Pedophilia, Femmephobia and Misogyny: A Problematic Gay Man Gets Charged With These And Then Some

Pedophilia, Femmephobia and Misogyny: A Problematic Gay Man Gets Charged With These And Then Some

Nigerian Gay Twitter generates a lot of drama that we often observe from a distance. But when a consistently problematic member of the community gets exposed for all the ways he is toxic, then we simply must bring the news to you.

Twitter user @blue_vin92 first shot into infamy in 2018 when he came to Twitter to announce that he was looking for 14 year olds to offer to his white friends. A backlash ensued on Twitter as Gay Twitter tried to impress on him how he was promoting pedophilia and encouraging statutory rape. He was of course unrepentant, and that, I must admit, was when I blocked him and ceased to pay any particular attention to his shenanigans on Twitter.

However, as these things typically go, I was mentioned to an ongoing drama where @blue_vin92’s identity was trending. Followed the crumbs to where it all started: apparently, his friend was on Twitter promoting him when some people drew his attention to the fact that he was exalting someone with a history of toxic behaviour. His friend wasn’t impressed with the criticisms and lashed out, unwittingly creating a furor that caused Gay Twitter to emerge with receipts.

And these receipts are ugly.

Started from the infamous time in 2018 when he let the world know he was interested in pimping 14-year-olds…

To the fact that he himself is in fact into having sex with underage boys…

He apparently acquires Bottoms and has a problem with those who go from hookups to dating…

Stalks lesbians and has a severe case of lesbophobia…

With a touch of misogyny…

And a smidgen of femmephobia…

Just a smidgen really…

May not be a rapist, but sure has questionable thoughts about consent…

Plus all sorts of other questionable behaviour and allegedly include outing members of the community.


Now that you are all caught up, did we miss anything?

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  1. Wonda Buoy
    October 28, 07:32 Reply

    Hmm, should I say “human beings”? Does he deserve to be called one?

  2. Mitch
    October 28, 10:27 Reply

    Blue_vin has always been a disgusting creature. I’m surprised people are just starting to find out.

    Disgusting, cocky piece of uneducated and unintelligent shit.

  3. Delle
    October 28, 10:46 Reply

    I really should get on Twitter

    • Jason
      October 28, 21:53 Reply

      Yeah you should, that’s where all the tea at. Lol

  4. Sage Philip
    October 29, 10:45 Reply

    Okwa soso ofu Onye? Pedophile, misogynist, rape tendencies, femmephobic, and the list goes on.

  5. McDuke
    October 29, 22:36 Reply

    While I don’t agree with any of his opinions nor do I care for them, I want to know why you brought this here??? This is highly unnecessary and albeit petty. Next time, call him out on twitter cause that’s where all the drama happened rather than bring it here and focus on what this blog is for. This seems personal and honestly we don’t care, don’t use your platform to call out people you have personal issues with. You have twitter, fb, ig, etc for that.

    • Mitch
      October 30, 09:10 Reply

      Ị na-akọ tuuuuuuuu!

      Nwanne, problematic opinions, people amd situations must be called out.

      You don’t like it?
      Dapụ ezi ka anyị hụ ụzọ!

  6. Baddest
    October 30, 16:51 Reply

    Finally Finally this bastard matter don reach here… He blocked me on Twitter because I kept calling him out for outing people … He is always outing people !! Useless somebody … If you are here and you also Out people too, Hod Punish you too

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