Photo: Eggplant Wednesday

Photo: Eggplant Wednesday

It seems the search for a new Mr Ideal Nigeria is on, because I’ve been getting lots of mentions on Instagram to like the pictures of hopeful (and might I add, well muscled) aspirants for the crown. I’ve been liking o. Liking, liking, liking – the pics ooo! Not the sleek, hunky models that make you wish you are in charge of makeup, clothes and any other job description that gives you an excuse to touch those bodies. #sigh

Anyway, here’s the picture from a recent mention. The dude is carrying a bulge for Africa, and I simply couldn’t resist serving it up as breakfast. Enjoy. But don’t thirst too much, hoes.Screenshot_2015-02-25-04-29-49

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  1. Bobby
    February 25, 05:41 Reply

    Pinky! …ryt in d middle of morning devotion eh?…it won’t work for u o

      • Bobby
        February 25, 05:57 Reply

        And he uploaded it just when my folks were singing “Bend low, Bend low”…smh

      • Brian Collins
        February 25, 06:15 Reply

        Dennis pls make a reservation for a VIP seat in hell for Bobby.

  2. Gad
    February 25, 05:50 Reply

    Pinky, what’s the name address? #askingforDM&co#

    • Dennis Macauley
      February 25, 05:52 Reply

      Are you sure you are not asking for the twitch you feel in your pants?

  3. Pete
    February 25, 05:56 Reply

    When will I have abs?

    • Bobby
      February 25, 05:58 Reply

      When Mr IBU wins Mr Ideal..yes?

    • KryxxX
      February 25, 08:06 Reply

      When we both hit the gym together! I can kill for a body like that! Damn! God was not fair during creation!

  4. Metrosexual
    February 25, 06:09 Reply

    Did anyone see the Superman contestant that was carrying a guy (Mr. Sokoto).. Or Mr. Ogun that looks like a cast of World War Z…! *rotflmao*

    • Lothario
      February 25, 06:37 Reply

      I think a lot of them missed the point of the creative photo challenge….. But so far, I tthink that one with the Superman theme is the best.

      As for this one, Lord help us!

  5. Lothario
    February 25, 06:40 Reply

    Every year, Mr. Ideal throws these boys into the ring…But it bugs me that the top contenders never get it. Anyway, I’m one to talk, what do I know about pageantry?

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 25, 06:41 Reply

      Wait, the top contenders never get it? I don’t follow.

  6. tobbyjohnson
    February 25, 06:47 Reply

    Laaaaaawwd!!!!! Remember its LENT ooo…*lipsealed*

  7. boy2006
    February 25, 07:06 Reply

    At least with this post i finally know who Pink Panther is.

  8. Dennis Macauley
    February 25, 07:10 Reply

    I have been liking on the page oo! Mr plateau nearly made me spill my coffee! That is a beautiful man and in a construction outfit? ****Now singing Jesus take the wheel****

    • Mercury
      February 25, 07:25 Reply

      When did Jesu start driving peoe to hell biko?.

  9. Mercury
    February 25, 07:24 Reply

    I know right, so many parts of that body are begging to fellated.

  10. Oluwadamilare Okoro
    February 25, 07:24 Reply

    Apparently pinky just knows exactly how to command traffic/comments on KD… see new names oo screaming “bulge of life”…

    Hahaha y’all are welcome *runs*

  11. KryxxX
    February 25, 08:10 Reply

    *Face palm*

    Y can’t I have a body like this even if its for just a day?
    God y?!
    Give me the will power to hit d gym and avoid akpu by 12am!

  12. Deola
    February 25, 09:23 Reply

    ***rushes off to instagram ***

  13. KryxxX
    February 25, 10:00 Reply

    @Colossus…… Call coming through soon.
    @Pinky…… Which abs? Those ones that r still doing oso ahia in Ariaria market? Biko, I never reach. Do i even stand a chance @ d Mr Ideal auditions. Can’t say………….

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 25, 10:03 Reply

      Keep talking and I will display it here for KD’s looking pleasure. 😀

      • KryxxX
        February 25, 12:47 Reply

        Pinky!!! Hapu m aka oh! Dont open my nyash on KD biko! Hehehe!

        • Oluwadamilare Okoro
          February 25, 12:54 Reply

          Oh KryxxxX and Pinky. I saw that pic on twitter yesterday o…. biko share it on KD (clearer ones pls, especially the third pic;down right)

          @KryxxX ur absalom can make any soldier salute!

          • pinkpanthertb
            February 25, 13:04 Reply

            Hahahahahahahaa. *quietly humming Omawumi’s When Breeze Blooooowwwww…

      • KryxxX
        February 25, 15:52 Reply

        Okoro pikin! Dont come and compound an already compounded situation oh biko! Hehehe! Tanx for d compliment shaa. We try our best.

        @Pinky…… **Singing Omawumi’s Mind yaself oh***

  14. Chuck
    February 25, 10:37 Reply

    Ayo Twitch keeps exploiting these boys every year sha.
    The number of gay men who keep trying to get into/ win “modeling/pageant” contests as a way out grows every year. Yet they’re opening themselves to sexual harassment and prostitution. It’s a reminder of some problems within the gay community.

    • pinkpanthertb
      February 25, 10:52 Reply

      I don’t understand, is the pageant not a genuine exercise? and what’s the bit about sexual harrassment and prostitution?

      • Lothario
        February 25, 13:09 Reply

        You obviously don’t know a lot about pageants in Nigeria. Genuine my ass!

    • Pete
      February 25, 11:11 Reply

      Somebody doesn’t like pageantry

  15. Paul
    February 25, 10:53 Reply

    @chuck -its called d hazard of d bizness!
    Dey know dey’d b exploited, sexually harassed etc but dey lay dt down to c if a good deal dt cn put a few signings in their bag cn come along!
    Life isn’t easy. D street is military!

    • Ace
      February 25, 12:27 Reply

      Lol. True that Paul.

  16. Lanre S
    February 25, 13:36 Reply

    When pinky is ready I shall share the salacious story of a scene just like in the pic, where I was rowing in the creeks of the Southsouth, and I came across a fisher man in his boat whose equipment reached his knees…and I’m not talking about his fishing rod…

  17. Chizzie
    February 25, 13:38 Reply

    I was going to say how cool of a name House of Witch is but then I saw it was Twitch…so thats that .

  18. Gentle_G
    February 25, 13:55 Reply

    Holy Lawd. Wish I can have him all to myself

  19. Metrosexual
    February 25, 14:50 Reply

    Emmmm… I hate to say this… But I was told by a reliable source that the ‘Chairman’ in question… Stuffed his crotch… *runs away*

    • Sinnex
      February 25, 14:56 Reply

      It doesnt look realy to me. Just look at it. It looks like someone wearing pam pams.

      • Absalom
        February 25, 15:01 Reply

        It’s true oh. As if he’s wearing bandage and plaster there! So much for an eggplant.

  20. Queen Blue Fox
    February 25, 16:51 Reply

    Lol. Oluwadamilare (that’s a mouthful by the way. erm… not in the way your minds are suggesting 😀 )
    I’m an oldie on this blog, I just love to watch, especially DMs slutty prowess

  21. bryanbae
    February 25, 18:44 Reply

    All am getting is bulge !! Bulge !! Bulge !! * prayers * lord Jesus make my eyes bigger than my brain that I may feel this young man blessing raining down on me!!! Can I get an AMEN!!!! Abs for days !! Bulge for the Gods !!

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