Photo Of The Day XXXIV

Photo Of The Day XXXIV

KD pic 1I really, REALLY find it galling when straight guys say stuff like that. Even the very unattractive ones. Tossing about that comment as though (in my opinion) to soothe their bruised egos that gay men might fancy what women don’t.

Next ‘Supreme Court justices were ‘blackmailed’ by their secret gay lovers. – Preacher Manning

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  1. Max
    July 21, 06:08 Reply

    Been waiting for this to end up here

  2. Mandy
    July 21, 06:11 Reply

    Even ugly MOFOs will follow and talk, as if all gay men are just dying to sleep with every man they see. the one that gets to me most is when they say they dont want their asses opened. Sure. of cos all gay men want to drill into your ass. msschheewww

  3. Masked Man
    July 21, 06:40 Reply

    When I hear people say this, I just feel like bashing their heads against a wall. Especially those ugly looking ones that I’ll rather become a transwoman and turn lesbian than to hit on.

    • McGray
      July 21, 07:52 Reply

      Do u mean dat is how Max looks? Hmmm if it is so den Max is such a beauriful guy dat Angelina Jolie is like Tinubu compared to him.

  4. Dennis Macaulay
    July 21, 06:44 Reply

    One of my colleagues is an expert at this; every time we are out he is constantly seeing men who are “looking at my ass” and telling me how he will kill anybody who approaches him.

    You need to see the fat ugly thing who farts when it’s just both of us in the car and hopes I won’t smell it mstchew! In my mind I’m thinking if he were the last man on earth, I’d become straight again

  5. McGray
    July 21, 08:01 Reply

    Dennis exactly d same experience i had wen we were doing campaign in the East. One FAT guy like that with a face like sumfin i cant describe, u knw dis fat ppl with a small head. He ws just walking behind me with his frnd and ws telling his frnd abt three guys that had approached him dat day and how one offered to pay him 300K and the oda 100K and the oda 70K just to sleep with him. He went on to add dat he refused and ‘warned’ them ‘sternly’, and dat he wouldnt involve in dat ‘satanic’ tin even if the whole world ws offerd to him. I simply turned and looked at who was talking. Actually its funny to knw dat str8 guys tot gays fuck everytin dat has junior dangling.

  6. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    July 21, 08:16 Reply

    My fake logic is … If u are “straight” then you wouldn’t notice men looking at you or your ass.

    I have only one scenario to back this up. I know it’s not enough, but it’s something … I have a childhood friend that has been approached my a handful of gay guys(he’s got YANSH) and we are all aware (ofkos I am in d closet and he did reject and warn sternly) … But I have never heard HIM continue saying it constantly … In fact what he does annoyingly is notice all the cougars that wanna fuck him whenever we go for an owambe or any outing.

  7. Khaleesi
    July 21, 08:26 Reply

    It screws my mind whenever a totally unattractive straight man somehow gets it into his head that gay men want to fuck him. Niggah plzzzz, we dont want you! Straight men generally don’t have that extra ‘oomph’ that a gay man has, that’s what attracts me to a gay man. So nigga shut it and go get yourself some pussy ….

  8. Colossus
    July 21, 09:10 Reply

    From the comments thus far, I take It that it’s only ok when a really good looking straight man says this? We accept arrogance is paired with good looks?

    • Pink Panther
      July 21, 09:19 Reply

      The general consensus, it seems, is that when a goodlooking straight guy says such, it’s tolerable.

      • Chuck
        July 21, 18:09 Reply

        This reminds me of Max’s comment that I could push any argument I wanted if i were hot. Thankfully I don’t look like Jabba so Max takes my arguments seriously.

  9. ambivalentone
    July 21, 09:48 Reply

    You have no idea! They make it sound like gay men are desperate single Nigerian women whose bio clock is ticking

  10. Rev; Hot
    July 21, 10:26 Reply

    I used to have one guy in my class who said that a lot…

    he’s dead now


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