuck
    July 21, 16:05 Reply

    This reminds me of what’s going on with ISIS. Weird person uses symbols of a religion to forward his agenda, most people leap in and debate it as a serious avatar of the religion. Be wary of being drawn into irrelevant debates that grant your enemy legitimacy.

  12. McGray
    July 22, 00:49 Reply

    Kai! Wat i don miss oo. Sorry ws soooooo busy, gosh! Khaleesi u mean u cant be a Pastor? Hmmm. Pastor go fit u die, aswear!

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