Twitter Reacts To Beyoncé’s Flawless Hair And Makeup During Her Surprise Disney Performance

Twitter Reacts To Beyoncé’s Flawless Hair And Makeup During Her Surprise Disney Performance

On Thursday night, ABC televised a “Disney Family Singalong” to raise money for coronavirus relief efforts, and among the list of artists who performed was a surprise guest, Queen Bey!

Appearing via video in flawless makeup, hoop earrings and curly hair loosely framing her face, Beyoncé started her performance with a quick message: “Hello to all the families across the world, I’m very proud and honored to be a part of the Disney family and to help present the Disney Songbook Singalong in partnership with Feeding America.”

After belting out a snippet of Disney’s When You Wish Upon A Star, the superstar had a special for all of the healthcare workers, thanking them for their services.

Well, Twitter lost their mind when Bey showed up on screen looking #flawless! Not only were her edges laid, but her glam was on point and the beautifying filter was the perfect touch.

Perhaps, the Queen Bey has a live-in hair and makeup person or maybe she just woke up like this?

See some of the funny Tweets from the Beyhive below!

Other fans were just comforted by the fact that she finished her singing with a message of hope for the world. “Please hold on to your families tight. Please be safe. Don’t give up hope. We’re gonna get through this. I promise. God bless you.”

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  1. Higwe
    April 19, 17:43 Reply

    Beyonce is in every sense a beautiful woman but that video was filtered to death to the point it looked like she had blue eyes …. plus it seems like she bleached her teeth and injected something into her lips .

    One thing coronavirus has done right is humanising these celebrities .?

    All of a sudden Beyonce is now acting like a regular human not the deity some of her delusional fans made her into.?

    You’d think a “goddess” would be immune to Corona seeing as they’re supernatural and all, but there goes the “king ” hiding from a virus that weighs around 120 nanometers in her multi million mansion ???.

    Anyway her vocals were flawless as always .

    Special thanks especially to lady Gaga and Rihanna …two celebrities that have actually taken this pandemic seriously and made incredible impact curbing it somewhat.

    Not everyone has the luxury of looking incredibly beautiful while belting a Disney song from their balconies and receiving more acclaims than the ones who actually went out of their way to do something MORE.?

    • Gabriel
      April 23, 22:40 Reply

      Your comment makes absolutely no sense. Makes me wonder if you thought it through before hitting the send button.
      1. If you were truly bothered about philanthropic efforts rather than keeping score as you’re doing, you’d know the carter foundation is doing a lot to help affected people in this pandemic.
      2. I’m pretty sure no one thinks Beyonce is an actual goddess but go off.
      3.if you wanted to talk about Rihanna or lady Gaga that bad why is Beyonce’s name in your mouth?? Make your point and go.
      Talking about Beyonce’s fans being delusional yet y’all can’t talk about your face without throwing in her name. Says a lot

      • Pink Panther
        April 24, 05:41 Reply

        LMAO. Gabriel, I see you’ve met Mister ‘Everyone But Me Knows I’m Full Of Shit” Higwe.

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