People Still Tell False Stories Like This In 2016?

People Still Tell False Stories Like This In 2016?

The following was posted on the account of the instagram blog, Zetbra, yet another account of a repented Nigerian homosexual. From the headline even, you have to wonder why these homophobes won’t get ingenious in their fabrications of the homosexual living.

The true life story goes thus:

“I had my anus sutured three times while I was practising homosexual. That was the price I had to pay for such ignorance. The first suture was in South Africa. There, it wasn’t a problem because people don’t give a damn but coming back to Nigeria was a clash of culture and my religion

“A graduate of Theatre Arts, University of Calabar, Emmanuel went to South Africa in search of greener pastures, but fell in the hands of late Johnson, a gay, whom he served for four and quarter years. Emmanuel, who was coerced into the fraternity, according to him, said when he got back to Nigeria and met a particular doctor for the second round of anus suture, he knew his time was up, following the doctor’s counseling

“The doctor brought him to the realm of conscience and culture. He noted that such suture was a painful procedure but the money involve didn’t afford him a chance to see. He said: “I was forced into the practice by my master, who was a drug dealer. He gave me all that I needed just to be his partner. As I speak, the man is dead though his death was not connected to the pervasion; he was killed in a drug related incident in 2014. After his death, I was next in line, so I had to make haste to return to Nigeria

“So, when I came back to Abuja, I continued the practice until I met a Christian doctor, who was supposed to suture my torn anus. The doctor had done it once and the second time, he had to counsel me on the dangers of homosexuality and advised me to quit, which I paid no heed to. I treated him with some level of contempt but on that very day, I had an issue with my system, and he gave me an option of repentance or death

“When I was given such options, I chose life than to die and gave up the practice but it wasn’t easy at first because the doctor made me go through a psychologist and psychiatrist as a way of reforming me

“After that, I had a new lease of life. I had been wearing adult pampers to prevent the feaces that regularly oozes from the anus because the anus has widened and cannot control defaecation.”

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  1. Arabian Princess
    November 26, 08:06 Reply

    Lol..I had a hearty laugh when I read this. Fraternity kwa… that was the point I knew the story was written my a homophobe. My mum used that line once.

    The only problem is that the post and the one about bobrisky were the most commented on in recent times…which goes a long way in showing how low these bloggers can go for views and post engagement.

  2. ambivalentone
    November 26, 08:06 Reply

    Now I read it again, I can’t help wondering if he had a horse on retainer. Three times??? Even ppl in extreme BDSM don’t have that many

  3. Francis
    November 26, 08:44 Reply

    One would have to be a really fucked up homosexual to have the ass stitched 3 times before common sense sets in. Biko I no get strength for this kain stupidity from illiterate Kobo Kobo Naija bloggers

  4. McGray
    November 26, 09:24 Reply

    Lol. Aren’t some people plainly an idiot? lol again

  5. BlurryFace
    November 26, 09:32 Reply

    i saw this story on Facebook and just thought it “trash”.

  6. Iliana
    November 26, 10:00 Reply

    Lol@ ‘practicing homosexuality ‘, na law?

  7. Iliana
    November 26, 10:02 Reply

    Fraternity ko sorority ni?

  8. Lopez
    November 26, 10:18 Reply

    Abeg o, carry go see this psychologist and d psychiatrist… so gay cure dey nd u guys never tell me
    Of all things who want to be gay in Nigeria. Stitch my arse… new level of ignorance.

  9. Delle
    November 26, 10:21 Reply

    I couldnt even deal with the stupidity of the post when I came across it. It’s damn obvious one of our IH brothers penned the jargons down. Did you have to write your stupidity in black scribblings? Did you have to go this far in the fight against yourself? Did you really have to tear down the hard work of countless gay men that have struggled to EDUCATE the ignorant folks on what our sexuality is all about? I totally ignored the idiocy of the post but it pains me that some people would actually believe it.

    I can’t deal with the foolishness of the author. He needs help.

    • Pink Panther
      November 26, 11:54 Reply

      thing is, it may not even be a homosexual person who wrote this. it may very well be another homophobic straight person looking to cast aspersions on the gay community.

  10. KingBey
    November 26, 16:23 Reply

    He might as well be saying the truth. Anal fissures and faecal incontinence are common amongst us. That you’re a power bottom and lucky to have a strong skin that can withstand dicks doesn’t mean stuffs like that are not happening. Different people have different body structures. So I can’t call it a lie

  11. Canis VY Majoris
    November 26, 16:35 Reply

    That must’ve been a humongous Dick!. Say the Hulk’s?…even still its the gamma ray that’ll have been the thing of worry if the story had any aorta of truth.

    Its almost 2017, grow up people.

  12. Lorde
    November 26, 17:26 Reply

    Lool,……where to begin? This was obviously written by someone who definitely hasn’t had a dick up hs arse, or knows any remote thing about the gay community, guy says it’s a cult, calling someone “a gay”, n practising “gay” like it’s wiccan or law, he now says the Christian doctor gave him a choice of repentance or death, n he’s treating doctor with contempt while dragging a weeping torn anus around, even a straight person with a low IQ would know this story is obviously fabricated, if he had a torn anus,…….like a really torn anus, there’s no luxury to be giving doctor contempt, cos you’d most likely be morbidly injured, in desperate need of medical attention, or even dead

    what was he “next in line “for? Lord of the Gays?

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