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Photo: Does Such A Woman Exist?

Someone updated this on Whisper, and I had to wonder. Does such a woman (or man) exist?

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Talk about a long distance relationship. lol

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LOL! Oh, gay men and their fabulous responses…


  1. gad
    October 03, 03:34 Reply

    I will like him if he has a fuckable ass.crush? I don’t crush on guys

  2. gad
    October 03, 03:58 Reply

    I cant crush on someone .its not just my my view I think it’s lack of self-control.

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 03, 04:03 Reply

      Having a crush equals a lack of self-control? My, that’s a first. What then would you say of those who stalk their crushes?

      • Khaleesi
        October 03, 06:20 Reply

        I just cant deal with this Gad, his comments are always off & rub me the wrong way, I guess its his ‘am near perfect and holier than thou’ attitude … this has got to be a 1st, ‘crush as lack of self control’ congrats on being so perfect as to control your every last emotion … #nonsense & condiments#

          • gad
            October 03, 17:43 Reply

            Pls help me add inbetween.i rove it

        • gad
          October 03, 17:03 Reply

          I guess kito stories will keep coming in for our reading pleasure.khalesi,im a miserable sinner in dire need of mercy

    • October 03, 05:38 Reply

      I wanna believe they don’t know the meaning of crush

    • chestnut
      October 03, 07:28 Reply

      Maybe the word “crush” has different definitions to different people or in different contexts. I always thought a “crush” meant being very attracted to someone…Gad u honestly have NEVER been very attracted to ANYONE in this lifetime? Really? Oh u poor child!

      • gad
        October 03, 17:15 Reply

        The stories behind “crushes” on Kd suggests an advanced meaning beyond being attracted to someone.

  3. enKayced
    October 03, 04:16 Reply

    Pinky, that would be loss of self-control of the self-control the stalker happens not to possess anyway.
    BTW I missed commenting on those queen-sized cakes you put up yesterday. The type you see while on a bike then you suddenly become a rear-view mirror for the Bikeman.
    That being said, this here is the kinda specimen I meet and I wanna nibble on the nipples, finger the 6-packs, rim the hell outta that hopefully tight chute, gag myself on that cock then get some of that vanilla hot sauce on me. I may even throw in a ride if the double exhausts on the behind are impressive.
    Sue me!

  4. Rapu'm
    October 03, 05:22 Reply

    Is he a pornstar?

    Those eyes. Those eyes. Those eyes.

  5. Dennis Macauley
    October 03, 05:47 Reply

    All these self absorbed, shallow, “I’m so cute you gotta fall on your knees and worship me” kind of guys!

    I will pass!

    Give me a regular John anytime

    • anonymous
      October 03, 07:32 Reply

      *rolls eyes*

      There’s soo much I’d like to say about this comment… I just can’t seem to put my thoughts together.
      Hopefully someone would help me out.

  6. daniel
    October 03, 05:53 Reply

    I believe I should be having prayers before coming here in the morning.. Damn!!!! I wonder what God will be thinking of me when I go for morning devotion with this picture of heavenly specimen stored in my brain. #AngelsCry

  7. enigmous
    October 03, 06:32 Reply

    Someone please fan me *sweating profusely*…I will worship in front of this altar day and night…did I hear an Amen?

  8. Aproko Pikin
    October 03, 06:34 Reply

    I’m not the type to crush and fall head over heels….I just don’t!

  9. king
    October 03, 07:06 Reply

    Oh yes for me any day!

  10. Brian Collins
    October 03, 07:53 Reply

    oh my, i’m completely parched. I need me a glass of lemonade on rocks. *haven’t got my teapot yet*.
    In other news i think gad missunderstands sometimes.
    * Gad
    u honestly have
    NEVER been
    very attracted to
    ANYONE in this
    lifetime? Really?
    Oh u poor
    Had me cracking up.

  11. Lothario
    October 03, 08:06 Reply

    Oh it’s real….I can see it. He’s gorgeous, no doubt… But some of us prefer a softer landing

  12. Samaurai
    October 03, 08:23 Reply

    Nothing spectacular about this one.

    Biko, this one has got nothing on Idris Elba. There is no common ground for comparison sef. Elba is in a class of his own, far far above what I’m seeing here. There is this rare combination of mystery and simplicity in Elba’s pictures. The guy is something else. And I’ll prefer Elba any time, any day to this dude whose picture is above.

    Pinky, sorry to burst your bubble. Lol.

    • pinkpanthertb
      October 03, 10:25 Reply

      No no no, it’s not my bubble i’m worried about. It’s all that gushing praise on Idris I’m worried about. Tell me, Samaurai, should I be worried about you and my man? *daintily fingering the nuzzle of my semi automatic*

  13. Khaleesi
    October 03, 08:28 Reply

    what a heartbreakingly gorgeous man! yes yes yes yes!!! he can have me for all his meals abd everything in between!!

  14. lluvmua
    October 03, 09:28 Reply

    *shoots khaleesi* he’s mine ok ya all thirsty hoes should pass now!!! And pinkie why didn’t the picture drop down below? *cries*

    • xpressivejboy
      October 03, 10:00 Reply

      @down below, it would have soiled the whole stuff; I could see a tiny carrot down there…me not interested.


  15. Keith
    October 03, 11:46 Reply

    Am late as alwAyz thank you pinky for this fine specimen, lmao @nonsense n comdiments

  16. Mrs Macaulay
    October 03, 13:46 Reply

    Okay this caught my attention

    *looks around for Dennis*

    Pink Panther who is this gorg man?

    *looks around for Dennis again*

    You have a number?

    • xpressivejboy
      October 03, 13:58 Reply

      Mrs Macaulay eeEH!!!
      You’re such evul. See as you’ve made me pour ma fanta on ma sexy TGIF outfit out of serious laughter.

      • Khaleesi
        October 03, 15:43 Reply

        lmao!! kasala don bust! this couple sef …hehehehehee

      • gad
        October 03, 18:02 Reply

        You spirit of broken mariage, I bind u

  17. Deola
    October 03, 14:02 Reply

    Yeah…he is gorgeous and all, but why does he look familiar. He has to be an actor, and i am pretty sure I have seen him in a movie or tvshow somewhere. Now I am going to spend the rest of the day trying to figure out where I have encountered this fine specimen. I am sort of OCD that way.

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